Contemporary masculine bedroom transformation

Manly bedrooms don’t have to be dark and dreary – they can exude warmth and welcome just as well. That’s exactly what Decorilla did with a recent contemporary masculine bedroom transformation. Through the use of sleek furniture, neutral colors, and refined accents, our designer turned a once dull and stuffy-looking room into something special. Keep reading to see the results come to life!

The Challenge: Contemporary Masculine Bedroom

The client was looking for sleek, masculine bedroom design ideas for his new apartment. Despite the space featuring some temporary, rented furniture, the room was, in fact, a blank slate. Meanwhile, his ideas of “something stylish and functional” required the designer to: 

  • Make the most of the natural light flow
  • Incorporate storage solutions 
  • Add a sitting area or a small workspace
  • Try to use a king size bed 
  • Optimize the layout to suit all requests without feeling too congested

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Masculine Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Masculine bedroom decor inspiration

Contemporary masculine interior design can provide a space full of elegant appeal, even when it stems from minimalism. Expectedly, the inspirational gallery provided by the client mostly captured that particular spirit. It featured many metallic elements bringing glamour to the dark palettes. At the same time, sumptuous materials such as leather, brass, and velvet enhanced the sensory experience with varied textures. 

Masculine Contemporary Bedroom Ideas & Moodboard

Male bedroom design render by Decorilla
Male bedroom design render by Decorilla

With a client-driven focus on contemporary masculine style, Decorilla quickly sourced the perfect designers for the project. After receiving a completed questionnaire and the inspirational image gallery, they had no difficulty translating the client’s desires into detailed moodboard presentations.

While the chose between the two concepts was tough, the client ultimately favored the style of Briah G. Her distinctive design taste and skill set certainly made the right match for taking the concept further. 

Contemporary masculine bedroom decor moodboard by Decorilla
Contemporary masculine bedroom decor moodboard by Decorilla

With a lot of attention on finishes and form, Briah proposed an exceptionally cozy yet very masculine bedroom decor. Her ideas encapsulated comfort imbued with opulence, embracing a sophisticated simplicity of a contemporary layout at the same time. Since the room dimensions were not too generous, the design made use of every inch of the available space, stretching horizontally and vertically. Each piece was carefully sourced to maximize space efficiency without compromising on capacity.  

Male Bedroom Design Results

Masculine contemporary bedroom render by Decorilla
Masculine contemporary bedroom render by Decorilla

As per the client’s request, the contemporary masculine bedroom decor blends smoothly with the rest of the apartment, particularly the living room. Since the bed was already positioned in an ideal way, the new layout does not stretch much from the previous one. However, it does make considerably better use of the rest of the available space. Along with the storage and workplace, the new layout also allowed for placing the king-size bed comfortably without any compromise. 

Contemporary masculine bedroom design render by Decorilla
Contemporary masculine bedroom design render by Decorilla

For the male bedroom design, the color scheme is kept soft and neutral. However, the room base is bright, replacing the conventional moody palette with plenty of whites, grays, and blacks. Wooden elements secure warmth with a touch of brown/earthy tones, while the art enhances the atmosphere adding a stylish, low-key pop of color. 

Contemporary masculine bedroom design by Decorilla
Contemporary masculine bedroom design by Decorilla

The ideas for a seating area were several, and the client’s final decision went towards a practical work area. The simple yet warm wooden desk design compliments the bedside table, dresser, and bookshelf featured across the bed. Meanwhile, a streamlined, modern task chair juxtaposes the wooden furniture, adding more visual dynamics.  

Before Masculine Bedroom Decor & Design

Male bedroom before masculine bedroom decor

The original room had no elements of a male bedroom design. It was, in fact, filled with rented items, also serving as temporary storage. By carefully sourcing furniture and decor, the Decorilla designer certainly managed to infuse the space with a strong masculine personality. In other words, she turned a repository into a stylish, warm, contemporary abode. 

Contemporary Masculine Bedroom Shopping List

Masculine bedroom decor shopping list
Masculine bedroom decor shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla design packages come with more than just expertly crafted designs. They also feature photorealistic 3D renderings of your future space, allowing each client to see and feel the arrangement before materializing it. Meanwhile, a curated shopping list features exclusive trade discounts often exceeding the initial cost. You can rest assured knowing that someone will take expert care of every detail. The white glove shopping concierge service will handle everything regarding ordering and shipping.

Male Bedroom Design Top Picks

Sometimes, it’s possible to step up your bedroom game with just a few well-curated items. Check out our favorite contemporary masculine bedroom elements filled with sophistication and style:

Contemporary masculine bedroom transformation top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. 2-Drawer Nightstand
  3. Bronze-Plated Lamp
  4. Abstract Framed Prints
  5. Leaning Bookcase Desk
  6. Hand-Painted Canvas
  7. Iron-Framed Dresser
  8. Queen Bed

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