Top Boulder interior designers near me

Looking for an interior designer near you in one of the most beautiful American states? Aside from breathtaking scenery, Boulder also features stunning architecture and interiors. Read on to discover the top Boulder interior designers and decorators creating spaces that rival outdoor beauty.

About Boulder Architecture & Interior Design Help

Best Boulder interior designers - Dina H
Lounge by one of Decorilla’s best Boulder interior designers

Boulder’s buildings come in many distinct styles, although specific looks appear more often than others. Victorian, American Craftsman, ranch, and mountain architecture are among the most prominent.

One thing interiors in the area have in common is reverence for the surroundings. Simply admire the local balcony decoration and design ideas, and you’ll know this to be true. The top Boulder interior design firms are particularly skilled at creating transitional spaces. Such environments blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors.

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Top Boulder interior designers - Drew F
Contemporary balcony by Decorilla – one of the top Boulder interior design firms

And speaking of interiors, discerning residents want the inside of their home to match the region’s beauty and suit their lifestyle. Thankfully, there are many talented interior designers in Boulder, Colorado, to consider.

Best Boulder Interior Designers & Decorators

Top Boulder interior designers - Casey H
Rustic modern bedroom by a Decorilla Boulder interior decorator

Locals who want to spruce up their abodes are spoilt for choice since there’s an ideal Boulder interior decorator for everyone. These designers and firms have experience with all kinds of interiors and styles, from new builds to before and after luxury vacation rental interior design, and more.

Kari Whitman

Boulder interior design firms - Kari Whitman

A-listers flock to Kari Whitman’s high-end interior design firm. Her signature eclectic eco and pet-friendly spaces have led to her position as a top Boulder interior decorator. Kari’s extensive portfolio includes both residential and commercial projects.

Interior designers near me - Kari Whitman

WHAT WE LOVE: How Kari uses reclaimed pieces in her designs for an added sense of history and nostalgia.

Lauren Armstrong

Interior designers near you - Lauren A

Free-spirited Lauren Armstrong has no particular preference for any given style. Instead, she prefers to keep things fresh from one project to the next. However, her trademark bold details and smooth lines are ever-present.

Top Boulder interior designers - Lauren A
Modern living area by Decorilla’s Lauren A. – one of the best interior designers near you

Lauren’s confident nature and clear concepts make her a hit with clients. It’s also how she gained her reputation as one of the best Boulder interior designers. Lauren’s streamlined interior design process means the project will run smoothly from start to finish and result in a one-of-a-kind space.

Farmhouse breakfast nook – Decorilla interior design help provided by Lauren A.

WHAT WE LOVE: Apart from interior design, Lauren has experience in furniture design and photography. Both skills have enhanced her eye for detail, making her an even better designer. Lauren is always eager for a new design challenge – start a project with her today!

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Joe McGuire Design

Interior design help - Joe McGuire Design

Joe Maguire, together with Matthew Tenzin, are the duo behind one of the top Boulder interior design firms. They create chic spaces that exude a natural warmth and relaxed atmosphere. Their interiors promote the continued well-being and personal growth of the residents. Each room certainly feels as good as it looks.

Best Boulder interior designers - Joe McGuire Design

WHAT WE LOVE: Joe Maguire Design scours the globe for the finest craftspeople, artisans, and inspiration.

Emily Tucker

Boulder interior design firms - Emily Tucker

A practical yet beautiful home is essential to happiness. Emily Tucker Bernstein firmly believes this, and it shows in her designs. Since implementing diverse styles comes naturally, she focuses on room composition instead. Her use of pattern, color, and scale are always on point, making her a sought-after Boulder interior decorator.

Boulder interior decorator - Emily Tucker

WHAT WE LOVE: A refined style and deep respect for clients and their homes see Emily create happy, bespoke spaces time and again.

Elian Monjack

Interior design help - Elian Monjack

When top Boulder interior decorator, Elian Monjack, designs a space, she ensures it tells her client’s unique story. As she sees it, a room should reflect the client’s personality while fulfilling their needs too. It’s no wonder that clients consider her feel-good interiors their happy places.

Top Boulder interior designers near you - Elian Monjack
Eclectic bedroom by Decorilla’s Elian M. – one of the best Boulder interior designers

When searching for inspiration, Elian looks to new furniture vendors and artwork. She finds the passion craftspeople have for their creations contagious. And the feeling she gets when admiring art reminds her of the emotions she wants to stir in her clients.

Interior designers near me - Elian Monjack
Contemporary living room by a top Boulder interior decorator – Decorilla’s Elian M.

WHAT WE LOVE: Elian’s talent for creating nourishing spaces that boost residents’ energy and joy. There is no doubt that her interiors are full of verve. Plus, she offers some of the most affordable interior design in Boulder. With Elian’s help, you can transform your space in no time. 

Margarita Bravo

Interior designers near you - Margarita Bravo

Client ambition meets creative execution in any space designed by Margarita Bravo. She runs one of the best Boulder interior design firms due to her everlasting style and a strong commitment to customer experience. Aside from being a joy to work with, she consistently delivers cozy yet luxurious results.

Boulder interior design firms - Margarita Bravo

WHAT WE LOVE: Unlike many chief creative officers, Margarita is actively involved in clients’ projects from the start.

Kate Kimball Van Sluyter

Boulder interior design firms - Kate Kimball van Sluyter

If intentional, modern spaces that pay homage to residents and scenery are what you love, then Kate Kimball Van Sluyter is the designer for you. She’s the proud owner of one of the most in-demand Boulder interior design firms, Kimball Modern. Clients especially adore her use of high-quality, natural materials in designs.

Interior designers near me - Kate Kimball

WHAT WE LOVE: How Kate gives her designs unexpected twists, which lights up her clients’ faces upon reveal.

Anna Elyce Smith

Boulder interior decorator - Anna Elyce Smith

Cozy, earthy, and organic describe Boulder interior decorator Anna Elyce Smith’s style. As the principal designer of Annabode Interior Design, she strives to make spaces more meaningful. Her favorite projects involve older houses since they tend to have the best stories. She feels honored to be a part of their latest chapter.

Boulder interior design firms - Anna Elyce Smith

WHAT WE LOVE: Anna Elyce only sources socially and environmentally responsible goods for her projects.

Lindy Williams

Best Boulder interior designers - Lindy Williams

Lindy Williams is not only in charge of one of the best Boulder interior design firms but also a bespoke furniture business – Saltwolf. At the latter, she gets to produce her own pieces, further stimulating her creativity. Although her interiors are beautiful, her primary focus remains functionality.

Interior designers near you - Lindy

WHAT WE LOVE: How Lindy approaches her designs and life with a great sense of humor. After all, it leads to the happiest spaces.

Stephanie Waddell

Interior design help - Stephanie Waddell

Every room needs a story – that’s the attitude of the beloved decorator, Stephanie Waddell. When searching for ‘interior designers near me’ in Boulder, her name and that of her studio, Istoria Interior Design, will undoubtedly pop up. Today, she specializes in residential and commercial projects.

Boulder interior design firms - Stephanie Waddell

WHAT WE LOVE: Stephanie’s spaces are frequently praised for their emotive, meaningful, and humanistic nature.

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