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Pasadena is a homeowner’s paradise especially for those who appreciate good design. This is because the Crown City holds exceptional interior designers capable of making any space look gorgeous. So, read on to take a look at some of the best Pasadena interior designers and decorators locals love to work with!

Interior Design in Pasadena

Lori Dennis - interior designer near me
Patio and lounge by Decorilla Pasadena interior designer

Pasadena has a long history of promoting the arts and supporting artists. While the city boasts exquisite artwork, it also has historic buildings and delightful interiors. These aspects create both lovely and livable spaces. Interior designers in Pasadena, CA, also make the most of the town’s family-orientated ethos. As such, there is no shortage of immaculate family homes. 

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Best Pasadena Interior Designers & Decorators

Interior Decorator in Pasadena CA - Lori D
Interior design in Pasadena, CA, by Decorilla

The best interior designers in Pasadena, California, are highly rated. They hone their skills to create spaces that invite and inspire. The reason lies in how designers consider every detail and supply unique solutions for any project challenge. Just search “interior designers near me” in the Pasadena area, and you’ll certainly find an answer to your taste and budget!

Samantha Williams

Pasadena interior designers - Samantha Williams

As an admirer of historic buildings and classic design, Samantha Williams refreshes interiors. She’s an experienced Pasadena interior designer with an individual approach to design. This is evident in the beautiful interiors Samantha creates. In design, she combines her artistic eye with her academic foundation. For this reason, her clients love spending time in Samantha’s creations.

Interior Design Pasadena - Samantha Williams

WHAT WE LOVE: Samantha’s down-to-earth character. Her personality flows into all project details because of her client-centered attitude. For this reason, she’s a well-loved interior decorator in Pasadena, CA.

Meric Gurani Say

Interior designers in Pasadena CA - Meric S

Having worked on many projects in the Pasadena area, Meric Gurani Say knows the Californian aesthetic by heart. Additionally, she takes great care in understanding her client’s needs and preferences. That’s why Meric can tailor stylish interiors to their owners. Cultural themes also play a large part in her designs. The outcome is equally refined and eclectic.

Interior designers near you - Meric S
Contemporary living room by Decorilla Pasadena interior designer, Meric S.

Meric traveled extensively throughout Europe as a student. Ever since European architecture has been inspiring her designs. This exposure also taught Meric about cultural diversity in the built environment. Moreover, she can pinpoint what a client needs regarding cultural style.  

Interior design in Pasadena - Meric S
Open concept by Decorilla interior decorator, Pasadena CA, Meric S.

WHAT WE LOVE: Meric’s travels as a student led her to embrace different interior design styles and cultures. If you like an interior with a global flare, she might be the creative you’re looking for – start a project with her today! 

Amy Peltier

Interior design Pasadena - Amy Peltier

With over a decade in the industry, Amy Peltier has come to specialize in residential design. Her projects display the skillful execution of contemporary designs without fail. These designs also meet all the needs of her client’s unique lifestyles. They’re undeniably classic, modern, and fresh. Moreover, Amy is devoted to bring her uplifting aesthetic and create character-rich environments. 

Interior decorator Pasadena CA - Amy Peltier

WHAT WE LOVE:  In 2018, the vote for the best interior designers in Pasadena, CA, went to Amy and her team.

Courtney Thomas

Interior designers in Pasadena CA - Courtney Thomas

Known for spaces that exude tranquillity, Courtney Thomas believes in balance and symmetry. What’s more, Courtney balances her love for architecture and people with the art of interior design. She believes that it connects her two favorite elements. By creating intimate spaces, Courtney counteracts the chaos of daily life.

Interior design in Pasadena - Courtney Thomas

WHAT WE LOVE: With a mother as a designer, Courtney has interior design in her blood! And for this reason, her innate ability drives her to create beautiful spaces wherever she goes.

Lori Dennis

Best interior designers near me - Lori Dennis

As an award-winning interior designer, Lori Dennis has been featured in numerous publications. Plus, her expertise ranges from designing residential to commercial spaces. She is also known for her attention to detail and ability to create stunning results within any budget.

Interior designers near me - Lori Dennis
Coastal lounge in Pasadena by Decorilla decorator, Lori D.

Classic, clean, and relaxed, her interiors gently implore relaxed living. Equally important, Lori believes each client should have their unique take on interior style. As one of the top Pasadena interior designers, Lori is a vetted expert ready to make spaces beautiful. 

Interior decorator in Pasadena CA - Lori Dennis
Transitional home by Decorilla interior designer in Pasadena, CA, Lori D.

WHAT WE LOVE: Lori’s motto – invest in quality, and you’ll only pay once! – rings true. Her thoughtful designs stay relevant and unscathed for years to come. So, if you’re looking for quality, why not start a project with Lori today? 

Gail E. Jamentz

Pasadena interior designers - Gail E Jamentz

“Beautiful” and “functional” encapsulate Gail E. Jametz’s style. Apart from this, she believes that good design should be accessible to everyone. Her pleasure in the field comes from seeing clients’ joy and happiness – especially when they walk into their newly converted interior. 

Interior decorator Pasadena CA - Gail E Jamentz

WHAT WE LOVE: Gail named her design firm “Soul” as an ode to the essence of every individual’s character.

Jeanne K Chung

Interior designers near you - Jeanne K Chung

Interior design in Pasadena is lush and memorable because of creatives like Jeanne K Chung. In balancing classical design with trendy twists, she forms heartfelt and inviting spaces. Due to her vast knowledge of historical styles, she can easily merge vintage with modern elements. 

Interior design in Pasadena - Jeanne K Chung

WHAT WE LOVE: Her commitment to honing her interior design eye. She fosters her skills by visiting galleries, museums, and trade shows. 

Nicole Michael

Interior design in Pasadena - Nicole Michael

Contemporary and feminine interiors are Nicole Michael’s specialty. Her customized approach to design results in the most covetable of rooms. She is passionate about helping her clients fall in love with their homes and feel proud of their spaces. Along with a background in construction, she adds practicality to her distinguished aesthetic. 

Pasadena interior designers - Nicole Michael

WHAT WE LOVE: Her cum laude graduation from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She certainly has a knack for fostering practicality and beauty as a result.  

Cynthia Lambakis

Interior decorator in Pasadena CA - Cynthia Lambakis

High-end interior designer, Cynthia Lambakis, specializes in classic homes in Pasadena. She aims to create spaces that are special to each individual. To this end, she uses various opulent styles and texture-rich materials. Moreover, she layers patterns and warming hues to capture an interior’s essence. It’s no wonder Cynthia’s work has been featured in numerous publications and won many awards. 

Pasadena interior designers - Cynthia Lambakis

WHAT WE LOVE: Her vast education and widespread travel inspire Cynthia’s interiors. They are well known for this reason! 

James Hernandez

Interior design Pasadena - James Hernadez

Last but not least, James Hernandez is a highly sought-after interior designer. The reason behind his fame is his design depth and detail. In addition, his dedication to his craft drives the ability to create beautiful and livable spaces. Owing to his unforgettable creations, James is the interior designer behind many celebrity houses. 

Interior design in Pasadena - James Hernandez

WHAT WE LOVE: James’ work blends modern with traditional styles into one interconnected vision. 

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[Feature image: Williams Interiors]

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