Out with the old and in with the new! Bathroom trends of 2021 have something for every aesthetic palette and need, whether you’re committing to a full-on remodel or a quick room update. Read on to discover our favorites that are sure to leave your home – and you – feeling refreshed. 

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Beautiful Bathroom Trends 2021: Which Aesthetic Accents and Finishes Are Worthwhile?

Matte black undersink cabinets as an emerging bathroom trend
Matte black under-sink cabinets as an emerging bathroom trend by Decorilla designer, Rehan A.


One way to enhance your bathroom is to add eye-catching accents and color through bathroom fixtures. Fortunately, 2021 bathroom trends are full of remarkable ideas – just what you need – to make your bathroom pop. 

More Metal

Luxury copper tub bathroom trend 2021
Luxury copper tub bathroom trend 2021 by Decorilla interior designer, Rehan A.


Metals are making a comeback in a big way across various design disciplines. Chrome and steel might have been the failsafe metallic bathroom accents for years, but why not be bold and opt for something a little more outside the box? Antique bronze, brass, copper, gold, and nickel are among the countless alternatives trending this year. Just picture a basin in your finish of choice – it’ll certainly make a beautiful statement piece.  

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2021 bathroom trends with teal bathroom tiles and gold fixtures

Matte brass is quickly becoming a new favorite among bathroom trends 2021, but remember that all your metallic accents and finishes in your bathroom don’t have to match. When done right, a mix of metal bathroom finishes can result in a striking, yet tastefully eclectic look.

Why we love it: Metallic accents not only have a striking visual impact, but they can also completely change the mood of a space from merely being functional to downright indulgent.

luxurious bathroom design part of bathroom trends of 2021
2021 Bathroom trends in a luxe master en-suite by Decorilla designer, Renata P.


Design Tip: Balance Cold of 2021 Bathroom Trends with Warming Accents 

Any form of design, from the hottest interior design trends to classic staples, needs balance. With this in mind, be sure to soften the severity of cool metals with soft furnishings. A bright and colorful or fluffed up angora wool mat is just what you need underfoot after a comforting cleanse. Additionally, a small pouf or upholstered seat can add a sense of luxury and coziness metals can’t. 


Back in Matte Black

Contemporary zen bathroom trends 2021
Contemporary zen bathroom trends 2021 by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.


If you’re a fan of all things urban and industrial, then this is one of the 2021 bathroom trends perfect for you. Matte black taps and thin, black-metal frames of bathroom windows or shower screens can add some drama, especially when contrasted with lighter, neutral tones like white or even sandy browns. Or embrace the trend full-on with all black bathroom hardware – from fixtures to the tub. 

Contemporary design with matte black bathroom trends by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.
Contemporary design with matte black bathroom trends by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

Why we love it: Matte black is timeless, yet surprising. Not many people want to dive into black, regardless of how much they love the look. The trend takes confidence, but the swoon-worthy result is worth it. Plus, bathrooms should be spaces designed for unwinding in, and we can’t imagine anything more relaxing than soaking in a deep, black bathtub after a long day.

Clawfoot tub in matte black - one of the favorite bathroom color trends for 2021

6 Ways to Incorporate the Matte Black Bathroom Trend 2021

  • Basins: Whether you want a recessed, pedestal, washstand, or countertop basin, in matte black it will make a bold yet low-key statement.  
  • Bathtubs: What better accompaniment to a moody interior, richly drenched in color, than an inky bathtub? Despite being unusual, a black tub can suit many interior design styles, from minimalist to maximalist, transitional to eclectic. 
  • Curtains: Ceiling-to-floor curtains are the ultimate indulgence in interior design – even more so in all black. The drama, volume, and boldness will undoubtedly make your bathroom unforgettable. 
  • Door and window frames: The black bathroom trend can extend to architectural elements, like the bathroom door and window frames. 
  • Faucets: Although a small addition, black faucets inject contemporary design’s bravery into a bathroom. Be sure to pair the faucets with black accessories, like towel rails and soap dish, for a cohesive look. 
  • Light fixtures and mirror: If you prefer taking smaller, less permanent design steps in the bathroom, opt for beautiful black lighting and a mirror with a black frame. These can be just as ornate and over-the-top or subtle and sleek as you want.  

Bathroom Tile Trends 2021: Move Over, Mosaic 

marble and black and white tiles bathroom trends
Bathroom tile trends: black and white geometric tiles by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.


Bathroom tiles can really make or break the look of your bathroom. In many ways, tiling in the bathroom is like painting in any other room. Of course, even paint can make its way onto bathroom walls in the prettiest fashion, but tiles never go out of style. Similarly, there will always be a place for mosaic tilework, especially as new patterns emerge. But, for now, bathroom tile trends 2021 favor bigger and bolder alternatives for floor and wall coverings.

Before Tiling the Bathroom

monochrome bathroom trends for the basin
Monochromatic bathroom trends 2021 by Decorilla designers, Kate S. and Lisa W.


A remodel or update can go by in a flash, and it’s easy to forget some of the crucial pieces to the puzzle. Before deciding on the tiles and type of grout, consider this first:

  • Tile Positioning

Opting for a horizontal instead of vertical tile arrangement can make the room feel taller than it is. The upright placement of the tiles forms vertical lines that will subconsciously draw eyes up. This is a great design trick to make a small and stubby room feel taller and more spacious than it is. On the other hand, if the bathroom is particularly narrow, a horizontal tile will make the room seem wider than it is. 

grout color for bathroom tiles
  • Grout Color

Even though the color of tile grout can make a substantial impact on the design, grout is often an afterthought. However, it can make the difference between creating a patterned or painted look. For instance, grout that contrasts to the tile color will make the individual tiles stand out, whereas grout that matches the tile color will give a uniform look without creating an obvious pattern. 

3 Top Bathroom Tile Trends 2021

contemporary bathroom design with natural wood, floating shelves and 2021 bathroom trends
Tranquil bathroom with bathroom tile trends 2021 by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.


Here are three of the top bathroom tile trends sure to spruce up interiors this year. Not only are these bathroom tile ideas worthy of a second look, but they are also eye candy for the soul. 

1. Statement Subway Tiles

Colorful assortment of metro tiles in a feminine bathroom featuring bathroom tile trends 2021

Subway tiles first started gaining popularity a few years back and show no signs of falling out of favor soon. In bathroom trends 2021 however, it’s all about how you arrange your subway tiles and their color that matter most.

green tile perfect for 2021 bathroom trends

Be daring when picking out your subway tiles. Choose a brightly-colored or textured tile, and look out for options in different finishes as well. Once you’ve selected your desired subway tile design, think about installing them in a pattern other than the obvious horizontal. Placing them in an unexpected design can help you create a statement wall or floor for your bathroom.

2. The Bigger, the Better

Large-format bathroom tile trends
Tactile walls by Andrea Moore and smooth tiles by Decorilla designer, Scott T.


Large-format tiles can have a remarkable impact on the look and feel of a bathroom. Another bonus is that there are fewer grout lines to be seen, which is a big help when it comes to keeping things clean. With this in mind, big tiles are perfect for a minimalist shower.

Natural elements and large-format tiles a popular bathroom trend

Larger tiles can make your bathroom feel more luxurious, especially when you pair them with a stone-look or natural stone materials. Due to their scale and durability, large format tiles – especially ceramic – can bring texture to your bathroom interior as well as pattern. But if streamlined and subtle are what you want, these large tiles can also have the smoothness of cement or glossiness of lacquer. 

3. Alternative Shapes

Alternative bathroom tile trends

Stray away from the expected and go for tiles in an alternative shape to the obvious rectangular or square. You’ll be surprised at how modern your bathroom can feel, simply by swopping out the ordinary tile shape for the unexpected.

bathroom tile trends 2021 in terracotta

One of our personal favorites is hexagon-shaped tiles, which should remain trendy even beyond 2021. Shop around to find the alternative shape you like – there is a multitude of these online. Other popular forms include diamond, fish scale, herringbone, and even triangle. 

Neutral bathroom trends
Neutral bathroom trends by Decorilla designer, Wendy H (right) and Anita Yokota


As mentioned, grout matters – a lot. And with fun shapes like these, you can be daring with a tinted grout. Contemporary bathroom tiles can even echo colors used by a famous artist, like Andy Warhol. Yellow grout and pink tiles are not exactly for the faint at heart but could prove to be the statement of the year. 

Master Bathroom Trends 2021: Create Your Own Relaxation Retreat

modern bathroom design with trendy metal fixtures
Luxurious bathroom design with on-trend bathroom tiles for 2021 by  Decorilla designer, Megan G.


Your home is your haven, a docking station if you will, and the bathroom is where you can fully relax and recharge. If not – it should be. Here are the top elements of this year’s bathroom trends that can help you create a tranquil and trendy en suite. 

Add a Freestanding Tub 

spa-like bathroom trend with large-format bathroom tile - a trend for 2021
Freestanding tub in a neutral master bathroom by Decorilla designer, Kate S.


One way to instantly make your bathroom feel more exclusive is by adding a freestanding tub. Nowadays, you’re also spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the style and material of a bath. Whether you want a unique shaped, natural stone bath or a more traditional, ceramic clawfoot tub, it is sure to be an enticing centerpiece in the room.

Try an Alternative Bathtub Placement

Freestanding tub in contemporary bedrooms

For the truly bold – why not blur the lines between master bathroom and bedroom? It’s not uncommon to see elements of the bathroom flow over into the bedroom. Think about the placement of that new freestanding bath. As part of a master bedroom, a tub can be in the bedroom itself overlooking a view. There is something undeniably indulgent and grand about a soak in the comfort of your room.

Play with Double Lighting

Freestanding bathtub with a chandelier, rug and ornate mirror in a large bathroom on trend for master bathroom trends

Light can make all the difference and is a key focus of master bathroom trends 2021. It can jumpstart your brain or help you unwind and slow down your busy mind. For a master bathroom, two types of illumination are vital: ambient and task. The first refers to low light that creates a calming atmosphere, and the second is a bright light that helps you see clearly. You can have both with dimmers or by incorporating downlights and a pendant, like a small chandelier hanging above a tub. 

Don’t Forget the Floating Mirror

Large floating mirror as one of the 2021 bathroom trends
Calming contemporary bathroom with floating mirror bathroom trend by Decorilla designer, Taize M.

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, most of those upgrading their bathroom prefer adding backlit mirrors or cabinets. They are both functional and attractive. When you need a nightlight, simply use your mirror on a dimmed function. In terms of functionality, backlit mirrors provide ambient lighting, which means no more reflections or glare from another light source. Because these mirrors look like they’re floating, they can also double as a decorative element in the room.

Bathroom Colors 2021: Set the Tone

Bathroom color trends for 2021 green and terracotta

The color you choose for your bathroom can really make a difference in the mood it sets. You can lift your spirits and make your bathroom a restful sanctuary, removed from the worries of the world with a few color tweaks. 

Go Green

green painted wall and tiled shower backsplash

Nothing says ‘tranquil’ quite like nature. Invite that peaceful air into your bathroom by adding plants to the space or even tiles, ceramics, cabinets, and other furniture in shades of green. If a large splash of color is too much, incorporate the calming hue in accent decor or practical pieces, like towels and soap dish. 

olive green vertical metro tiles as bathroom tile trends 2021

Softer tones of green elicit feelings of harmony and calm and are popular among bathroom colors 2021. On the other hand, darker and more intense greens will add depth, originality, and a sense of grandeur to your bathroom. Think about adding painted walls or tiles in a trendy saturated moss or mint to your bathroom, or a modern piece of furniture in your tone of choice.

Earthy Reds

earth bathroom color trends 2021

Begin and end your day with a cozy feeling. Bring some warmth into your bathroom by going for earthy pigments. Because of a collective human desire to seek comfort and an escape from an increasingly harsh world, a move towards warmer colors seems only natural. Consider shades of biscuit, caramel, rust, and terracotta for your bathroom.

Bathroom trends with pastels and matte black

Adding textured tiles in earthy tones also keeps the space from feeling sterile and cold. Untreated wood can also be added into the mix for further warmth and that all too important natural appeal. If you want to add some definition to the room, be sure to add dark-colored elements, such as taps or a statement bathtub to balance the colorful trend.

Looking to Refresh Your Home’s Bathroom With 2021 Bathroom Trends?

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