Top Manhattan interior designers near me

New York’s best-known borough draws people in and fuels them to pursue their dreams. It’s only fitting that their interiors are as equally thoughtful and ambitious. Decorilla is fortunate enough to have a few of the creatives behind these designs among our team, so here are the top Manhattan interior decorators and designers near you!

Manhattan Interior Design

Interior decorator in Manhattan - Kristina B
Studio apartment by a top Decorilla interior decorator in Manhattan

Although many Manhattan apartments have limited space, local interior designers know how to get the most out of it. In fact, they can make even the tiniest of apartments seem spacious. It’s all thanks to their boundless creativity and innovative interior design ideas.

Also, designers recommend shopping from the best NYC furniture stores, where décor is clever, stylish, and caters to interiors of all sizes. What one can easily say about the most popular examples of Manhattan is that they:

  • Leave a lasting visual impression
  • Remain highly functional
  • Combines city sophistication with urban chic

Best Manhattan Interior Designers

Manhattan interior designers - Hoang N
Manhattan interior design by Decorilla designer, Hoang N.

The interior designers in Manhattan are just as diverse as the people living in the borough and some of the most talented among NYC interior designers across the city. Whatever your specific ideas, needs, or budget, there’s a top interior decorator in Manhattan who can create the space of your wildest dreams.

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Glenn Gissler

Manahttan interior designer - Glenn Gissler

Glenn Gissler of Glenn Gissler Design is passionate about creating livable yet elegant spaces. When working with him, clients can look forward to a stress-free project. As one of the highly-rated Houzz interior designers of Manhattan, his portfolio is full of airy, comfy, and attractive interiors.

Houzz interior designers Manhattan - Glenn

WHAT WE LOVE: How Glenn still sees himself as an interior design student. Even with decades of experience, he continues to enrich his mind and learn more about his craft.

Susan Winberg

Interior designers near me - Susan Winberg

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Susan Winberg has worked on a wide range of projects. During her career, she’s designed interiors for apartments, estates, and family homes – not only in New York but also abroad. She is a top interior decorator in Manhattan, well-known for creating distinct and inviting interiors. Her designs complement her clients’ personalities and lifestyles perfectly.

Top Manhattan interior designers - Susan W
Bathroom by one of the top Decorilla Manhattan interior designers, Susan W.

Susan turns to art, books, and her travel experiences for inspiration. She also makes a point of staying on top of the latest interior design developments and trends. That’s because she finds it rewarding to incorporate new ideas into her projects.

Interior designers near me - Susan W
Manhattan interior design hallway lined with bookshelves by Decorilla designer Susan W.

WHAT WE LOVE: How Susan gives her all during every part of the design process. She loves meeting clients and learning more about them to create breathtaking interiors they’ll enjoy for years to come. Love her work? Start a project with her today!

Betty Wasserman

Top Manhattan interior designers - Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman is, without a doubt, one of the very best Manhattan interior designers. Back in 1996, she founded Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors and has been designing warm, minimalist spaces ever since. Besides offering her services to New Yorkers, Betty is active in the Hamptons too. Her loft and beach house interiors are especially noteworthy.

Top interior decorator in Manhattan - Betty Wasserman

WHAT WE LOVE: The fact that Betty designs custom furniture and often uses it in her interiors.

Kati Curtis

Houzz interior designers Manhattan - Kati Curtis

2005 was the start of something great. That’s when Kati Curtis founded her full-service Manhattan interior design firm. She’s been turning out sophisticated spaces from Kati Curtis Design ever since. As she’s an avid traveler, Kati specializes in creating classic interiors with a touch of international flair. All the textures, patterns, and colors she sees during her adventures certainly influence her work.

Best Manhattan interior designers - Kati Curtis

WHAT WE LOVE: Kati makes the sustainability of her interior designs a top priority.

Lorenzo Cota

Top Manhattan interior designers - Lorenzo Cota

When designing interiors, Lorenzo Cota strives to deliver warm, welcoming results. He’s the best interior decorator in Manhattan when it comes to natural elements indoors. In fact, his use of greenery, stone, and wood throughout spaces is simply inspiring!

Best interior decorator in Manhattan - Lorenzo C
Kitchen by a top Decorilla interior decorator in Manhattan, Lorenzo Cota

Besides drawing inspiration from nature, Lorenzo looks to architecture, textiles, and artisanal handiwork. All these things, as well as his clients’ excitement, fuel his imagination. It pushes him to create world-class, personalized interiors.

Manhattan interior design - Lorenzo C
Manhattan interior design living room by Decorilla designer, Lorenzo C.

WHAT WE LOVE: His belief that successful and affordable interiors are possible with clear design direction. 

Charli Hantman

Top interior decorator in Manhattan - Charli Hantman

There’s no doubt that Charli Hantman is a talented designer. In fact, the owner of August Black Interior Design has worked with several celebrity clients. Among her peers in the Manhattan interior design community, she’s known for both her edgy and timeless designs.

Manhattan interior designers - Charli

WHAT WE LOVE: How Charli re-imagines what interior design can be with every project.

Darci Hether

Interior designers near me - Darci Hether

Darci Hether of Darci Hether New York makes it her mission to design interiors that wrap clients in a warm embrace when returning home after a long day. She ensures every space she creates reflects their journeys and experiences. Her interiors give clients a confidence boost while also putting them at ease.

Top Manhattan interior designers - Darci

WHAT WE LOVE: Darci is not only a top interior decorator in Manhattan but around the globe.

Bradley Stephens

Manhattan interior design - Bradley Stephens

If you need a durable, timeless, and functional space, then look no further than Bradley Stephens. After starting the Stephens Design Group in 2003, he quickly became one of the best Manhattan interior designers in the business. He values his clients’ uniqueness above all and never forces his signature style on them. Ultimately, he wants to create interiors inspired by their aspirations and history.

Top interior decorator Manhattan - Bradley

WHAT WE LOVE: Bradley gets deeply involved in every design project – from concept creation up until the final reveal.

David Kaplan

Best interior decorator in Manhattan - David Kaplan

David Kaplan is a top interior decorator in Manhattan who founded David Kaplan Interior Design LLC in 2000. Since then, he’s been offering clients commercial, residential, and garden design services. His portfolio features successful projects in destinations beyond New York, including the Caribbean.

Houzz interior designers in Manhattan - David

WHAT WE LOVE: How David balances contemporary and timeless classic elements in his designs. It’s no wonder that he’s among the best-rated Houzz interior designers in Manhattan.

Damon Liss

Manhattan interior design - Damon Liss

Good communication with clients is everything to Damon Liss, one of the top Manhattan interior designers. Damon and his team listen closely and stick to their client’s budget, style, and timeline every time. Because of their integrity, they’re seen as a warm, highly-credible firm that always delivers on their client’s wishes.

Manhattan interior design - Damon

WHAT WE LOVE: The amount of return business and referrals Damon Liss Design gets is a testament to their talent.

Wondering which Manhattan interior designer is right for you?

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