Luxury living room with grey accent wall colors

The truth is good accent wall colors can instantly create a focal point, add dimension, and simply make a room look stunning. On the other hand, an untreated wall is a missed opportunity. Painting accent walls can easily amp up your décor game without much hassle. It is super easy and affordable to dab paint on walls. So, if you are looking for phenomenal accent wall colors to spruce up your room, look no further. Read on for our detailed list of all the pointers you should know to create the perfect statement wall.!

1. Black Accent Wall

Enhance the Architectural Features

painting accent walls in the kitchen the color black
Moody black accent wall in the kitchen by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

Accent walls in kitchens aren’t always common but can create a much needed bold appeal to the room. For instance, you can instantly elevate the architectural features just by painting accent walls in a contrasting color. A black accent wall is a great way to exaggerate those artistic elements of your home.

Sneak-a-Peek of Black

Stunning black accent wall in living room

Dark accent wall colors like black can sometimes get intimidating specifically if there is a lack of natural light. So, to tone down the effects, you can use coverings like curtains or wall décor. In addition, painting accent walls where your windows are will further help you in illuminating the space.

Go All Black

Ravishing interior with black accent wall in living room

If you love black as much as we do, go all in! Painting accent walls in black is a brave and daunting task. Therefore, instead of sticking to plain black walls, add moldings to the wall. The shadow play of light and dark brings a stunning personality to the room.

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2. Blue Accent Wall Colors

Add Appeal to a Rental Space

Renter friendly blue accent wall colors
Renter friendly blue accent wall colors by Decorilla designer, Christine M.

While accent wall colors are a perfect affordable interior design idea for any space, they can be even more appealing to renters. Often times, if a renter receives permission to paint, they must paint it back to the original color before they leave. By only painting an accent wall you’re able to add your personality to the space without creating a lot of work when you want to leave.

Think Out of the Box

Accent walls in living room using soft blues

Accent walls should not be all about paints. Think beyond painting accent walls and explore more options to have a statement look. For instance, you can use wall tiles, stone cladding fabric panels, and wooden detailing to accentuate the wall.

Navy Blue Accent Wall Feature

Wardrobe painted as a blue accent wall for a luxury bedroom
Painted wardrobe as a blue accent wall by Decorilla online interior designers, Rehan A.

Accent wall colors look much more beautiful when applied in unconventional ways. For example, you can paint a wardrobe or closet doors to make them stand out rather than blend in. In addition, creating interesting features by painting a portion of the wall around the window or any other architectural feature is a great solution too.

3. Green Accent Wall

Think About Different Tones

Neon green accent wall in cozy home office decor
Neon green accent wall in cozy home office decor by Decorilla interior designer, Rachel H.

While most might be stuck with only a few shades, you don’t have to limit yourself. Go on the wild side and consider all the different options that green accent walls offer. From mint green to a teal accent wall, the feel and vibe of each shade is very unique.

Add Life to Space With Accent Walls In Living Rooms

Beutiful green accent wall in living room

Green is an inherently calm and lively color. You can transform a boring wall in your living room design into a cheerful corner just by painting accent walls in green tones. So, take this as a DIY project, put on your painting clothes and splash some greenery onto your walls.

Add Texture to the Wall

Sage green accent wall in bedroom design

In addition to painting the walls, consider giving them a texture as well. For instance, you can paint the wainscoting, ship-lap, or just install wooden strips onto the wall to give it even more dimension. A small feature like this adds drama and glamour to the room effortlessly.

4. Grey Accent Wall

Moody Dining

Dark grey accent wall for a contemporary dining room
Dark grey accent wall for a contemporary dining room Decorilla designer, Malden C.

Set the mood for romantic dining with a dark grey accent wall. Choose a grey with a brown undertone to add some warmth to the space and create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests. Additionally, you can compliment the bold accent wall with a lighter grey for the remaining walls. 

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Grey accent wall in the ceiling for bedroom design

Why limit yourself to the four walls when you can have that ‘wow’ effect on the ceiling? Often, the fifth wall, aka ceiling, goes unnoticed and it is a missed opportunity. Just splash that ceiling in a color or texture of your choice to make your guests swoon.

A Contemporary Take on Painting Accent Walls In Living Rooms

Grey accent wall as artwork in living room

Painting accent walls shouldn’t be limited to just a bland color. In other words, taking an unconventional artistic route can look really amazing as well. For instance, a contemporary color pattern with some scotch tape can help you achieve that statement look.

5. Red Accent Wall Colors

Unexpected Splash of Red

Scandinavian kitchen with a stunning red accent wall
Red accent wall in modern kitchen by Decorilla interior designer, Sonia C.

Red as a color has a psychological effect on the human mind and makes us feel hungry and energetic. Ever wondered why all fast-food brands have red accented interiors? Well, you can bring an enticing feel to the kitchen by painting a pop of color on a red accent wall.

Blend in With the Headboard 

Painting accent walls in red in bedroom design

Accent walls for bedrooms offer a myriad of possibilities. For instance, a fancy headboard blending with the accent wall helps in achieving that fierce look. In addition, using subtle shades of red like terracotta and maroon makes the room feel cozier and more composed.

Be Creative With Brush Strokes

Stunning bedroom design in one of the most ravishing accent wall colors, red

Ditch the traditional style of painting accent walls in one color. A more creative way to create a red accent wall is by painting only a fraction of the wall, without a perfected straight line. This brings a sassy feel to the room in a fine way.

6. Yellow Accent Wall

Bold Bathroom

Yellow accent wall in an art deco bathroom
Yellow accent wall in an art deco bathroom by Decorilla interior designer, Kristina B.

Create a statement in the bathroom by using a mix of tiles and paint to create a feature wall. Combining this look with high end materials like marble and gold finishes really creates a luxurious spa-like feel to the space.

Co-ordinate the Decor With the Accents


A yellow accent wall can be intimidating, especially if it’s not treated in the right way. To achieve a cohesive look, add accents of yellow in the room through decor and furnishings.

Beautify the Fireplace 

Magnificent yellow accent wall over the fireplace

Fireplaces are a statement by themselves. Adding a bit of sunshine through bright yellow accent walls further spices up the living room decor. 

7. Orange Accent Wall Colors

Think About Unusual Spaces

Bold entryway with Orange accent wall
Bold entryway with orange accent wall by Decorilla designer, Christine M.

The walls of an entryway or hallway go by unnoticed most times. Why not give this wall the attention it needs? Orange color is full of life and zest. Painting accent walls in orange can brighten up literally any nook or corner.

Paint an Arch

Mid-century inspired accent walls in living room

Want to bring a touch of Mediterranean modernism to your room? Get those vacation vibes in your home by painting arched sections of the accent walls in living rooms in apricot or tangerine shades.

Go Geometric

Geometric orange accent wall in living room design

Another great way for creating accent walls in the living room is by painting geometric shapes. For instance, a chevron pattern or stripes make the walls look quirky and fun.

8. Purple Accent Wall

A Feminine Touch to the Wall

glam master bedroom with purple accent walls
Glam master bedroom with purple accent walls by Decorilla interior designer, KaSonndra L.

Purple is the color of royalty and richness. Therefore, it makes a perfect hue for the sleeping chamber of a queen!

Lilac for the Nursery Accent Wall Colors

Nursery design in purple accent wall

While purple might look like a sumptuous color, trying different soft hues give off a completely different vibe. For instance, shades of purple like lilac, lavender and periwinkle look adorable for a kid’s room. These gender-neutral colors can help you achieve that zen-like vibe for the nursery.

Regal Elegance

Purple accent walls in living room

Purple accents walls in living rooms bring a touch of elegance and luxury to the space when done right. Too pull of the look, pair the purple hue with other jewel tones, such as a rich golden topaz. 

9. Pink Accent Wall

Try Color Blocking

Colorblocked pink accent walls in living rooms
Color Blocked pink accent walls in living rooms by Decorilla interior designer, Jacek G.

Another trend that is taking over the design world is color blocking – placing solid blocks of contrasting colors next to each other. As a result, this look will be sure to give a stylish appeal to any room.   

Shades of Ombre on the Walls

Ombre pink accent walls in living room design
Ombre pink accent walls in living room by Decorilla designer, Jessica S.

Ombre effect makes the perfect accent walls in living rooms. Be it through wall paint or wallpaper, graduated tones of pink can beautify just about any wall.

Pretty Pink Accent Wall Colors for Bathroom

Lush pink accent wall for bathroom design

When your entire house is all decked up, the bathroom shouldn’t be left behind either. Pink is an underrated accent wall color for the restroom. Make a stylish statement by introducing soft hues of pink like salmon or coral pink in your bathroom design.

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