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Ready to elevate your home with the help of the best Connecticut interior designers? From Hartford to Mystic, these creatives offer a unique blend of traditional and modern. Discover the top talents who can transform your living space, combining timeless New England aesthetics with contemporary design sensibilities.

Interior Design Connecticut

Connecticut interior design solutions by Decorilla designers
Connecticut interior design solutions by Decorilla designers

Connecticut boasts a vibrant interior design scene. Whether classic colonial homes or sleek, modern spaces in Stamford, every project is a great opportunity to showcase creative skills and harmonize tradition with innovation.

Connecticut Interior Designers and Decorators

Formal living room by top Connecticut interior designers from Decorilla
Formal living room by top Connecticut interior designers from Decorilla

From full-scale renovations to simple makeovers, these professionals have the expertise to create exactly what you want. Discover the top interior designers in Connecticut and find the perfect match for your home improvement project.

Christine Stucker

Top Connenticut Interior Designers Christine Stucker

Before expanding her knowledge through studious travels, Christine Stucker studied Art and Art History in college. While exploring Rome, Crete, and Nice, she strived to understand how craftsmanship and design developed under specific influences. These travels defined her career choice as an aspiring artist and furniture designer as a result. In 2009 she co-founded Stewart-Schafer, a company renowned for conceptualizing and realizing challenging projects for demanding clients and celebrities alike.

Top interior designer Greenwich CT Christine Stucker

WHAT WE LOVE: Grounded design, rooted in aesthetics yet highly stylized.

Karin Loglisci

Top Connecticut interior designers near me Karin Loglisci

With over 20 years of experience in both consulting and creating, Karin Loglisci boasts an impressive portfolio as one of the top Connecticut interior designers. Better yet, she’s also one of the most affordable designers among the list with convenient flat rate packages for all types of budgets. She has worked on various residential and commercial projects, composing elaborate, functional spaces that deliver meaningful experiences. Karin approaches every project as a new puzzle to solve, turning a mess into an organized, tidy place that makes her clients happy.

Decorilla interior designer Westport CT Karin Loglisci
Mid-century modern condo by Decorilla interior decorator in CT, Karin L.

Living in many different countries affected her design vision with a variety of influences and inspirations. Among those, a special place belongs to the concepts of simple living in small spaces. Believing in the philosophy of “less is more,” Karin finds challenge in translating it into a smart, efficient, and beautiful design, looking for the ideal proportion that results in perfect balance. 

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Decorilla interior design Connecticut Karin Loglisci
Cozy eclectic living room by Decorilla Connecticut interior designer, Karin L.

WHAT WE LOVE: Livable functionality with balanced aesthetics. Love Karin’s work? Get started with her today!

Kimberly Horton

Connecticut interior designers Kimberly Horton

Kimberly Horton is a Connecticut interior designer and the owner of KH Home Design and Furnishings. She is also a certified staging professional and interior decorator in CT. Kimberly is attentive, detailed, and driven to help homeowners get curated designs tailored to represent who they are. Her projects also include every phase from concept to completion, each step in close collaboration with her clients.

Interior design Connecticut Kimberly Horton

WHAT WE LOVE: Vibrant, colorful designs full of character.

Caroline Kopp

Interior designer Westport CT Caroline Kopp

Caroline Kopp is a well-known name among the interior designers in Westport, CT, who also serves Greenwich, CT, Darien, CT, Fairfield, CT and more. She is also the principal and founder of her Westport-based design company. With a major in Art History at UC Berkeley, she expanded her education at Parsons School of Design and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. Today, Caroline is renowned for her sophisticated eye and the highest standards of quality and style in designing custom homes. Therefore, it certainly comes as no surprise that she is highly rated among Houzz interior designers in Connecticut. 

Interior design Greenwich CT Caroline Kopp

WHAT WE LOVE: A fresh approach to blending classic and modern styles.

Angela Lowy

Interior design Greenwich CT Angela Lowy

As a Connecticut interior designer near you, Angela Lowy, designs living spaces for people who see their homes as places of wellbeing, making them enjoy the process along the way. She also believes that interior design is a path to better living, rather than just a way to showcase. According to Angela, the best design should provide multiple, tangible benefits, bringing her clients true value from their investment. For that reason, she established her own design firm in 2009 with a commitment to bringing comfort, beauty, and meaning to everyday living.

Houzz interior designers Connecticut Angela Lowy

WHAT WE LOVE: Angela’s sense of style and tasteful decoration.

Jennifer Napolitano

Connecticut interior designers Jennifer Napolitano

Jennifer Napolitano is passionate about color, accessorizing, and creating beautiful yet functional interior spaces. As one of the highly sought-after Houzz interior designers in Connecticut, she reflects her clients’ tastes and personalities in custom-created living spaces. At the same time, she meets their budget, lifestyles, and specific needs. Jennifer is also a winner of HGTV’s design competition show and a member of Design Masterminds.

Interior designer Greenwich CT Jennifer Napolitano

WHAT WE LOVE: Beautifully layered patterns, which also make one of the hot design trends for 2024.

Diana Sawicki

Connecticut interior designers Diane Sewicki

Diana Sawicki is a staple among interior design in Connecticut, offering full-service residential and commercial services. Her portfolio includes projects throughout the U.S., from Connecticut and New York City to Florida and more. Diana creates warm, inviting interiors distinguished by her commitment to quality above all. She wants her every project to also be a special kind of memorable experience for the owners, making every client happy at the end of the day. 

Interior designer Greenwich CT Diane Sewicki

WHAT WE LOVE: A highly polished timeless classic with a modern twist.

Leslie Dunn

Interior designer Greenwich CT Leslie Dunn

Leslie Dunn takes pride in removing the “cookie-cutter” element from interior design in Connecticut. As the principal of Dunn Designs, she is devoted to creating beautiful, tailored interiors with a distinctive style. For over twenty years, Leslie has been transforming living spaces to better reflect her clients’ lives and personalities. Her design aesthetic is rooted in comfort, leaning toward minimalism but with an energy that makes it vibrant. 

Interior design Connecticut Leslie Dunn

WHAT WE LOVE: Clean and simple but still bold design compositions.

Audra Viehland

Top Connecticut interior designers Audra Viehland

Audra Viehland is half of the dynamic duo of interior decorators near Hartford, CT. Together with Michelle Sabin, she is devoted to improving their clients’ well-being by creating unique, beautiful, livable spaces. Audra obtained a Bachelor of Interior Design from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Over the decades, her portfolio has also grown to include residential, hospitality, and institutional design projects. 

Interior decorators Hartford CT Audra Viehland

WHAT WE LOVE: Gorgeously cheeky accents above all.

Georgia Zikas

Interior decorator CT Georgia Zikas

A renowned interior decorator in Hartford, CT, Georgia Zikas, studied at the New York School of Interior Design in New York, NY. Later, she kept expanding her knowledge, exploring her passion for antiques, fine art, and architectural detail, in order to deepen her understanding of craftsmanship and composition. Today, she shares with her clients over a decade of design experience as a principal of her own firm. Georgia’s portfolio features a variety of projects of all scales connected by her unique design vision. 

Houzz interior designers Connecticut Georgia Zikas

WHAT WE LOVE: Contemporary compositions enveloped in timeless elegance.

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