12 Best Sectional Living Room Ideas for Ample Stylish Seating

Sectional sofa in a living room ideas - Urbanology Designs

Sectional sofas have been popular since their introduction to living rooms decades ago. They are so loved, in fact, that their designs haven’t changed much over the years. That said, new shapes and materials emerge while keeping to their comfort. But which is best for your home? Read on for sectional living room ideas to try out! 

Stylish Sectional Sofa Living Room Ideas

Sectional living room ideas - Arlen A

Sectional living room ideas by Decorilla designer, Arlen A.

Sectionals are fantastic for hosting guests or kicking your feet up. Yet despite their flexibility, it can be tricky to picture the right one in your living room setup. That’s because there are many different layouts, sizes, and colors to consider when looking for the best sectional sofas

1. Mixed Shapes

Sectional sofa layout ideas - Nourhan R

Living room design with a curved sectional by Decorilla designer, Nourhan R.

Think of the sofa’s configuration when looking for the best living room layout with a sectional. There are many variations that would suit a living room design. These include L-shaped, U-shaped, and even circular sectionals. Some also have an extra piece that can double as a footstool or coffee table or enlarge the seating area. The latter also perfectly fits in with family room sectional ideas.

Pro Tip: Choose a sectional sofa that matches your design style. Not sure what that is? Take our interior design style quiz to discover your unique decorating style! 

2. Add Leather 

Sectional sofa ideas - Drew F

Living room layout with a sectional by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Consider combining textures with your sectional living room ideas. Smooth or coarse, the sofa’s material has an impact. Leather, vegan or otherwise, tends to make quite a statement. This is especially true when contrasted with a rough linen throw and knitted pillows. The combination of smooth and shaggy textures is good for the senses – touch and sight in particular.

3. Pile on Pillows

Decorating with a sectional - Jessica S

Decorating with a sectional result by Decorilla designer, Jessica S.

It’s important to include accents in your sectional couch ideas. Besides a soft blanket or two, throw pillows are perfect for setting the tone. Moreover, it’s easy to incorporate patterns with pillows. They certainly add personality and coziness. Add a few Scandi-style monochromatic ones for a minimalist look or vibrant hues with bold patterns for eclectic or bohemian flair. 

4. Gear Up For Guests

Sectional sofa layout ideas - Jillian Z

Neat sectional sofa layout ideas by Decorilla designer, Jillian Z.

 A living room set up with a sectional can also double as a viable overnight option for guests. That is, if your sofa is long and wide enough to provide a comfortable alternative to a bed. Pop a pedestal near and ensure your guest has plenty of plush pillows and bedding to feel at ease during their stay. 

Ideas for Sectionals in a Small Living Room

Family room sectional ideas - Jaslyn B

Small family room sectional ideas by Decorilla designer, Jaslyn B.

You don’t need to downsize furniture in a small space, but you need to prioritize and adjust your layout to fit your room. For instance, if you want an ample-sized sectional in a small living room, pick one with a slim profile and exposed legs. This paired with a coffee table is often the most practical and pleasing. 

5. Corner Placement

Small living room design with a sectional - Shofy D

Sectional in a small living room by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

An L-shaped sectional in a small living room is best in the corner facing the open area. However, instead of completely tucking it into a nook, leave some breathing room next to its sides and from the wall. It’ll leave the room feeling a little more spacious.

If you have a combined living and dining area, this configuration will ensure a free flow from one zone to the next. It also opens the possibility of adding additional seating, like a statement accent chair or compact ottoman.  

6. Center of Attention

Living room set up with a sectional - Michelle B

Living room setup with a sectional by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Positioning your sectional in the middle of a room can act as an anchor. Not only does this create a focal point, but it also brings a sense of spaciousness. So, opt for a minimal setup and avoid enclosing your sectional with other pieces of furniture. Keep an open concept and natural flow instead. 

7. Use of Windows

Sectional living room ideas - Liana S

Living room layout with a sectional by Decorilla designer, Liana S.

Maximize your view and natural light with great furniture placement. You can do this by opting for sectional living room ideas that place the sofa opposite the window. In this way, you’ll have full access to your outside view. Plus it ensures the window is unobscured, making the most of incoming sunlight.  

8. Division of Space

Sectional in a small living room - Talyana V

Living room design with a sectional by Decorilla designer, Talyana V.

A sofa can be useful in more ways than one. In fact, you can divide your small living room layout with a sectional – even better when it’s modular too. For example, if your house is open plan, use the sofa to divide the space between your lounge and kitchen. With its back to the kitchen, you create a clear distinction. While, the other way around, you’ll encourage an open flow. 

Living Room Ideas with a Sectional and a Fireplace

Living room ideas with sectionals and fireplace - Jamie M

Sectional sofa living room ideas by Decorilla designer, Jamie M.

A fireplace is often a beautiful focal point and, luckily, you can enhance this feature with clever placement. Living room ideas with sectionals and a fireplace often balance both. The trick is to ensure an equal amount of visual weight on either side of your layout.   

9. Split the Sofa

Sectional sofa living room ideas - Casey H

Formal living room layout with a sectional by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Separating a modular sectional sofa into two is among the most practical sectional layout ideas. It also brings a more formal, symmetric look. Position your sectional pieces on either side of the fireplace, to face each other. In addition to this setup, you can place a coffee table in the middle. With seating facing each other, the layout allows for conversation to flow while enjoying the fireplace.

10. Highlight the Fire

Family room sectional ideas - Shasta P

Family room sectional ideas by Decorilla designer, Shasta P.

Form a U-shaped living room layout with a sectional to emphasize the fireplace. Place the long middle seating opposite the fireplace, while the joining sides form the arms of the arrangement. If additional space allows, try placing a pair of armchairs at the end of the shorter arms for more seating options. 

11. Keep it Contained

Living room ideas with sectionals and fireplace - AD

You can also soften the effect of the fireplace by not having it as the main focal point. Instead, create an open, asymmetric layout with an L-shaped sectional. While still facing the fireplace, additional seating gently encloses the space. You can place two small stools in front of the fireplace to provide seating without covering the area. An accent chair or two can also benefit this configuration. 

12. Surrounding Symmetry

Family room sectional ideas - Sonia C

Decorating around a fireplace with a sectional by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

The best sectional sofa ideas encourage visual balance in a room. And thanks to a fireplace, this is easily achievable. With a coffee table as your center, a sizeable rug underneath to anchor it, and decorating with a sectional, the room is immediately balanced. To achieve perfect symmetry try various layouts with furnishings flanking each side of your sofa. 

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