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Is your workspace inspiring productivity or does it feel like a relic of the past? With the grand return to the office, refreshing your environment is key. Dive into our roundup of top office interior design services that promise to transform your office into a hub of innovation and creativity. Let’s make your office a place where everyone wants to be!

What to Know Before Choosing an Office Interior Design Service

Contemporary office by Decorilla office interior design services
Contemporary office by Decorilla office interior design services

There are a few pieces of crucial information that will help you choose the right office interior design service for your project. So before getting started, make sure you know the following:

  • Calculate a budget. Knowing what you’re able to spend will help narrow down the field of office designers you’re able to work with. Choose a service that fits within your budget to avoid buyer’s remorse later.
  • Set a project scope. Understanding the size and involvement of your project is important. Will it be a furniture and decor upgrade or a complete renovation?
  • Know your timeline. Undergoing an office design project can affect where and when your employees are able to work. Be sure the designers you’re interested in are able to commit to your timeline so business is affected as little as possible.

Tip: It’s important to remember that award-winning office designers are more attainable than you think. Online office interior design services can save you lots of time and money. So, schedule a Free Office Design Consultation today to see how. 

Best Office Interior Design Services of 2024

Luxury office by Decorilla office interior decorators
Luxury office interior design by Decorilla

From large international firms to boutique office interior designers there’s a service for any type of project. And better yet, these creatives can design any type of office interior you wish – ranging from industrial open floor plan offices to custom conference rooms. One thing is for sure, your employees will be thankful if you choose to work with one of the best office interior design services!

1. Perkins + Will

Construction offices by Perkins + Will office interior design services
Construction offices by Perkins + Will office interior design services

SERVICE: With innovation among their core values, Perkins+ Will is a research-based architecture and design firm established in 1935. This design company is consistently ranked among the world’s top design firms. Moreover, they are recognized for a primarily contemporary office design style. Perkins + Will is also known to use features like pops of color and focal walls. One of our favorite things about this firm is their dedication to sustainability and social responsibility that they are sure to incorporate into every project.

LOCATION: Worldwide

2. Decorilla Office Interior Designers

Contemporary conference room by Decorilla office interior design services designer Courtney B
Contemporary conference office interior design by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

SERVICE: From small startup office design to commercial interiors, Decorilla has hundreds of talented designers nationwide to provide some of the best online office interior design help. And with a number of innovative office designs in their portfolio, you’re sure to be matched with the designer right for the task. Furthermore, with flat-rate design packages, Decorilla offers some of the most affordable office interior design services among the list.

Each Decorilla project begins with an in-person or online one-on-one consultation as well as an interactive questionnaire to start. Then, you receive design concepts from multiple designers to help ensure you find the perfect office interior designer to complete the project. Your chosen designer will provide 3D photo-realistic renderings, a detailed floor plan, custom color palette, and an online shopping list that make executing the project easy and streamlined. And better yet, the 10% to 45% discounts at over 250 vendors equal massive savings on furniture and decor.

Need to customize a package? No problem because prices start at as little as $75/hour which is a great fit for companies from startups to corporations.

LOCATION: Nationwide online office interior design help and 25 major cities in person

Industrial open concept office by Decorilla office space designer Theresa G.
Industrial office by Decorilla office space designer, Theresa G.
Moodboard for a lawfirm by Decorilla office interior design services
Moodboard for a law firm by Decorilla office interior design services
Decorilla discounted office interior design shopping list
Decorilla discounted shopping list
Industrial business interior by Decorilla office designer Theresa G.
Industrial business interior by Decorilla office interior designer, Theresa G.

3. Benhar Office Designer

Amex office lounge by Benhar office space designers and decorators
Amex office lounge by Benhar office space designers

SERVICE: Quoted as creating professional environments with a personal touch, Benhar is certainly among the top of commercial office interior designers. This team is also adept at using workflow analysis and other tools to guide their space planning and design to ensure optimum output. Furthermore, as a Herman Miller retailer, all their projects our outfitted with high quality office furniture and finishes. In the end, solutions from Benhar are as visually pleasing as they are functional to business operations.

LOCATION: New York, New York

4. Workspace Interiors

Healthcare lobby by Workspace Interiors office interior designers and decorators
Healthcare lobby by Workspace Interiors

SERVICE: Workspace Interiors are office design services provided by well-known retailer Office Depot. For those looking for a full-service provider, Workspace Interiors’ services include everything from concept to completion. In addition, they are experienced in many commercial environments from offices, to healthcare and education. And since they’re backed by the supply chain and support of Office Depot, this team is certainly able to deliver workspace solutions tailored to your exact needs.

LOCATION: 38 locations across the United States

5. HOK Commercial

office interior design service HOK
Lobby design by HOK

SERVICE: With a now impressive 24 offices on three continents, HOK is a leader in office interior design services. Founded in 1955, HOK specializes in just about every area of design, from aviation to healthcare and everything in between. Furthermore, their designers all share the same core value of technical excellence mixed with imagination. This certainty creates striking designs that are sure to inspire.

LOCATION: Worldwide

6. Crown Workspace

Common area by Crown Workspace office space designers and decorators
Common area by Crown Workspace office space designers

SERVICE: Wether you need a small office interior design update or a full remodel, Crown Workspace can certainly handle projects of any size. Their skilled team of office interior designers work closely with clients to deliver on-brand interiors that “inspire and excite” a workforce. Moreover, they pay special attention to using office space as efficiently as possible, optimizing space planning to make the most out of your office design and allow your people to work productively.

LOCATION: Worldwide

7. Pacific Office Interiors

Modular office design by Pacific Office Interiors
Modular conference room design by Pacific Office Interiors

SERVICE: Pacific Office Interiors is a West-coast based office interior design firm experienced in corporate, government, hospitality, healthcare, and education environments. It is also their mission to “create extraordinary spaces that people want to be in”. Moreover, they are capable of tackling interior as well as exterior design projects. Any design completed by Pacific Office Interiors also finds a cohesive balance among people, space, and business needs.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

8. Gensler Office Design

Xander Headquarters by Gensler Office Interior Design
Xander Headquarters by Gensler

SERVICE: As a cutting-edge office design firm, Gensler certainly pushes the boundaries of commercial interiors to “promote promote equity, resilience, and wellbeing for everyone”. These might sound like lofty goals, but one look at the spaces they create and you’ll see their vision come to life. Their projects also aim to optimize interior performance wether that’s productivity, creativity, and/or sales. As a result, Gensler office interior designers create spaces that certainly deliver on all fronts.

LOCATION: Worldwide

9. PlanForce Group

Office space by PlanForce office interior design services

SERVICE: Experienced in commercial interiors, PlanForce prides itself on large-scale office design. Projects start with a Discovery & Programming phase that includes a site survey and client interview. Then a step-by-step process follows, namely schematic designs, refinement, and construction administration. 

LOCATION: Nationwide

10. Cannon Office Interior Designers

office interior design service cannon
Modern office design by Cannon

SERVICE: When asked what their greatest strength is, Cannon Design would say their ability to harness creative intelligence, both theirs and the clients. With over 100 years of experience, this global design firm believes that collaboration certainly makes for the best design. As a result, they take notes on the settings around them in the community and immerse themselves in order to fully grasp the client’s wants and needs. They are also always looking for new ways to incorporate innovation in the workplace.

LOCATION: Worldwide

Office Interior Design Services FAQs

Best office interior design services
A contemporary office space design by Decorilla

What is the benefit of hiring office designers and decorators?

Hiring an office interior design service or designers can bring a fresh perspective to your workspace, ultimately increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. These professionals can optimize the layout and design of your office space to enhance functionality and create a more visually appealing environment. 

How much does an office interior design service typically cost? 

The cost of an office design service varies depending on the project’s scope, the space’s size, and the level of customization desired. However, most office designers and decorators offer a range of packages and pricing options to fit different budgets. 

How long does it take to complete an office interior design project? 

The timeline for a project depends on the complexity of the project and the availability of the designer and contractors. However, most projects can be completed within a few weeks. It’s important to discuss a realistic timeline with your designer before starting the project to ensure that expectations are set and met.

Looking for affordable office interior design services?

Inspired to elevate your workspace? Book a fRevamping your doesn’t have to break the bank. So, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation now and let’s bring your office dreams to life with the perfect design touch!

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