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Mountains and sunshine all around make a bold backdrop for Tucson’s architecture. Not only are these character-filled, but they come with stunning interiors too! Decorilla’s team is lucky to work with some of the amazing designers behind these spaces, but we also love to keep an eye on other budding local talent. So, check out the top Tucson interior designers and decorators making design magic in the Arizona valley.  

Priya McCulloch

Designs by Priya - Houzz interior designers Tucson

Head and founder of Designs by Priya, Priya McCulloch aims to create livable luxury. These spaces reflect the homeowner’s character while inspiring them to live beautifully. Her interior design in Tucson also honors the landscape through color schemes and strong silhouettes. Moreover, as an allied ASID interior designer with 17 years in the industry, Priya is a reliable and attentive specialist. 

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Designs by Priya - one of the top interior designers in Tucson

WHAT WE LOVE: Priya’s use of color and textures complement the desert landscape skillfully. It’s no wonder Priya is also a trusted Houzz interior designer in Tucson. 

Decorilla Tucson Interior Designers

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At times, finding the perfect designer can feel daunting. But Decorilla eliminates this by matching experts to their clients’ requirements. Through their services, you can choose from a host of top Tucson interior designers, not just one, as each project begins with concepts from two vetted designers. What’s more, Decorilla offers the most affordable interior design in Tucson. It’s also the most convenient because clients can decorate their rooms virtually, from anywhere.

Interior design Tucson - Berkeley H.
Interior design in Tucson by Decorilla 

To start, clients pick between single- or multi-room packages or an hourly rate. Thereafter, they will complete a quick questionnaire and complimentary consultation. Based on this information, two designers create unique concepts and the client gets to pick their favorite. If they are not completely satisfied, clients can also request revisions. After choosing, clients can look forward to a finished design within a few short weeks. Each design package also comes complete with 3D photo realistic renderings, paint selections and color palette, a helpful implementation guide, and a personalized shopping list with exclusive discounts. Moreover, a white glove shopping concierge is also included to handle everything from ordering to tracking and delivery.

Top interior decorator in Tucson - Berkeley H
Interior design in Tucson, AZ, by Decorilla 

WHAT WE LOVE: Not only is Decorilla convenient, but the team of top Tucson interior designers can also cater to any design style. Love their work? Then get started with your dream home today! 

Liz Ryan Design 

Liz Ryan interior design Tucson

Making each environment as distinctive as its inhabitant, Liz Ryan knows how to craft a home full of depth, character, and experience. She specializes in interior design that’s true to its owner and its setting in Tucson, Arizona. These range from contemporary, traditional, eclectic, and ethnic. As a result, whatever the style, interiors by Liz are made for living life to the full. 

Liz Ryan interior design Tucson AZ

WHAT WE LOVE: How Liz blends traditional, eclectic, and native elements to form unique interiors, perfect for their location. It’s no wonder she’s one of the favorite Houzz interior designers in Tucson. 

Eva Murzaite

Eva Murzaite - Houzz interior designers Tucson

With experience in commercial architecture and residential design, Eva Murzaite takes on various projects – from restaurants to quirky lofts. Her Lithuanian background and travels bring a lush glam air to her creations. What’s more, Eva also loves historical buildings and highlighting architectural features through design.

Eva Murzaite interior designers tucson

WHAT WE LOVE: Eva’s expression of color and textile in her concepts. The result is opulent, eclectic but refined interior design in Tucson. 

Linda Robinson

Linda Robinson - interior design in Tucson AZ

Dubbed “Master of the South West” by Phoenix Home & Garden magazine, Linda Robinson certainly has a memorable style. This top interior decorator in Tucson and her team are passionate about using reclaimed, organic, and native materials. The result is comfy spaces rich in details and in harmony with their environment. 

Linda Robinson living room interior design Tucson

WHAT WE LOVE: That each space reflects her “sophisticated southwest” aesthetic. 

Cindy Toth

Interior decorator Cindy Toth in Tucson

With over twenty years behind her design firm, Cindy Toth strives to calm the chaos in her clients’ lives through design. She does this through practical touches. Her appreciation for construction and sound design comes from growing up in a builder’s family. Thanks to this and her commitment to service, Cindy’s earned the reputation for a high-quality and cost-effective design. In addition to interior design, Cindy specializes in perfecting window treatments. 

Cindy Toth interior design Tucson

WHAT WE LOVE: Cindy’s classic approach to interior design in Tucson. In the end, her rooms are balanced with a free-flowing layout and design details. 

Kimberly Coffman 

Kimberly Coffman - interior design Tucson AZ

Interiors by Fine Art Interiors are big, bold, and beautiful. As the head of the firm, Kimberly Coffman leads her team to take care of her clients’ aesthetic and practical needs. They work toward solving design challenges as well as maximizing a home’s space and providing custom storage solutions. As a result, the homes are seamless, lavish and depict the sandy environment.   

Find an interior designer in Tucson - Kimberly Coffman

WHAT WE LOVE: Kimberly’s ability to mimic the outdoors through layering colors in furniture and décor. She is certainly a top interior decorator in Tucson.

Lloyd J. Griffin 

Find an interior designer -Lloyd Griffin

Lloyd J. Griffin is the creative and construction specialist of his firm, Dorado Designs. He’s an industry expert due to his practical experience in designing and building complicated homes. Not only does his design-build studio perfect interiors, but it also ensures the structure is exceptional. 

Interior design Tucson - Lloyd Griffin

WHAT WE LOVE: The cohesive look of Lloyd’s interiors that are beautifully designed from top to bottom thanks to the team’s combined expertise.

Andrea Wachs

Glam interior design Tucson AZ - Andrea Wachs

As one of the top Tucson interior designers, Andrea Wachs merges her knowledge of art history with travel experience. The resulting interiors balance old and new to evoke a sense of sentimental beauty. Some are romantic and others are made for family, but every space inspires a life of appreciation.

Interior design Tucson - Andrea Wachs

WHAT WE LOVE: Andrea’s global influences come through with an artistic touch and ultimate comfort. 

Lori Carroll 

Houzz interior designers Tucson - Lori Carroll

Lori Carroll & Associates creates outstanding spaces for residential, commercial, and hospitality clients. This designer and her team can deliver ultra-modern or rustic interiors – whichever look the project calls for. Whatever the style, Lori draws inspiration from the sun-drenched deserts and the Arizona lifestyle. She’s a top interior decorator in Tucson because of her radiating originality above all else. 

Interior design Tucson AZ - Lori Caroll

WHAT WE LOVE: Lori’s enthusiasm and energy show in her designs. These spaces are lively and overflowing with visual interests. She excels in creating happy homes. 

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[Feature image: Linda Robinson Designs]

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