Transitional contemporary style

With a transitional contemporary style, it’s possible to create beautiful, timeless compositions that blend modern and traditional elements. And a recent Decorilla client wanted just this look for her open living space. Read on for a behind the scenes look into this contemporary transitional interior design makeover!

The Challenge: Transitional Contemporary Style Living & Dining

The client was moving into a new place. The deal was closed, the big date approaching, yet she had almost no furniture – just a vague idea about the transitional style and color palette she would like. Therefore, apart from coming up with a calm transitional contemporary interior the designer had to overcome some additional challenges:

  • Make the living section of the dining room area a library/home office
  • Make the setting simple but comfortable, inviting, and cozy
  • Introduce as much hidden storage as possible to avoid the place looking cluttered
  • Come up with the best solution for tastefully displaying the client’s racing medals

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Transitional Contemporary Homes Inspiration

Contemporary transitional interior design inspiration board

Most of the client’s inspirational photos represented some form of a transitional contemporary style –  comfortable and straightforward. The client was open to painting the walls, highlighting pale neutral shades as her favorite choice. Also, no image featured red or gold shades that the client intensely disliked. Equipped with visuals and a completed questionnaire, the client was ready to meet the two chosen Decorilla designers and get the best match for her project.

Transitional Contemporary Style Ideas & Concepts

Transitional contemporary furniture render by Decorilla
Transitional contemporary furniture render by Decorilla

The semi-open living area required careful planning, particularly it needed  dining room design ideas that could also accommodate an at home office. The client was happy with her choice of designers. While both proposed solutions that satisfied her requirements, it was Wanda P.‘s moodboard that really hit the mark.

Transitional contemporary style mood board by Decorilla
Transitional contemporary style mood board by Decorilla

Wanda’s composition had the right balance, cozy flair, and a neutral mood – just like the client desired. She also smartly used the floorspace to include the required dining, living, and office space while using a cohesive design theme throughout. In addition, blue and grey accents fit the client’s preferred colors and kept the spaces feeling serene.

Contemporary Transitional Interior Design Results

Contemporary transitional interior design render by Decorilla
Contemporary transitional interior design render by Decorilla

The choice of transitional contemporary furniture went to soft grays, neutrals, and a touch of blue for an accent pop of color. The key element of the new contemporary transitional living room was a spacious, inviting sectional for everyday use. Its functional segments included a sleeper and lift-top storage under the chaise end – for much needed storage. In addition, the coffee table featured a hidden compartment under a lift top for a work-or-eat height surface. Layers of texture on cushions, performance velvet upholstery of the club chairs, and wallpaper background for wall units maximized the coziness and comfort levels.

Contemporary transitional living room render by Decorilla
Contemporary transitional living room render by Decorilla

One of the main reasons for choosing the color palette was that it worked well with the existing floor. While the client considered the wood too bright and shiny, she wasn’t ready to change it just yet. Therefore, the proposed color scheme was a suitable, practical choice, easy to carry over later and match with the new covering style. Finally, a plush shag rug grounded the furniture as a perfect frame for a bare-foot relaxation area.

Transitional Contemporary Style Home Office & Dining Room

Transitional contemporary style living & dining render by Decorilla
Transitional contemporary style living & dining render by Decorilla

Wanda’s contemporary transitional dining room design successfully incorporated the home office space as well. A spacious, comfortable armchair visually divided the zones, putting a stamp on the professional flair of the home office. As per the client’s request, Wanda pulled the setting together with a pair of area rugs that also helped clearly define each zone.

transitional contemporary home office
Transitional contemporary style home office rendering by Decorilla

The office space certainly provided the client with a spacious and relaxing area to accomplish her work. Light toned wood for the desk and shelf-cabinet combination didn’t overpower the room, while also providing plenty of storage. Moreover, lush, potted plants flanked the room and added a nice touch of nature, as well as additional accent color that complements the blues and grays.

Combined dining and home office
Combined dining room and home office rendering by Decorilla

While the home office was definitely the star of the room, there was still plenty of space for a casual dining area. A blonde wood farm-table was accented with deep gray upholstered dining chairs. Furthermore, a simple arrangement of three pieces of pottery gave the tabletop a subtle touch of decor. Lastly, a large abstract artwork hung above the transitional credenza to tie the room all together and also provided more of the storage the client needed.

Before Online Contemporary Transitional Interior Design

Before online contemporary transitional interior design

Before the client moved in, the house was furnished in bright colors, including golden shades of natural wood and strong red accents. Although tasteful and cozy, it clashed with her taste. Moreover, it emitted slightly rustic-eclectic vibes, somewhat far from the transitional contemporary style the client dreamed of. The upside is that it allowed a substantial makeover without major renovations.

Online Contemporary Transitional Interior Design Shopping List

Contemporary transitional interior design shopping list by Decorilla
Contemporary transitional interior design shopping list by Decorilla

Working with Decorilla is advantageous in more than one aspect. Besides the well-known opportunity to receive initial concepts from two designers instead of one, there is also a tailored shopping list with all necessary instructions and guidelines. Even better, the list boasts substantial discounts that often add up to the value of the design solution itself. And finally, to spare you the hassle of the ordering and delivery process – a personal shopping concierge is available to do it all for you!

Transitional Contemporary Furniture Top Picks

Transitional contemporary homes offer virtually endless design possibilities. Do you want to refresh your interior, and see how it works? If so, here are a couple of items worth checking out:

Transitional contemporary style top picks
  1. Modern Shaggy Rug
  2. Leisure Reclining Chair
  3. Sisal Wallpaper
  4. Upholstered Dining Armchair
  5. Expandable Wooden Dining Table
  6. Abstract Wall Art
  7. Urban 2-Piece Chaise Sectional

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