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Dreaming of a home makeover and want to work with local design experts? For Washington, DC, interior designers and decorators, the city is the playground that inspires beautiful work. Read on to check out the top creatives who are making a name for themselves!

Interior Design in Washington

Living room by top Washington interior designers from Decorilla
Living room by top Washington interior designers from Decorilla

Interior design in Washington reflects the region’s rich history and modern sensibilities. Designers here are adept at integrating the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest into their projects, using organic materials and nature-inspired palettes. Their designs often emphasize open layouts and natural light, fostering a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Washington Interior Designers

Living room by Decorilla's top interior designers from Washington
Living room by Decorilla‘s top interior designers from Washington

Washington interior designers are celebrated for their creativity and attention to detail. Bringing a unique touch to each project they undertake, from contemporary minimalist designs to timeless interiors, these creatives promote a versatile approach. A commitment to excellence also helps Washington interior designers to continually push the boundaries of innovation in style.

Zoe Feldman

top DC interior designers zoe feldman

Among the best Washington DC interior designers, Zoe Feldman has made quite the impact on the local design scene. From starting her career under AD100 designer Alexa Hampton to numerous publishings and accolades, her design talents know no bounds. Zoe’s signature style is modernized classicism, in which she blends the influences of art, architecture, and fashion with the client’s desires. The results are outside-the-box interiors with traditional foundations adorned in modern eclectic accompaniments.

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zoe feldman interior design washington dc

WHAT WE LOVE: Their use of unique modern touches to bring personality to traditional interiors.

Hannah Goldberg

_interior decorators washington dc hannah goldberg

Hannah delivers affordable interior design in Washington, DC, that isn’t lacking in style or quality. In fact, evident among her designs are her years of experience in luxury design, from multi-family to commercial and now residential interiors. Hannah makes sure to give equal importance to the aesthetic of a space as well as its functionality. In the end, each design pleases the eye while also meeting the needs of each homeowner’s lifestyle.

find an interior designer - hannah g
Contemporary interior design Washington DC by Decorilla designer, Hannah G.

In addition, Hannah believes that the look and feel of our living spaces directly impact our moods and feelings. For that reason, she gives close attention to all senses when designing a space. In her work, you’ll easily identify layers of comforting textures and natural elements. Each space beholds a unique character, cozy yet curated.

Terrace lounge by one of Decorilla's Washington DC interior designers, Hannah G.
Terrace lounge by one of Decorilla‘s Washington DC interior designers, Hannah G.

WHAT WE LOVE: The livable beauty of every room she designs. Love Hannah’s work? Then, get started with her today!

Kerra Michele

houzz interior designers washington dc kerra michele

Leading one of the top interior design firms in Washington DC, Kerra Michele is experienced, accomplished, and recognized. Not only do her designs pack a serious punch, but her expertise has also been sought after by the likes of Room & Board, West Elm, and The Shakespeare Company. Additionally, Kerra believes that design can transform one’s entire life, hence she completes charitable projects locally and abroad. She also empowers her local community through her co-working studio, BUREAU, which provides a workspace that inspires.


WHAT WE LOVE: Her tranquil interiors that elicit comfort and welcoming vibes.

Marika Meyer

find an interior designer near me marika meyer

Marika Meyer is a DC interior designer who wants her clients to feel right at home in their newly refreshed spaces. And for this reason, she created her namesake design firm in 2007. Rooms by Marika deliver sophisticated elegance that is still livable and welcoming, in addition to being personal to the homeowner. This drive and success have led to the firm’s work being featured in numerous local and national publications, including Luxe Magazine and The Washington Post.

study space by interior decorators washington dc marika meyer

WHAT WE LOVE: Textiles in artful prints, likely a creation from Marika herself.

Heather DiSabella

affordable interior design washington dc heather disabella (1)

More than just beautiful designs, Heather DiSabella also believes in creating spaces that “make you feel at ease and inspire you to be the best version of yourself”. And using her 15 years of experience to her advantage, she’s able to easily accomplish this for her clients. In addition, designs by Heather are thoughtfully curated to become as functionally pleasing as they are aesthetically. It is certainly no wonder that she boasts all 5-star ratings among Houzz interior designers in Washington, DC.

hire an interior designer disabella design

WHAT WE LOVE: Heather’s commitment to using interior design to enhance the lives of her clients.

Mariella Cruzado

_interior decorator washington dc mariella cruzado

Among other accolades, DC interior designer, Mariella Cruzado, has been named one of the ‘hottest young designers’ by Modern Luxury, as well as a ‘Style Maker’ by Better Homes & Gardens. And these titles fit her and her work well. At her studio, Splendor Styling, Mariella delivers striking interiors in her signature style. These spaces exude depth, mood, and texture that make her designs one of a kind. Mariella puts it best “people should be able to live their fullest, best lives, surrounded by beauty and inspiration”.

Houzz interior designers washington dc splendor styling

WHAT WE LOVE: Bold interiors with a sophisticated sense of drama.

Lisa Shaffer

_dc interior designers lisa shaffer

Lisa Shaffer and her team at Lisa & Leroy are determined to give each client a design experience as amazing as the final product. Unlike many other design studios they’re able to handle projects from construction through to the final interior finishings. Therefore, Lisa and her team are meticulous throughout every step of the way, which certainly shows in the end results. The spaces created by Lisa & Leroy deliver on all fronts, from comfort, to beauty, and personality.


WHAT WE LOVE: The artful spaces she creates through color, textures, and curated decor.

Tracy Morris

_dc interior decorators tracy morris

Tracy Morris remembers her desire for interior design goes all the way back to her child when she would design houses out of Legos. Today, she’s among the most successful Washington DC interior designers leading her own firm and team of designers. It is their mission to create spaces that showcase the homeowner’s personality and passions. As a result, these interiors are a true reflection of the client, curated into a dynamic display of interior design at its best.

contemporary interior design washington dc tracy morris

WHAT WE LOVE: The feeling of refined elegance with hints of glam in her designs.

Kirsten Anthony Kaplan

interior design firms washington dc Kirsten Anthony Kaplan

Kristen Anthony Kaplan is an Ivy League-educated interior decorator in Washington DC leading Haus Interior Design. With over 15 years of experience, her design style brings elegance and energy to each space she creates. Kristen gives as much attention to budget and timelines as she does the details of the design. As a result, each project flows efficiently to meet all of the needs of the client. This level of service has also earned her dozens of 5-star reviews among Houzz interior designers in Washington DC.

transitional interior design washington dc by haus

WHAT WE LOVE: Her attention to all the details, ensuring every part of the design process runs smoothly.

Darryl Carter

hire an interior designer darryl carter

Darryl Carter has been making a name as one of the top DC interior designers for nearly 20 years. His specialty is creating calming, unique spaces that embrace subtle color palettes and rich textures in personalized ways. Mindful of maintaining the integrity of architectural details and antique furniture, Darryl’s designs are both timeless and graceful. Furthermore, they reflect the client’s distinguished tastes.

traditional sitting room by top dc interior designer darryl carter

WHAT WE LOVE: His DC-based boutique store, full of antiques, upholstered designer furniture, and limited edition pieces.

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