Top Denver interior designers near me by Decorilla

Looking to transform your home with the best design talent in the Mile High City? Discover the top Denver interior designers near you who specialize in creating stylish and functional spaces. From urban lofts to mountain retreats, these designers know how to bring out the best in Denver living!

Interior Design Denver

Living room by top Denver interior designers from Decorilla
Living room by top Denver interior designers from Decorilla

Interior design in Denver uniquely blends the rugged beauty of the Rockies with urban sophistication. Designers in the city are adept at integrating natural elements like stone and wood into modern, functional spaces. Moreover, Denver interiors often feature open floor plans, large windows, and eco-friendly materials. This fusion of nature and design creates a harmonious living environment that’s both stylish and sustainable.

Top Denver Interior Designers

Denver interior design solutions by Decorilla
Denver interior design solutions by Decorilla

Searching for the best interior designers near you to elevate your living space? We’ve compiled a list of the top Denver interior designers who excel at transforming homes into stunning, personalized sanctuaries. Discover the masters of their craft who are setting the standard in the Mile High City.

Andrea Schumacher

Top Denver interior designers - Andrea Schumacher

With a range of talents from residential, commercial, and even set design, Andrea Schumacher Interiors brings it all to the table. From online interior design options to having their own real estate brokerage services, this trendy design studio will help create a timeless space that focuses on seamless beauty and function. Among other design awards, Andrea Schumacher Interiors has been named best of Houzz interior designers in Denver year after year since 2013.

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Dining room by interior decorator in Denver - Andrea Schumacher

WHAT WE LOVE: Andrea sits on the board of the Road to Hope Foundation, a non-profit focused on empowering communities in Haiti.

Lauren Armstrong

One of the top Denver interior designers - Lauren Armstrong

Whether your business needs an update or you’ve been vying for a new living room, top Denver interior designer Lauren Armstrong has experience with it all! When asked about her go-to style, she describes it as “Clean lines and strong details. I don’t like to be pinned down to one style, it’s much more exciting to change things up, but design is like creating a brand. Your concept should be clear, concise, and confident no matter what the inspiration. That’s how you create a room that’s unique to you yet also draws everyone in.”

top denver interior designers decorilla lauren a contemporary living room
Contemporary mezzanine apartment by Decorilla and top Denver interior designer, Lauren A.

One of Lauren’s favorite parts about the design process is the collaboration in the beginning of the project. In addition, she strives to collect inspiration, collaborate with her clients, and turn it into something new and beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together!

A gorgeous nursery by Decorilla's Denver interior decorator, Lauren A.
A gorgeous nursery by Decorilla‘s Denver interior decorator, Lauren A.

Being an online interior designer allows Lauren to work with clients all over the country. Her affordable online interior design packages entail perks such as a moodboard with furniture layout, photorealistic renderings, and detailed shopping lists (with discounts, too!).

Kitchen by one of the Denver interior designers near you - Lauren Armstrong
Kitchen design by Decorilla and local Denver interior designer, Lauren A.

WHAT WE LOVE: Lauren also has a passion for photography and furniture design! Love Lauren’s work? Get started with her today!

Jacky De La Guia 

Top Denver interior designer - Jacky de la Guia

Local Denver interior designer Jacky De La Guia focuses on residential designs that make her clients feel happy and comfortable. She wants them to get the most out of their design experiences so they can fully enjoy their functionally sophisticated spaces. As a result, she’s become a master at mixing styles that appeal to all tastes.

Modern yet timeless kitchen by Decorilla and top Denver interior designer, Jacky G.
Modern yet timeless kitchen by Decorilla and top Denver interior designer, Jacky G.

Jacky keeps a constant watch on interior design trends to use as inspiration in her design process. Her travels to major international cities are also a major source of creative ideas.

Stylish blue dining room by Decorilla and Denver interior decorator, Jacky G.
Stylish blue dining room by Decorilla‘s top Denver interior decorator, Jacky G.

If you’re looking for affordable interior design help be sure to give online interior design a thought! Being a part of the Decorilla creative team, Jacky is able to work with clients not only from the Denver area but from all over the nation!

Elegant living space by Decorilla and Denver interior decorator, Jacky G.
Elegant living space by Decorilla‘s Denver interior designer, Jacky G.

WHAT WE LOVE: Jacky’s versatility in mixing design styles! Get started with Jacky today!

Marina Dagenais

Top Denver interior designers - Marina Dagenais

“Design Matchmaker” and owner of Designer Premier, Marina Dagenais is known for her knack of pairing personalities to create the most mutually beneficial partnership possible. At Designer Premier, Marina and her team of design professionals are available at your fingertips offering creative talent at a luxury level that is bound to exceed your expectations. Whether you need a paint color consultation or a full kitchen remodel, Designer Premier will certainly make sure you are in the right hands to get the job done.

Interior decorator in Denver - Marina Dagenais

WHAT WE LOVE: Their trendy topics on their blog page!

Katie Schroder

Top Denver interior designers - Atelier

Atelier Interior Design is lucky enough to reside right in the heart of downtown Denver, neighbors with the Denver Art Museum, Atelier prides themselves in bring a global and colorful twist to all of their home designs. From initial concepts to purchasing furniture and accessories, Katie Schroder’s team offers it all. This talented team has been featured in Luxe Magazine, 5280 Home, after winning several interior design awards that ensured their rise to the top of Denver interior decorators and designers.

Kitchen by Denver interior designers in Atelier Interior Design - Katie Schroder

WHAT WE LOVE: The thoughtful and tasteful use of color in every space!

Laura Medicus 

Top Denver interior designers - Laura Medicus

This talented Denver interior designer loves her local clients, but she also loves her nationwide clients! Laura Medicus Interiors offers interior design help all the way from California to Maryland. Above all, she believes that the home is a place to tell the story of your life. She strives for each of her clients to achieve that feeling as an end result. In addition, kitchen design happens to be a particular niche of hers. For added inspiration she also has a great decorating blog to check out as well. Moreover, her robust experience and expertise make her one of the top Denver interior designers near you.


WHAT WE LOVE: She’s got the “Colorado vibe” down to a science!

Margarita Bravo 

Top Denver interior designer - Margarita Bravo

If you’re looking to hire an interior designer in Denver, Margarita Bravo is your go-to gal. She certainly puts a special emphasis on combining her clients’ ambitions and her own creativity. As a result, she offers the ultimate client experience paired with timeless designs that reflect her client’s personality. Margarita brings a strong educational background to the table with experiences in New York and Barcelona. Furthermore, her client-centric approach has led to Margarita becoming a frequently sought-after interior designer in the Denver, Colorado area.

Kitchen by a top interior designer and decorator in Denver CO - Margarita Bravo

WHAT WE LOVE: Margarita’s focus on capturing her client’s personality in every design.

Aneka Kerlin

Top Denver interior designers near me - Aneke Kerlin

Furthermore, in your search for interior designers Denver, Colorado don’t overlook this boutique design firm owned by Aneka Kerlin. Aneka Interiors is a team of designers who all offer a unique skill set but have one thing in common. They’ve certainly mastered mountain interior design. With over 20 years of design experience you can rest assured that you will receive a completed project that is on time, within budget, and makes you feel right at home. Also, be sure to check out their design blog for even more interior inspiration.

Living room by one of the best interior designers in Denver CO - Aneka Kerlin

WHAT WE LOVE: Their specialty of creating engaging interiors for aging adults!

Duet Design Group

Top interior designers - Duet Design Group

Devon Tobin is the friendly lead of Duet Design Group. With her 15+ years of design experience, Duet Design Group offers commercial, model home, and residential interior design services—to name a few. Above all, a feature that makes this Denver designer a top pick is the Duet Design Group Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to deliver interior-design services to nonprofits that create healing spaces for youth and families in need.. We agree: stunning interiors should be available for everyone! As a result, this mission and their stunning designs leave Duet Design Group highly rated among Houzz interior designers in Denver.

top denver interior designers duet design group living room

WHAT WE LOVE: Their dedication to the local Denver community!

Ashley Campbell

One of the top interior designers near you - Ashley Campbell

Offering a full plate of interior design services, Ashley Campbell, Inc. has made a name for itself among Denver interior decorators as a sustainable, distinctive option for affordable interior design. Ashley grew up in the interior design industry, so her passion runs deep. And you’ll hardly find any cookie-cutter designs here. They strive to make sure each and every client gets a look that is uniquely their own. On top of that, she gravitates toward styles that are current yet timeless.

Hire an interior designer near you in Denver - Ashley Campbell

WHAT WE LOVE: The timeless style all the projects reflect!

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