Top 10 Atlanta Interior Designers Near Me

Contemporary living room by top atlanta interior designer Minhnuyet-Hardy-Interiors

Atlanta is home to thousands of interior design creatives. And considering it’s home to the world’s busiest airport it’s no wonder Atlanta is a hub of fresh ideas. As a result, interior designers in this metropolis put a unique spin on design throughout the city, from Peachtree Street to Buckhead Village, Midtown, and more. And not only does Decorilla have the honor of working with several design masterminds in the city, but we also love to be inspired by other talented designers in the area. Read on for our picks of the top Atlanta interior designers and decorators to keep an eye on!

Minhnuyet Hardy

Hire an interior designer in Atlanta like Minhnuyet Hardy

Mixed metals, layers on layers of sumptuous textures, and eclectic items make up every interior by Minhnuyet Hardy, from hallways to bedroom design and beyond. Her interest in history and years of travel experience certainly shine through in her designs. Above creating interesting spaces that tell her client’s story, Minhnuyet also excels in meeting tight deadlines. The reason for this lies in her continual contribution to Atlanta Luxury Rentals. This high-end real estate rental business requires a steady influx of simple, glamorous, and serene interiors.

Transitional bedroom design with sheet music as wall art and plush bedding by one of the top Atlanta interior designers


That every design by Minhnuyet, whether big or small, is intrinsically luxurious. She knows that beauty can come from the most ornate as well as the simplest of forms. As a result, although glamorous, interiors by Minhnuyet and her team are always balanced.

Dale Carithers

Top Atlanta Interior Designer Dale C

Above all else, Dale Carithers strives to communicate her client’s personal brand through design. Dale provides creative solutions that are as attractive as they are functional. Dale loves to explore different design styles and says that each style gives her an opportunity to expand, learn, and appreciate different aspects of people’s lives, tastes, and interests.

Contemporary living and dining room by top Atlanta interior designer Dale C.

Inviting living and dining room by Decorilla interior designer, Dale C.

It is no wonder Dale is already an award-winning interior designer in the Metro Atlanta area. Additionally, she also offers affordable services if you want to hire an interior designer in Atlanta, Georgia. Her interiors, whether residential or commercial, deliver on clients’ briefs along with a dash of refined drama.

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Spa-inspired bathroom by top Atlanta interior decorator

Spa-inspired bathroom by Decorilla interior decorator, Dale C.


That Dale Carithers offers in-person interior design help in Atlanta and also provides online interior design services, which make her designs accessible to any budget. Get started with Dale today!

Nishi Design Studio

Interior design help from top interior designers in Atlanta, Nishi Design Studio

As “curators of holistic maximalism”, Nishi Design Studio takes on more than meets the eye to give clients a home that is not only beautifully furnished but also houses positive energy. Nishi’s modern east meets west fusion is inspired by nature and the intrinsic essence of her clients. She aims to create interiors that inspire stories and in which people flourish. As one of the top  Houzz interior designers Atlanta, Nishi Design Studio not only provides an impressive service, it is also reliable and backed by experience.

Colorful living room design with a youtful twist available if you hire an interior designer in Atlanta


Nishi Design Studio’s whimsical, modern and colorful designs that are as covetable as they are liveable. At first, Nishi focused on boutique hotels and other commercial projects. These tend to have strict due dates, which Nishi and her team consistently attained.

Meriwether Design Group

Atlanta interior decorators and designers, Meriwether Design Group

The Meriwether Design Group aims to reflect the lives of their clients and their loved ones through interior design. Founder Meriwether McAdams emphasizes color and pattern in her classic yet timeless designs, and her team follows suit. Meriwether also provides a keen eye, diligence, and a strong foundation for every project. On the other hand, Katryn McAdams, partner to the firm, brings her love of art into designs to sculpt interiors clients adore. Moreover, interiors by Katryn have a structured youthful aesthetic.

Blue and polka dot kids room by one of the top interior designers Atlanta, Georgia


How the mix of modern and traditional preferences come through in homes by these top Houzz interior designers Atlanta. Classic pieces juxtapose and enhance contemporary furniture and décor. We love the unexpected yet brazen blend between old and new.

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Kat Nelson Designs

List of top interior designers Atlanta, Georgia like Kat Nelson

Designing bespoke sanctuaries for busy modern families is Kat Nelson’s forte. Through contrasting textures, shapes, and styles, she creates interiors that feel naturally beautiful and effortless. Although these homes are welcoming and undemanding, Kat and her local Atlanta interior decorators are meticulous on every point and item chosen to turn houses into homes.

Traditional formal living room design by one of the top Atlanta interior decorators


Kat’s signature bright interior designs feature different blues, rough surfaces like natural wood, exposed brick, and raw linen. And that, despite having a distinct style signature, every project is unique and a celebration of the homeowner’s style.

Gina Sims Designs

Top Atlanta interior designers like Gina Sims Design

Gina Sims pairs contemporary Californian cool with tailored yet romantic southern charm. As a result, interiors are saturated in color and filled with the latest furniture design, while remaining timeless. Her projects have been featured in Atlanta Magazine,, LuxPad, Houzz, and StyleBlueprint. Moreover, every home by Gina and her team is unapologetically individual and true to the homeowners’ personality.

Masculine contemporary bedroom design by one of the top interior designers Atlanta, Georgia


That Gina wants to create spaces that are “gorgeous, but not so gorgeous that you yell at your kids and dogs to get off the furniture.” She is one of the top interior designers in Atlanta, Georgia who want to highlight their clients’ quirks – good or bad – to make it a space they’ll feel at home in.

Pamela Williams

List of top interior designers in Atlanta, Georgia

An expert in mixing metals with natural textures, Pamela Williams creates spaces to enhance her clients’ quality of life. Not only should an interior be functional and beautiful, but it should also be healthy and connectable for clients. For instance, through spatial planning, client input, and conceptual thinking, Pamela delivers interior design help for any design dilemma.

Masterbath design by top Atlanta Interior decorator

Contemporary master bath update by Decorilla interior designer, Pamela W.


If you want to hire an interior designer in Atlanta, Georgia Pamela can create timelessness at a fraction of the traditional design cost.

Habachy Designs

Atlanta interior decorators team, Habachy Designs

As one of the top Atlanta interior designers near you, Habachy Designs have been awarded the Southeast Designer of the year for commercial design by Atlanta Decorative Arts Center and Veranda magazine. Their luxe interior designs, unsurprisingly, can grace the cover of premier design publications. Principal, Michael Habachy brings his vast industry knowledge to more than the composition of an interior. His designs extend into tile and textile design, furniture line development, and curated collections.

Striking living room design with charcoal walls, leather accent chairs and tribal photograph by one of the top Atlanta interior designers


That each room by Habachy Designs, residential or commercial, is opulent yet sensible. They carefully consider every corner, from the smallest nook to the highest cranny. As a result, the composition, textures, elements, and colors just exude perfection.

Erika Ward

Atlanta interior designers, Erika Ward and her team

As the head behind a client-focused interior design firm, Erika Ward lives by their primary company value – to “stand by everything that matters to our clients.” Accordingly, her approachable interiors certainly feel like home. What’s more, through their adept use of texture and textiles, Erika and her team can curate designs that fit clients like a glove.

Eclectic living room by one of the top Atlanta interior decorators


That these interior designers in Atlanta, Georgia, take inspiration from the environment as well as their client’s roots. Erika blends contemporary sensibility with classic aesthetics to create lively transitional yet eclectic interiors her clients adore. We are particularly fond of her unique accessories and statement pieces. For example, the tribal masks and accent chairs pictured above.

Tim Green Designs

Team of Atlanta interior designers, Tim Green Design

Tim Green and his team of Atlanta interior decorators certainly make great spaces exceptional. Through his special selection process, Tim carefully makes posh spaces inviting without taking away from their glamour. Velvet and crystal chandeliers are approachable and can feel like home with interior design help from Tim and his team.

Luxurious bathroom design by one of the top Atlanta interior decorators


Tim’s commitment to his clients’ comfort. “When my clients come home, I want their homes to hug them” and it’s evident in his interior designs.

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[Feature image: Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors]