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It’s no accident that Tulsa, Oklahoma has been among Time Magazine’s “World’s 100 Greatest Places”. This city is a paradise for designers and architecture lovers, most renowned for its preserved Art Deco buildings. Such heritage makes an ever-inspiring background for a thriving interior design scene. And while Decorilla is lucky enough to worth with some of the local talents, we also love to keep an eye on other rising stars. So read on as we present you with our pick of the top ten Tulsa interior designers and decorators you won’t want to miss!

Emily Davis

Tulsa interior designers Emily Davis

Emily Davis is a native Oklahoman, who polished her creative skills around the US, before settling back in Tulsa in 2013. There she established her own interior design firm on a solid principle of turning her clients’ houses into homes. Emily believes in spaces being a direct reflection of their inhabitants, personal, intimate, and customized. Therefore, by building trusting relationships, she translates characters and lifestyles into livable designs.

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Interior decorators Tulsa OK Emily Davis

WHAT WE LOVE: Clean lines and strong but non-imposing symmetry.

Decorilla Tulsa Interior Designers

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Decorilla offers affordable interior design services in Tulsa for all budgets, available to their clients on a user-friendly platform. This means some of the top Tulsa interior designers are just a click away as a part of the Decorilla team for a fraction of the conventional price. Each project begins with a quick and easy design questionnaire to nail down your requirements and help in matching you with designers.

Basement by Decorilla interior designer Tulsa OK Lisa W
Basement by Decorilla interior designer in Tulsa OK

In other words, you will get expert design solutions delivered in a superiorly convenient way. Each package includes initial design concepts from two designers to ensure that the desired style will be matched. Moreover, their solutions are available for you to review at any time of day or night. Also, realistic 3D renderings allow for clients to visualize their space before committing to any furniture and decor items. In addition, a personalized shopping list with exclusive discounts and a complimentary shopping concierge certainly make ordering, tracking, and delivery a breeze!

modern farmhouse interior design tulsa
Decorilla – modern farmhouse interior design Tulsa

WHAT WE LOVE: Unparalleled convenience, flat-rate affordable design packages, and a wide-selection of vetted designers offer the ultimate interior design experience.

Julia Kirkendall

Interior designer Tulsa OK Julia Kirkendall

Julia Kirkendall’s design goal is to draw what their clients think. She maintains fluid communication in order to hear them, understand them, and translate their personalities to their rooms. As a firm believer that the home must not only be beautifully designed, but also “be as personal as a signature”, she composes spaces where people can be comfortable as much as productive. Julia’s work scope includes residential and corporate projects, showcasing over two decades of professional experience. It is then no surprise that she and her team boast all 5 star ratings among Houzz interior designers in Tulsa.

Interior decorator Tulsa Julia Kirkendall

WHAT WE LOVE: Designs both modern and timeless, composed to last.

Melissa Engelke

Houzz interior designers Tulsa Melissa Engelke

Award-winning Tulsa interior designer Melissa Engelke specializes in interior design, home remodeling, and – window treatments. Focused on creating genuinely unique, one-of-a-kind spaces, she seamlessly blends different styles, making them timeless. In addition, each composition bears the recognition stamp of its owner rather than its designer. Melissa’s team conducts all levels of execution, from concepts to product selection and implementation.

Find an interior designer Melissa Engelke

WHAT WE LOVE: Diverse, refined designs with a lot of energy.

Bailey Austin Bird

Hire an interior designer Bailey Austin Bird

Raised in a city rich in architectural heritage, Bailey Austin Bird easily found inspiration everywhere in the local landscape. In addition, watching her parents work with different architects definitely rooted her path into the interior design Tulsa, OK scene. Today, her design philosophy focuses on blending esthetics with functionality, growing from the layout to the meticulous bespoke detailing. Bailey designs many decorative pieces by herself, in order to provide uniqueness to each home.

Find an interior designer Bailey Austin Bird

WHAT WE LOVE: Colorful vibrancy in a refined package.

Tracy Huntington

Tulsa interior designers Tracy Huntington

Tracy Huntington used to be a middle school English teacher destined to become a designer. Finally, she gave in to the creative call, obtained a designer degree, and launched her career in interior design Tulsa. During the decade to follow, her work has been published in HGTV and a number of magazines. Tracy believes that the space affects inhabitants’ mood and productivity, tailoring her designs to provide each client with a solution that will improve many aspects of their lives.

Interior decorators Tulsa OK Tracy Huntington

WHAT WE LOVE: Eclectic blends bursting with character which contribute to her being a leading Houzz interior designer in Tulsa.

Amity Edwards

Interior decorators Tulsa OK Amity Edwards

Amity Edwards grew up in a realtor family, developing an ever-growing passion for interior design. After several years of honing her skills at various design studios, she launched her own firm in 2011. Ever since, Amity has kept developing visually attractive, functional spaces ranging from traditional to contemporary. Using her extensive knowledge in products, materials, and implementations, Amity blends classical values with the latest trends, delivering timeless quality and lasting value. As a resutl, she’s certainly made a name for herself among top Tulsa interior designers.

Interior design Tulsa Amity Edwards

WHAT WE LOVE: Bold accents and consistent storytelling.

Mel Bean

Interior decorator Tulsa Mel Bean

As a little girl, Mel Bean was deeply involved in her family’s home remodeling, from choosing tiles with her mom to assisting dad with installing roof shingles. Growing up, she also found fun in rearranging furniture. However, it wasn’t before she started college that Mel understood her future lies in interior design. Today, she expertly guides her clients through all design phases, from initial thrills through process frustrations, in order to achieve stellar results.

Interior design Tulsa Mel Bean

WHAT WE LOVE: Mel’s approach that creates a cohesive whole not only inside, but with the exteriors as well.

Dindy Foster

Interior decorators Tulsa OK DIndy Foster

Dindy Foster incorporates experience gained while working in fashion into interior design in Tulsa, erasing borders between fashion, art, and space composing. Proficient in trends, seasonal colors, and quality of fabrics, she blends different creative approaches to deliver unique, customized solutions. As a result, her designs are dressed to face the test of time. Dindy’s scope of work includes everything from concept to implementation, including layouts, space planning, custom furnishing, and design consultation.

Find an interior designer Dindy Foster

WHAT WE LOVE: Attention to detail on a harmonious background.

Melissa Davis

Hire an interior designer Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis is one of the top interior decorators in Tulsa, OK, and an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers. After spending a decade working as a graphic designer and illustrator, she extended her creative field to composing authentic interior spaces. She obtained a degree and polished her skills in several interior design firms before opening her own design studio in 2013. Melissa’s interiors are certainly recognizable by a strong visual character and eclectic spirit.

Tulsa interior designers Melissa Davis

WHAT WE LOVE: Artistic flair.

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