Living-room-by-one-of-the-top-interior-designers-in-Huntsville-AL-Sharene-MHuntsville, Alabama, is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after places for homeowners and designers. Focused on mutual benefit, they collaborate on creating interiors that embody its unique, breathtaking landscape. Drawing from the grandness of its stunning scenery, a wealth of skillful professionals make homes in this city spectacular yet highly livable. Whether you’re seeking interior guidance or simply want to up your home’s style game – get ready to meet the best interior designers in Huntsville, AL. 

Huntsville Interior Design

Huntsville interior design by Dina H
Huntsville interior design by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

Huntsville residents can enjoy the opportunity to experience custom-crafted interiors ranging from rustic cottages to upscale modern apartments. Moreover, many experts rely on local materials to create various styles. Each project exudes natural beauty due to combining creative talents with a local appreciation for artistry. 

Tip: It’s essential to pick interior designers in Huntsville near you who work within your preferred design style. Take interior design style quiz to pinpoint your style and help discover the perfect designer for you!

Interior Designers in Huntsville, AL

Elegant living room with a Huntsville interior design by Tera S
Living room by one of Decorilla‘s top interior designers in Huntsville, Tera S.

Interior decorators in Huntsville, AL, perfectly capture the balance between classic tradition and bold innovation. This union has earned the city an esteemed reputation among creative hubs across America as a result. So, get ready to meet the best interior designers in Huntsville, AL, near you to see how they claim this prestige. 

Beverly Farrington

Interior design firms Huntsville AL - Beverly Farrington

With over four decades of design experience, Beverly Farrington melds her architectural and artistic influences to create stunning spaces. As the owner of Accents of the South, one of the leading interior design firms in Huntsville, AL, she is celebrated not only for creating beautiful homes but pushing boundaries within the industry, too. Beverly also strives to provide her clients with modern living concepts that remain timelessly elegant and functional. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Traditional Home, Southern Living, Alabama Magazine, and The Washington Post.  

Beverly Farrington, interior decorators in Huntsville AL

WHAT WE LOVE: Classic southern romanticism that remains novel at the same time with a contemporary twist. 

Decorilla Interior Designers in Huntsville, AL

Best interior designers in Huntsville AL - Decorilla

Decorilla hires leading creative professionals and experts who bring all project visions to life! That also includes some of the top Decorilla interior designers in Huntsville. This comprehensive design platform offers versatile services, delivering stunning results. In addition, with the help of the latest digital tools and technologies, the design process has never been easier or more efficient.

Lounge by one of the best interior decorators in Huntsville AL - Marisol O
Lounge by one of Decorilla‘s best interior decorators in Huntsville AL, Marisol O.

Decorilla’s knowledgeable professionals specialize in designing uniquely tailored looks that match each client’s taste and lifestyle. Each client can experience their new rooms before committing to a project, thanks to the photorealistic 3D visualizations. Moreover, Decorilla packages allow you to enjoy substantial trade discounts on furniture and decor. You will also receive your own custom shopping list for every design created. And yet, the list of advantages does not end there.

Huntsville interior design by Britney W
Huntsville interior design by Decorilla designer, Britney W.

WHAT WE LOVE: Versatile offer, professional approach, and stunning designs. Decorilla boasts affordability, costing 80% less than traditional interior design. The firm also has the widest variety of interior design expertise in Huntsville. In fact, you can find your match right now if you’re ready to start

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Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis, interior designers in Huntsville AL

Hannah Davis commits to combining artistry and innovation in her craft, unlocking the potential within each space she works on. Her firm, The Design Collaborative, also underlines this approach as an opportunity for creative collaboration between all involved parties. As one of the leading interior designers in Huntsville, AL, Hannah attentively listens to client requirements at every step of the design journey. From initial concept sketches through execution, every detail must be carefully interpreted into reality without sacrificing aesthetic or practical considerations.  

Hannah Davis, interior decorators in Huntsville AL

WHAT WE LOVE: A well-thought-out design focused not only on aesthetics but also functionality, serviceability, and longevity.

Angie Cobb & Cristi Slinkard

Interior designers in Huntsville - Angie Cobb & Christie Slinkard

Neutrals is an interior design firm in Huntsville, AL, owned by Angie Cobb and Cristi Slinkard. These two creatives joined their passion for creating living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and comfortable. As a result, the duo has been successfully helping the Huntsville community transform their homes into comfortable living spaces for over ten years. Backed by their Bachelor of Science degrees in interior design, they contribute beauty with function to every project they take on. 

Angie Cobb & Cristi Slinkard interior decorators in Huntsville AL

WHAT WE LOVE: Attractive but also highly livable layouts.

Andrea Wilson

Interior designers Huntsville - Andrea Wilson

Wilhouse Designs brings together technical precision and a passion for design. It has been named after founder Sarah Wilson’s professional strength – her “wheelhouse”. Today, the company is led by her granddaughter Andrea Willson, who is also one of the top interior decorators in Huntsville, AL. Driven by her attraction to beautiful, functional designs, Andrea specializes in space planning with a strong focus on aesthetic appeal.  

Huntsville interior design by Andrea Wilson

WHAT WE LOVE: Attention to detail, from functional layouts to custom interior furnishings.

Carolyn Kimbro

Interior design firms in Huntsville AL - Carolyn Kimbro

Carolyn Kimbro is one of the top interior designers in Huntsville, AL, and also the driving force behind Peachtree Interior Design. This boutique design firm devotes to infusing charm and functionality into every living space. After graduating from Auburn University, Carolyn embarked on an inspiring journey in the design world, which involved interning at Hilton Head in South Carolina. Throughout this unique path, she has held various memberships, gaining extensive experience that will help her deliver homes as beautiful as they are functional.

Carolyn Kimbro, interior decorators in Huntsville AL

WHAT WE LOVE: Carolyn’s passion for creating interiors her clients love spending time in.

Faeh Reese and Jamie Stockton

Interior decorators in Huntsville AL - Faeh Reese & Jamie Stockton

Design Theory is a Huntsville interior design company providing tailored solutions for homeowners looking to spruce up their homes. It’s also the brainchild of two experienced designers, Faeh Reese and Jamie Stockton. These two professionals combine their combined talents to offer various services, meeting each client’s style and personality. In return, their specialized designs accentuate any home’s best features efficiently and cost-effectively.

Top interior designers in Huntsville AL - Faeh Reese and Jamie Stockton

WHAT WE LOVE: A customized approach that captures the spirit of each client, delivering elegant and functional living environments as a result.

Suzanne Richard Barnes

Suzanne Richard Barnes, Huntsville interior designer

Suzanne Richard Barnes possesses a distinctive eye for elegance. With a Master of Science in Interior Design from the University of Alabama, she has been innovating Huntsville’s interior design scene for over two decades. Suzanne’s design process “offers wonderful opportunities to solve problems through transforming spaces into something personalized, according to their function.” Meanwhile, her inspiration lies in finding new ways to deal with client projects to provide an even deeper creative experience. 

Suzanne Richard Barnes, interior designer in Huntsville, AL

WHAT WE LOVE: Suzanne’s talent to meld comfort with texture and color conveys unique atmospheres in return. 

Janna S. Collins

Janna S. Collins, Huntsville interior designer

Janna S. Collins is the lead designer at Matheny Goldmon, a successful Huntsville interior design and architecture firm. She strives to deliver meaningful environments that enrich their residents’ lives. Through a tailored process built on a deep understanding of individual requirements, Janna works hard to ensure no two projects are ever alike. In addition, as a head of the talented team, Janna’s committed to excellence, crafting transformative, beautiful spaces that meet the specific needs of their clients. 

Janna S. Collins, interior designers in Huntsville, AL

WHAT WE LOVE: A tailored approach, consequently conveying ever-inspiring results.

Richard Cable

Richard Cable, Huntsville interior design firms

Richard Cable is a highly experienced and passionate Huntsville interior designer. His portfolio boasts over 30 years of residential and commercial design success across Chicago, Boston, and New York City. Richard’s focus on artistry shines through various projects, from consulting to renovation, always aligned with the clients’ needs and budgets. Meanwhile, he helps customers obtain the home of their dreams using the latest technology. 

Richard Cable, interior designers in Huntsville AL

WHAT WE LOVE: Richard’s talent for combining colors, textures, metals, and wood into a cohesive and also timeless design.

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[Feature image: Decorilla designer, Sharene M.]