Top 10 Brooklyn interior designers near you

Places like Brooklyn draw people in naturally. In fact, New York’s most populated region attracts individuals from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to express themselves. And this is certainly clear from the way locals decorate their homes. Join us as we look at the best Brooklyn interior designers and how they add charm to their diverse borough.

Interior Design Brooklyn

Best Brooklyn interior designers - Mladen C
Contemporary living room by one of Decorilla’s best Brooklyn interior designers

Brooklyn truly is remarkable. From the iconic brownstones of Park Slope to the quaint Victorians of Ditmas Park – every Brooklynite belongs. Because it’s such a melting pot of diversity, interior design in Brooklyn is equally unique.

Top Brooklyn interior designers are so talented some feature among the top NYC interior designers as well. That is why locals flock to work with them. They know these talented designers have what it takes to create the ultimate designer home interior.

The Best Brooklyn Interior Designers

best brooklyn interior designers veronica y
Moody open living interior design in Brooklyn by Decorilla

Brooklyn’s best interior decorating talent can do so much more than give you advice on how to layer a bed like a designer! They can and will transform any interior into the space of a client’s wildest dreams. The best part is that these designers cater to a range of budgets, project types, and styles. There is, indeed, a top interior decorator in Brooklyn for everyone. 

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Jennifer Morris

Houzz interior designers Brooklyn - Jennifer Morris

A true visionary, Jennifer Morris brings experience and passion to her role. As the principal designer of JMorris Design, she’s committed to quality. Her keen eye for detail has gained her recognition among the award-winning Best of Houzz interior designers in Brooklyn. She caters to high-end residences, as well as offices and restaurants.

Interior design Brooklyn - Jennifer Morris

WHAT WE LOVE: Jennifer’s artistic use of color throughout her designs. These bright pops uplift neutral and soft interiors. 

Joyce Tranchida

Affordable interior design in Brooklyn - Joyce Tranchida

Interior design trends may come and go but what makes you happy is forever. Joyce Tranchida is a firm believer that people should inhabit spaces that make them feel great – regardless of trends. Her refreshing attitude cements Joyce’s spot as a top interior decorator in Brooklyn. She is also passionate about eco-friendly interior design and sees it as the future norm.

top interior design Brooklyn - Joyce T
Contemporary kitchen by top Decorilla interior decorator in Brooklyn, Joyce Tranchida

Joyce’s international influence sets her designs apart, to the delight of her clients. Although she’s skilled at decorating spaces of all sizes, her specialty is small interiors. Joyce never fails to conjure a design solution that is equally functional and beautiful. Joyce also happens to offer among the most affordable and accessible interior design services in Brooklyn.

Top interior designers in Brooklyn - Joyce T
Penthouse living room by one of the best Decorilla interior designers in Brooklyn, Joyce Tranchida

WHAT WE LOVE: How Joyce never backs down from a challenge. She loves designing interiors around unique and unusual architectural features. Love her style? You can start a project with her today! 

Alicia Hassen

Interior design near me - Alicia Hassen

Alicia Hassen is the founder of Brooklinteriors. She offers interior design services with a difference. As principal designer, her focus goes beyond creating stunning interiors for clients. She also aims to give back to her community. She is a huge supporter of local small businesses, artists, and designers. Alicia always seeks to source pieces from them before considering alternatives. It’s no wonder she’s in charge of one of the most in-demand Brooklyn interior design firms.

Interior design Brooklyn - Alicia

WHAT WE LOVE: Alicia’s ability to design elegant, personalized interiors using old and new elements.

Zimmerman Workshop

Brooklyn interior design firms - Zimmerman Workshop

Sofia and Adam Zimmerman are the husband and wife duo behind Zimmerman Workshop. They’ve been running their firm since 2010. The couple is well-known for more than being some of the best Brooklyn interior designers too. They’re also known for combining clever, precise designs with outstanding service. It’s safe to say they specialize in creating memorable spaces.

Top interior decorator Brooklyn - Zimmerman Workshop

WHAT WE LOVE: The Zimmermans create bespoke furniture as well. The award-winning collection, Ot/tra, often features in their curated projects. 

Sara Mosele

Interior design near me in Brooklyn - Sara Mosele

It’s not just because she has over two decades of experience that Sara Mosele is among the best interior designers Brooklyn has to offer. Her hands-on approach also puts clients at ease. She’s actively involved in every project – from the beginning until the very end. Clients can relax when working with Sara since she’ll ensure their visions not only get brought to life but exceed expectations.

Best interior decorator Brooklyn - Sara M
Eclectic living room top Decorilla interior decorator in Brooklyn, by Sara Mosele

To Sara, every interior is a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities. She closely and continuously collaborates with her clients throughout the process. Due to this strategy, the outcome is always a space that completely represents who and what the clients are.

Affordable interior design Brooklyn - Sara M
Black and white bathrooms by one of the best Decorilla Brooklyn interior designers, Sara Mosele

WHAT WE LOVE: Sara’s diverse, experimental view of the world and how it influences her work. She loves taking on new jobs and can start a project right now!

Keren & Thomas Richter

Brooklyn interior design firms - White Arrow

White Arrow is the creative brainchild of husband and wife, Keren and Thomas Richter. It’s safe to say that interior design in Brooklyn wouldn’t be the same without them. They recognize that great designs take time and since they deliver phenomenal work, their clients don’t mind one bit. Attention to detail is absolutely their strong point. It only takes one glance at their interiors, as well as their custom cabinetry and furniture, to see their expertise shine through.

Best interior designers Brooklyn - White Arrow

WHAT WE LOVE: How White Arrow gives as much attention to the small details as the imposing architectural features.


Top interior decorator Brooklyn - Workstead

With more than one top interior decorator in Brooklyn and Hudson, Workstead has gained a reputation as one of the best design studios in New York. Working with this team ensures unique results. It’s due to their grand vision and desire to get everything right – down to the tiniest details. Not only do they specialize in interior design but building as well. This makes them perfect for new build projects, from start to finish. 

Best interior designers in Brooklyn -Workstead

WHAT WE LOVE: Workstead’s size and reach allow them to serve the greater Brooklyn and Hudson areas. Plus, their timeless vintage aesthetic is ultra covetable.

Jarret Yoshida

interior design Brooklyn - Jarret Yoshida

Jarret Yoshida is among the Best of Houzz interior designers in Brooklyn because of his work’s graceful cosmopolitan flair. He’s been the driving force behind Jarret Yoshida Interior Design since 2002 and has worked with clients from around the world. There is no project too big for Jarret as he’s taken on jobs like designing a resort complex of 700 units!

Brooklyn interior design firms - Jarret

WHAT WE LOVE: Jarret’s talent for creating spaces with great flow that promote both comfort and productivity.

Danielle Fennoy

best interior designers Brooklyn - Danielle Fennoy

Thanks to her extensive knowledge of international design, Danielle Fennoy brings a lot of creativity to the table. She founded Revamp Interior Design in 2008 and has successfully met client goals ever since. Her goal is to expose every space’s hidden beauty with her adventurous yet practical designs.

Brooklyn interior design firms - Danielle

WHAT WE LOVE: How Danielle honors interior design in Brooklyn. She breathes new life into spaces without removing any character.

Christine Stucker and James Veal

interior decorator and design firm Brooklyn - Stewart-Schafer

Stewart-Schafer’s Christine Stucker and James Veal have 20 years of experience in interior design. These seasoned co-principals take special care with every project. They go the extra mile to understand their clients’ needs and don’t stop collaborating until they get the desired result. Although affordable interior design in Brooklyn is rare, their studio offers great value.

Interior designers near me - Stewart-Schafer

WHAT WE LOVE: Christine and James’ striking use of light throughout their design projects.

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