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Richmond, VA, is among America’s oldest cities, giving way to a burgeoning interior design scene. Among its charming blend of countryside homes and urban neighborhoods, the design talent is evident. And while Decorilla is lucking enough to work with a few of these designers we also love to keep an eye out for other rising stars. Read on as we present the top Richmond VA interior designers and decorators that might be just what you are looking for!

Sara Hillery

Top Richmond VA interior designers Sara Hillery

Sara Hillery is one of the top Richmond VA interior designers, specialized in providing the full range of services from concepts and renderings to project management and execution. She combines fine and rare elements with utilitarian efficiency, creating spaces that are highly functional, and aesthetically valuable above all. Consequently, her signature stamp lies in the well-executed, timeless architectural design with a perfect balance of form and function.

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Find an interior designer Sara Hillery

WHAT WE LOVE: Perfect scaling and a keen eye for art.

Decorilla Interior Designers Richmond VA

One of the best Portland Maine interior design firms near me

What to do when trying to find an interior designer in the area, but no one seems to fit?  Choose a service such as Decorilla, where you begin each project with two interior designers and get to choose who to continue the project with!  Moreover, a user-friendly platform allows you to enjoy the full design service from the comfort of your home, when and how it suits you the most, for a fraction of a standard price. As a result, they’re the most affordable Richmond interior designers among the list.

Decorilla Richmond interior design Kelli E
Decorilla traditional living room in Richmond interior design

Decorilla offers flat-rate packages to their clients. As we mentioned, they connect you with two designers, rather than one, so that you can easily find the ideal match in budget and style. Secondly, you get the chance to visualize the concept through 3D photorealistic renderings. And that’s not all – your chosen designer will also complete the final package with expert tips and implementation guides. In addition, your personalized shopping list features exclusive discounts, and a complimentary shopping concierge who will take care of all the details from ordering, to tracking, and delivery.

Decorilla top Richmond interior designers Nikki Z
Contemporary living room by Decorilla top Richmond interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: The chance to find an interior designer who can turn your vision into reality in the most convenient manner. Love their work? Then, get started with Decorilla today!

Catherine Jordan

Richmond interior design Catherine Jordan

After earning a BA in Interior Design, Catherine Jordan worked with top designers in Washington. With a former career background in accounting and business management, she felt confident enough to establish her own design firm. Needless to say, the step was certainly right. Catherine’s scope of services includes the unique blend of creative design and project management, making the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible. As a result, it is no surprise that you’ll find all 5-star rating under her name on Houzz interior designers Richmond.

Top Richmond VA interior designers Catherine Jordan

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless elegance with unique vibes.

Courtney Ludeman

Richmond interior design Courtney Ludeman

Courtney Ludeman belongs to the few top Richmond interior designers with a contractor license. Being not only a designer but a builder, too, she offers her clients unique insights into every detail. From a vision to realization, Courtney guides them through the design process, procurement, and construction. In addition, she provides versatile solutions to every challenge along the way.

Richmond interior design Courtney Ludeman

WHAT WE LOVE: Perpetual charm of classics, enhanced with bold detailing.

Nicole Rutledge

Top interior decorator Richmond VA Nicole Ruthledge

Nicole Rutledge received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. With over ten years of extensive experience in both commercial and residential design, she offers her clients reliable services, tailored to their needs, budget, and taste. Nicole takes inspiration from the environment and transfers it into livable simplicity. As a result, her signature stamp is the inherently natural flair, fresh and airy spaces dedicated to a healthy and quality lifestyle.

Find an interior designer Nicole Rutledge

WHAT WE LOVE: Personalized minimalism spiced up with joie de vivre.

Janie Molster

Top interior decorator Richmond VA Janie Molster

Janie Molster is well-known in the Richmond interior design scene, with over 25 years of experience transforming private and public spaces. Her portfolio comprises diverse projects, ranging from family homes to boutique hotels, retail areas, and restaurants. Janie approaches every client with personalized “outside the box” methodology, focusing on the original ideas and how to maximize them. Her idea of an ideal room is one that can naturally evolve over time, above all.

Top Richmond VA interior designers Janie Molster

WHAT WE LOVE: The profound use of color and blending antique with contemporary.

Kelly Brown

Find an interior designer Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown paved her way learning from prominent high-end residential designers in West Hollywood, before establishing her own studio in 2009. She is devoted to making notable changes in the Richmond interior design scene by “transforming aesthetic landscape, one red dining room at a time.” Kelly’s design philosophy is simple and based on finding the best way to put her client’s aspirations into functional and visually coherent compositions. Furthermore, she’s also highly rated among Houzz interior designers in Richmond.

Houzz interior designers Richmond Kelly Brown

WHAT WE LOVE: Clean lines, airy spaces, and strong accents above all.

Leah Dodge

Find an interior designer Leah Dodge

Leah Dodge’s creative path has roots in her childhood, including drawing and sewing. Participating in building her family’s home at the age of nine, she developed a strong passion for the design process. As a result, today she is half of the dynamic duo behind the Decorum studio. Leah’s project scope includes everything from repurposing existing pieces to supervising new construction.

Top interior decorator Richmond VA Leah Dodge

WHAT WE LOVE: Leah’s keen eye for detail and fabric selection.

Susan Jamieson

Top Richmond VA interior designers Susan Jamieson

Susan Jamieson is a top interior decorator in Richmond VA, and also a founder of the award-winning design, wallpaper, paint, and home furnishings brand, Bridget Beari®. She is renowned for her ability to create meticulously layered, cozy yet refined spaces, reflecting each client’s personality and lifestyle. Susan also draws inspiration from her travels and experiences, translating them into custom paints, wallpapers, and interior compositions.

Top Richmond interior designers Susan Jamieson

WHAT WE LOVE: The delicate balance of color and texture, functional furnishing and sophisticated art.

Jamie Ivey

Find an interior designer Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey is the creative force behind Ivey Design Group‘s projects. With her experience, creative and analytical skills, she sets the “voice” and aesthetic signature for all of her studio’s designs. Jamie possesses degrees in industrial engineering and interior design, which helps her navigate substantial commercial projects. In addition, for over a decade she has been fashioning some of the most luxurious yachts and residences in the broader mid-Atlantic area, leaving her recognizable mark of sophisticated taste and unique solutions.

Richmond interior design Jamie Ivey

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophisticated, inviting spaces with dynamic visual interest.

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