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It is always exciting (and daunting!) to move into a new space. On the one hand, exciting, as you start afresh. While on the other it can be overwhelming because you need to make the space your own. A recent client purchased a new build apartment with sweeping views of Manhattan. So, he turned to Decorilla for help in creating a modern condo design. Read on to see the sleek result!

The Challenge: A Modern-Style Condo

No matter the interior design style, every project has its challenges. In addition to basic requirements, clients also have their unique wish lists. Altogether, this sets an array of obstacles to overcome. For this project, to ensure modern interior design success, the designer needed to: 

  • Ensure a neutral palette with pops of color and greenery
  • Incorporate the correct lighting and ceiling design 
  • Ensure cohesion among the dining and living area, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom
  • Opt for versatile contemporary condo ideas as per the client’s request

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Inspiration for a Modern Condo Interior Design

Modern condo interior design inspiration

This particular client had many ideas for his open dining and living room design. That said, he also had a few looks in mind for the other spaces in the condo but needed more guidance. He loved modern condo decorating ideas with defined lighting that accentuate structural details.

They also showed marble surfaces, neutral tones, and contemporary finishes. Overall, his vision had a contemporary yet warm ambiance and a touch of luxury. 

Moodboard & the Modern Condo Design

Modern condo living room design - Amelai R
Decorilla modern condo design

With the effortless Decorilla process, the client could get started immediately. First, he completed a quick quiz about his taste and budget. Next up was a virtual consultation with the Decorilla design team. With all the information required, the team could now match the client with interior designers. These designers excelled in modern condo interior design and proved the best fit.  

Modern condo interior - Amelia R
Decorilla moodboard with modern condo decorating ideas

The designers came forward with their proposals, but it was Amelia R. who stole the show. That was because her modern condo design exceeded the client’s expectations with its versatile concept. Plus, the neutral color palette was a hit! She suggested a texture-rich scheme of veined stone, rustic wood, smooth tile, and sleek industrial finishes.

Results for the Modern Condo Interior

Modern condo interior design - Amelia R
Modern condo interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the end, the apartment is as modern as it is adaptable. In addition to the spaces forming a cohesive whole, each also had a unique feel. Clever contrast is present through a blonde floor and dark furnishings. Moreover, the lighting design creates a welcoming atmosphere while a central electric fireplace adds to this inviting setting.

Elegant Modern Condo Kitchen Design

Open concept modern condo interior
Modern condo kitchen design – Decorilla 3D rendering

While interconnected, the modern condo living room design and the dining area form their unique spaces in the apartment. The reason lies in visual tools, like lighting and various vignettes, that zone off different areas.

In the kitchen, the drop ceiling and lighting designs make for a tasteful display. LED lighting fills the space will warmth, while the pendants illuminate the island. Moreover, the floating shelving’s accent lights highlight each level while creating a sense of depth.

Modern style condo open concept - Amelia R
Modern style kitchen condo – Decorilla 3D rendering

Next to the kitchen, there is a nook for a bar area. Sticking with contrast, the bar is light in color with a wood built-in wine rack to warm it up. The kitchen also carries this scheme of warm timber and cool stone. As illustrated by marble juxtaposing the darker fridge, doors, and pendants.

A large windowpane mirror ensures the combined area feels light and airy. Besides adding visually, its reflective surface enlarges the room through its perceived depth. Below its vast frame sits an ottoman, perfect for extra seating for guests.

Sleek Modern Condo Living Room Design 

modern condo decorating ideas - Amelia R
Modern condo decorating ideas for a living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The light color scheme continues in the modern condo living room design. Through off-whites and light grays, the walls bring levels of perceived depth. The scheme also ensures a spacious interior. In addition, there is clever placement of different textures. More specifically, sleek built-in shelves, a smooth leather sofa, a wood floor, and a faux brick accent wall add loads of interest.

Modern condo living room decorating ideas
Modern condo living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Hints of blue diversify the interior as artwork and scatter pillows bring the refreshing hue. Besides this pop of color, there are also touches of greenery in the living room. These colors add life to the space and complement the organic flow of an open concept.

Lastly, the light gray sectional sofa adds an adjustable element to the room as versatility was key. Flexibility was important because of the client’s wish to entertain guests.

Modern Condo Bedroom Design

Modern condo bedroom design - Amelia R
Contemporary bedroom with a modern condo style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although a neutral color scheme is present, the bedroom features a high level of contrast. Limewash walls give a minimalist feel while forming a statement. Besides the gray walls, the bed itself is in a bold, glossy black, drawing the eye to the focal point. Moreover, dark pendants hang asymmetrically from the ceiling to continue the interest in the room. 

Modern Condo Bathroom Design

Modern condo bathroom design
Modern condo bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Flair and contemporary luxury come into play in the bathrooms. Marble binds the two rooms together and links them to the rest of the interior. That said, hints of gold distinguish the main en suite as the faucet, showerhead, and finishes feature this luxe metal.

Textured accents, in the shape of tiles in the main and a wood-like beam in the secondary bathroom, add pleasant tactile elements. Overall, the modern condo bathroom designs tie in with the rest of the rooms with their interesting yet clean lines.

Before & After: How did the designer change the room?

Modern style condo bathroom
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s modern condo style makeover

At first, the apartment was a bare-bone structure. Fortunately, with the client’s vision and the designer’s know-how, the modern condo interior design was within reach. It required renovation skills as well as spatial planning. 

Implementing Modern Condo Decorating Ideas

Modern condo interior design before and after
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s modern condo design makeover

Choosing an overall decorating style for the apartment was the next step. In line with the client’s needs, the designer chose a neutral color palette to make the condo feel bigger than it is. From here, she could create interest through contrast and texture. In doing so, the designer has created a visually appealing space with a welcoming feel.

Flexible Modern Condo Design

Modern condo living room interior design before and after
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s modern condo design makeover

As the client likes to entertain, the apartment needed to have flexibility in its design. The designer saw this through aspects like additional seating that could be stowed away. In addition, the modern condo living room design has a sectional sofa that can be adjusted. As a result, the space is versatile, yet comfortable.

Online Shopping List

Modern Condo Design Shopping List
Decorilla online shopping list

Whether you are looking for a modern look or a different style altogether for your home – Decorilla can make it happen. Collaborating with Decorilla see’s perks such as realistic 3D renderings and layout instructions. Custom shopping lists and exclusive trade discounts also accompany final packages.

Our Top Picks for a Modern Condo Design

If you liked this design, it only takes a few modern decor pieces to recreate this look on your own. Use our top picks below to guide your transformation!

Top picks for a modern condo living room design


  1. Rectangular Mirror
  2. Off-white Rug
  3. Black Pendants
  4. Wall Art
  5. Blue Pillow
  6. Modern Bench

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