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On the shores of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean lies Wilmington, North Carolina. Access to these waterways has established it as a great port city. However, it’s so much more – it’s a place where old meets new. Historic architecture and modern amenities coexist in harmony, thanks to local designers. Read on to discover the top Wilmington, NC interior designers and decorators residents love to hire.

About Wilmington, NC, Interior Design

Wilmington interior design - Decorilla
Boho living room by one of Decorilla’s top Wilmington, NC, interior designers

Like most cities, the typical Wilmington, NC, interior design and building style varies depending on the district. Although, the port city is especially well-known for its gorgeous historic neighborhood. It boasts prime examples of Bungalow (or American Craftsman) and Queen Anne architecture. But whatever a person’s preferences, there’s an ideal community and abode for settling down.

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Wilmington NC bedroom interior design - Courtney B
Wilmington, NC, bedroom interior design by Decorilla

Wilmington interior designers are as varied as their clients and the spaces they inhabit. It means there’s a perfect match for every project. Whether it’s a Japandi living room and dining room project or a retro kitchen, the city has an ideal decorator for the job. These talented individuals create spaces that respect clients’ wishes and buildings’ architecture.

Top Wilmington, NC, Interior Designers

Interior design firms Wilmington NC - Casey H
Interior by one of Decorilla’s best Wilmington NC interior designers

Whatever the budget, style, or timeline – the best interior decorators in Wilmington, NC, are always up to the task. In fact, they can master any challenge. Their expertise goes beyond residential jobs, reaching from casual rooms to luxury kitchen design. Commercial and hospitality undertakings are in capable hands as well. Ultimately, there’s an ideal interior design service available for everyone.

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Amy Tyndall

Best interior decorators Wilmington NC - Amy Tyndall

Amy Tyndall Design’s namesake owner and head designer, Amy Tyndall, has been active in the industry for over two decades. Her experience goes beyond interior design. She has a background in project management, space planning, and construction as well. All the skills she’s gathered along the way have shaped her as one of the best Wilmington, NC, interior designers.

Interior designers near me - Amy Tyndall

WHAT WE LOVE: How Amy’s attention to detail has led her to develop an in-demand, laid-back luxury style.

Decorilla Wilmington, NC, Interior Designers

Decorilla interior designers near me (1)

There may be plenty of interior design firms in Wilmington, NC, but Decorilla is in a league of its own. The service pairs clients with top affordable interior designers in Wilmington, North Carolina as well as designers from across the country. It also ensures every client gets their dream space by working with their ideal designer. And this is regardless of geographic constraints.

Wilmington interior designers mondern kitchen
Modern kitchen by one of Decorilla’s best interior decorators in Wilmington, NC

The process is affordable and easy to navigate. It all starts with a free virtual consultation. Afterward, clients get assigned two designers, best-suited for the task. Both present a mood board of the space-to-be and clients choose their favorite to continue. To name a few, Decorilla provides clients with:

  • Custom floor plans and color palettes
  • photo realistic 3D models of their new interiors
  • Complete online shopping lists featuring exclusive discounts
Wilmington interior designers - Casey H
Coastal master bathroom by one of Decorilla’s top Wilmington interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Decorilla certainly takes the stress out of finding the right ‘interior designers near me’. They help find your perfect designer for you. If this sounds good, why not get started on a project today?

Patti Baker

Top interior decorators in Wilmington NC - Patti Baker

For affordable Wilmington, NC, interior design that blends style and function, look no further than Patti Baker. As the owner and principal designer of McKenzie Baker Interiors, she takes on more than residential projects. Retail and commercial spaces also fall within her area of expertise.

Interior designers near me - Patti Baker

WHAT WE LOVE: The fact that Patti has maintained return customers for more than 20 years. It’s a testament to her skill and creativity.

Angela Crittenden

Wilmington NC interior designers - Angela Crittenden

Comfy, Southern appeal is what Angela Crittenden, the owner and principal designer of Teal Interior Design, is all about. In her more than 15 years in the industry, she’s made plenty of lifelong clients. Angela takes great care to meet all her clients’ needs. Moreover, her designs are recognizable for their timelessness and ability to enhance lives.

Wilmington interior design - Angela Crittenden

WHAT WE LOVE:  Angela’s mindset that homes should be more than beautiful. They need to be places where families can live their lives in peace and make lasting memories. This makes her one of the best interior decorators in Wilmington, NC.

Jennifer Kraner

Best interior decorators in Wilmington NC - Jennifer Kraner

Jennifer Kraner is the president and principal designer of Big Sky Interior Design. Her artistic and collaborative nature sees her counted among the top interior decorators in Wilmington, NC. She can deliver stunning custom spaces on any budget. Jennifer’s clever creative solutions make her services especially appealing.

Interior design firms Wilmington NC - Jennifer Kraner

WHAT WE LOVE: How Jennifer’s philosophy of ‘incredible interior design knows no bounds’ manifests through her work.

Maggie Aardema

Wilmington interior designers - Maggie Aardema

Some interior design firms in Wilmington, NC , like Design Associates, have flourished for decades. They stand the test of time because of superb leadership. Maggie Aardema is the experienced principal designer around here. Apart from her skill at navigating every step of the design process, Maggie puts inspiring spaces together with ease.

Interior design firms Wilmington NC - Maggie Aardema

WHAT WE LOVE: Maggie is sought-after beyond the Wilmington, NC, interior design scene. She’s created showrooms in Istanbul, Moscow, Cologne, and near Dublin.

Rebecca Mickler

Interior decorators Wilmington NC - Rebecca Mickler

The moment Rebecca Mickler of Mickler & Co. Design Studio sets foot in a room, she’s already planning its improvement. Since her design style is always evolving, she’s passionate about helping clients discover their preferences too. Those who collaborate with her will enjoy well-balanced spaces that perfectly represent themselves. It’s no wonder she’s considered one of the top interior decorators in Wilmington, NC.

Wilmington interior design - Rebecca Mickler

WHAT WE LOVE: How important Rebecca deems communication throughout the design process.

Lindsey Cheek

Best Wilmington interior NC designers - Lindsey Cheek

Lindsey Cheek founded Gathered in 2015 and has been creating carefully curated interiors since. She has a knack for finding the potential in any home. Lindsey also knows that life can get messy. That’s why her designs can handle any onslaught and still look fresh, flawless, and comfy.

Wilmington NC interior design - Lindsey Cheek

WHAT WE LOVE: As one of the best interior decorators in Wilmington, NC, Lindsey can unearth every space’s potential and make it shine.

Smith + Gsell Design Studio

Best Wilmington NC interior design - Smith & Gsell Design Studio

With over 50 years of combined experience, Renee Russo Smith and Susan Gsell certainly make a mean team. As founders and designers of Smith + Gsell Design Studio, the duo offer a host of services and take on residential, as well as commercial projects. They aim to meet various needs by creating up-to-date spaces that work well in daily life. Search ‘top interior designers near me’ and they’re bound to pop up.

Interior design firms Wilmington NC - Smith & Gsell Design Studio

WHAT WE LOVE: Renee and Susan take on and complete each project with boundless dedication and passion.

Danielle Saintard Valiente

Wilmington interior design - Danielle Saintard Valiente

The Wilmington, NC, interior design community wouldn’t be the same without Danielle Saintard Valiente. Danielle knew she wanted to become an interior designer since she was 13, and in 2014 she finally established Port City Design Group. Her drive is what’s gotten her so far. It leads her to deliver breathtaking results time and time again.

Wilmington bedroom interior design - Danielle Santaird

WHAT WE LOVE: The strong, lasting bonds Danielle builds with her clients, team, and contractors.

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