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At times it can feel like a budget stands between you and a dreamy bathroom interior. When in reality you can create a space you love without breaking the bank. In fact, there are many cost-effective ways to put together pretty and practical rooms. Read on for affordable bathroom remodel ideas designers adore!

What to Know Before Your Affordable Bathroom Remodel 

Affordable bath remodel - Lori D
Affordable bathroom remodel by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

It’s a popular myth that those who want to attempt affordable bathroom renovations should ready themselves for an extensive DIY job. That, however, doesn’t have to be the case. By making strategic choices, it’s indeed possible to enjoy a fresh new bathroom on a budget. And that’s without having to resort to gutting the interior.

Pro Tip 1: Explore Pocket-Friendly Alternatives

Inexpensive bathroom remodeling - Wanda P (1)
Inexpensive bathroom remodeling by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

We’ve all seen things like enviable bathroom tile ideas to steal, only to realize the cost will exceed our budgets. The key is not to give up on that stylish vision. Today, there are many pocket-friendly alternatives to explore for a similar look. For example: retiling the floor is a costly affair. So be sure to consider inexpensive bathroom remodeling substitutes like luxury vinyl tiling.

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Pro Tip 2: Reorganize What You Can

Inexpensive bathroom and shower remodel - Rehan A and Selma A
Rustic contemporary inexpensive bathroom remodeling by Decorilla designers, Rehan A. (left) and Selma A. (right)

Local and online bathroom design services agree: keep the plumbing in place. It’s one of the most effective ways to achieve an affordable bath remodel. Instead, focus on what you can change. Think of reorganizing loose elements like freestanding storage and decorative pieces. Decluttering can also make a big difference in appearance.

Pro Tip 3: Turn the Essentials Into Focal Points

Affordable bathroom decor ideas - LA Design Build

Certain elements are bathroom must-haves. Focus on inexpensive bathroom upgrades like these in particular for a refreshed look. For instance, online bathroom design tips include updating your towels and displaying them differently. Patterned or colorful towels hung over a wooden ladder or rolled up in a beautiful woven basket are some options.

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Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Affordable bathroom renovations - Betsy M
Coastal-style and affordable bath remodels by Decorilla designer, Betsy M.

No matter the size of your bathroom or budget, there’s bound to be a beautifying solution that suits your needs. We’ve compiled eight of our favorite affordable bath remodel ideas below. Discover which ways will work best to transform your bathroom into an ideal and serene retreat.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint Always Does Wonders

Inexpensive master bathroom remodel - JRD Richmond

Few inexpensive bathroom remodeling solutions are as effective and versatile as a simple coat of fresh paint. Whether you decide to paint an accent wall or them all, it’s bound to make a statement. Be bold and opt for unexpected colors, combinations, and patterned designs. And don’t overlook surfaces other than walls like the ceiling and floors. They can also benefit from a painted look.

Inexpensive bathroom upgrades - Ward Design

When selecting paint for the bathroom, choose one that allows minimal maintenance. You want something washable, as well as mold, steam, and moisture resistant.

2. Online Bathroom Design

Affordable shower remodel - Wanda P
Luxurious yet affordable bathroom redesign by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Embarking on an online bathroom design journey can be affordable. In reality, it can end up saving you money. Many virtual service providers have several packages to choose from, suiting different needs. Costs usually vary depending on factors like which room requires work and how much needs to get done. However, working with a skilled professional can help avoid costly mistakes. 

Inexpensive bathroom remodeling - Farzaneh
Stylish yet affordable bathroom renovations made by Decorilla designer, Farzaneh K.

Decorilla, for instance, offers bronze, silver, and gold tier affordable bath remodel packages. They’re available at affordable flat rates. Working with services like Decorilla ensures a fun and stress-free experience. Plus, it also includes perks such as exclusive trade discounts!

3. Change Out the Lighting

Affordable bathroom remodel - Sutter Interiors

Lighting can completely change both a space’s atmosphere and appearance. It’s no different for a bathroom. Shop around for affordable bathroom remodel options to replace any outdated fixtures. Keep an eye out for wall sconces, ceiling, and pendant lights, that suit the look you want. And remember to consider the effects of light bulb size and color as well. For example, a warmer white is typically better as it creates more comfy air. 

4. Try Affordable Bathroom Storage

Inexpensive master bathroom remodel - Casey H
Biophilic-inspired inexpensive master bathroom remodel by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Elevate bathroom storage beyond the usual medicine and sink cabinets. A favorite inexpensive bathroom remodeling idea is to invest in a freestanding vintage cabinet, restored in a bold color. Floating shelves are another fantastic option. They’re perfect for beautifully displaying bathroom basics. For example: show off staples in glass jars, alongside candles, diffusers, and greenery.

5. Add a Grand Mirror

Affordable shower remodel - Courtney B
Modern and inexpensive bathroom upgrades by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

Whether backlit, simple, or ornate – every bathroom needs a nice, big mirror. Upgrading your mirror is another effortless yet highly-effective and affordable bath remodel solution. That’s because mirrors make spaces feel larger and lighter than they are, resulting in a grand, often lavish, ambiance. Grab the largest mirror your bathroom allows since it enhances functionality and style.

6. Embrace Biophilic Design Trends

Inexpensive master bathroom remodel - Mantis Design Build

It’s the perfect inexpensive master bathroom remodel idea for creating tranquil retreat vibes. Simply get yourself some humidity-loving indoor plants and place them in the bathroom. We recommend kokedamas, but orchids and other potted plants are equally stunning. Biophilic bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to end there. Consider stone soap dishes, wood-framed mirrors, and other earthy elements.

7. Update Old Hardware

Affordable shower remodel - Jessica S.
Eclectic bathroom and affordable shower remodel by Decorilla designer, Jessica S.

Keep your existing sink, tub, shower, and bathroom cabinets but replace their hardware. New faucets, taps, and handles will certainly make the room feel refreshed for less. It’s among the most popular inexpensive bathroom remodeling hacks for a good reason! 

8. Refinish the Bathtub & Shower

Affordable bath remodel - Casey H
Affordable bathroom remodel by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Entirely replacing a tub or shower drastically increases the cost of a bathroom remodel. Fixing an aged appearance, small nicks, scratches, and cracks is far less costly. Best of all, a refinishing or relining project done well ultimately makes an old bathtub or shower look good as new. A little TCL goes a long way when working on an affordable bath remodel project.

Need help with an affordable bathroom remodel?

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