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Warm neutral living room colors evoke a welcoming and relaxing ambience. With perfectly layered hues and incorporated textures these spaces are anything but boring. And it was just this look and feel that a recent Decorilla client was after. You won’t want to miss this transformation! So read on to see how his space went from blank slate to a timelessly sophisticated neutral living room worthy of a place in an editorial.

The Challenge: Modern Neutral Living Room Decor

The client needed help with their living room, lacking design ideas to put together a large area in an appealing way. Apart from keeping a few pieces – including a large sectional that overwhelmed the space- he was open to changes and fresh perspectives. The challenges presented to the designers were:

  • Complete the seating area, building it around the existing sectional sofa
  • Add some smart storage space that was lacking throughout the house
  • Keep the existing projector screen, without the room feeling like a media center
  • Add some transitional character to the space using neutral living room ideas

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Neutral Living Room Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Neutral living room inspiration board

To start, the client provided a set of inspirational images, many of them coming from previously completed Decorilla living room projects. The gallery displayed modern and chic living rooms, refined yet with a warm, inviting flair. Most featured modern neutral living room decor in a mix of clean lines, natural materials, and earthy color palettes. The overall effect was certainly elegant but not pretentious.

Warm Living Room Colors & Moodboard

Modern neutral living room decor ideas by Decorilla
Modern neutral living room decor ideas by Decorilla

Considering the client’s inspirational images as well as the replies given in the questionnaire, the Decorilla team connected the him with two designers best suited to the project. Their styles were a good match to ensure the flawless execution of his vision. Both designers proposed similar furniture pieces and layouts but with slightly different takes on color, materials, and accessories. After thoroughly reviewing their moodboards, the client decided to proceed with the concepts envisioned by Courtney B.

Neutral living room mood board by Decorilla
Living room mood board by Decorilla

Courtney’s room composition reflected everything a modern living room is supposed to be. Warm neutral living room colors and textures populated the space, adding both softness and visual interest. At the same time, sticking with earthy tones and natural materials resulted in an airy, serene atmosphere. It was sophisticated yet comfortable, classy but cozy, in short – a great place to spend quality time with friends & family. 

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Warm Neutral Living Room Design

Warm griege living room render by Decorilla
Warm greige living room render by Decorilla

Following the client’s instructions regarding the options for the sectional sofa, Courtney decided to break it down from a U-shape to L-shape. The change allowed for a more open feeling as well as optimized foot traffic. New custom built-ins surrounded the projector screen, securing plenty of stylishly hidden storage. In addition, the overall feel of the room was translated more towards a family room than a media center. As a result, the whole composition appeared curated, attractive, and purposeful. 

Warm neutral living room colors by Decorilla
Warm neutral living room colors by Decorilla

In order to underline the modern neutral living room decor concept, Courtney employed wall art. A gallery-style composition on either side of the entry added a new level to the game of scale and color. Simultaneously, the drum coffee table brought in natural elements, correlating with the newly added exposed beams and wooden floor to convey a warm and inviting feel. In addition, Courtney smartly filled the small nook in corner of the room with a sideboard for more conveniently concealed storage. Finally, a washed-out neutral rug grounded the space, adding one more touch of texture. 

Before Online Interior Design

Neutral living room before Decorilla online interior design

Originally, the living room was bright and airy but lacked definition in style. A large U-shaped sectional dominated the whole area, feeling a bit too massive and heavy. In addition, the look of the media wall pulled the general atmosphere into feeling more like a home cinema than a conventional living room. 

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Neutral living room decor shopping list by Decorilla
Neutral living room decor shopping list by Decorilla

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Neutral Living Room Top Picks 

Looking to create your own neutral living room design? With the right selections of furniture and decor, you can have a refreshed space in no time. Here are a few of our favorite pieces to help get you started. 

Modern neutral living room top picks
  1. Hand-Tufted Wool Rug
  2. Asymmetrical Console Table
  3. Wooden Drum Coffee Table
  4. Neutral Upholstered Modular Sofa & Chaise
  5. Modern Wooden Sideboard 
  6. Framed Watercolor Wall Art

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