Top 10 Phoenix Interior Designers Near Me

Adobe seating area by top phoenix interior designers

Top Phoenix interior designers are certainly breaking barriers with contemporary styles that merge with regional influences. So much so, the resulting homes can make any interior-lover swoon. Not only are these local designers visionary, but they also offer something for every taste. Decorilla is lucky enough to have a few of these stars on our team, but we also love to keep an eye on other local interior design talent. Read on for the curated list of the must-see interior designers and decorators in Phoenix, AZ!

Claire Ownby 


Claire Ownby is one of the top interior decorators in Phoenix who is raising the bar constantly. She received her degree in design from Arizona State University followed by years of hustle. Most importantly, Claire’s apprenticeship with top commercial interior design firms in Phoenix helped her in refining her style. She has a modern minimalist aesthetic that can transform any space into a blissful retreat. 

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WHAT WE LOVE: Claire’s designs are luxurious! She skillfully uses materials to bring richness to her interior designs. 

Shasta Percival

top phoenix interior designer shasta percival

Shasta Percival finished her degree in interior design at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Soon after, she began her design career by working with top commercial designers in the country. Now, with years of experience behind her, Shasta’s designs adorn hotels, casinos, luxury bars, and private residences. 

Affordable interior design phoenix by Shasta P

Cozy and affordable interior design in Phoenix by Decorilla designer, Shasta P.

Shasta loves experimenting with layouts and textures to bring out an interior’s true essence. Her resulting designs are contemporary and comforting. What’s more, as an online designer, Shasta offers among the most affordable interior design in Phoenix. 

Affordable interior design phoenix by Shasta P

Scandinavian inspired living and dining by Decorilla and one of the top Phoenix interior designers, Shasta P.

WHAT WE LOVE: Sashta’s cohesive contemporary spaces that scream perfection. Not to mention her affordable design packages that fit all budgets. Get started with Shasta today!

Mackenzie Collier 

Top phoenix interior designers Mackenzie Collier

Mackenzie Collier is one of the most sought-after interior designers in Phoenix. Before pursuing interior design, she was a professional psychologist. This unique marriage of two professions has certainly helped her in creating such balanced spaces. When starting a design project, Mackenzie tries to understand the lives of her clients. As a result, her designs provide an all-encompassing pleasant user experience. This also helps to showcase her distinct design taste.

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affordable interior design phoenix by mackenzie collier

WHAT WE LOVE: Eclectic spaces filled with creative fixtures and fun furnishings. 

Chris Jovanelly 


It is safe to say that Chris Jovanelly is one of the most famous interior decorators in Phoenix. He believes that every person has an ideal vision of the space they want. Therefore, as an interior designer, he feels it is his responsibility to help clients actualize their dream homes. Throughout his design career, Chris has won multiple design awards, including three consecutive Houzz interior designers Phoenix awards – which is why he’s among the top interior designers in Phoenix, AZ.


WHAT WE LOVE: Chris likes to design modern spaces that have an eclectic personality and charm!

Linde Perelli

affordable interior design by Linde P

Linde Perelli has an eclectic interior design style that transforms any space into a charming abode. She draws inspiration from nature and loves to include vibrant colors. Linde is a talented designer who doesn’t shy away from daring shapes and unique outlines. 

Grey bedroom by one of the top affordable Phoenix interior designers

Light and bright bedroom design by a Decorilla interior designer, Linde P.

Starting her career as a visual merchandiser, Linde quickly learned that interior styling plays a key role in any space. Therefore, all her design projects have a cohesive mix of textures, colors, materials, and forms. Furthermore, she offers affordable interior design packages for every budget ensuring everyone can have a well styled home.

linde perille top phoenix interio decorator

Cheerful living room design by Decorilla decorator and top Phoenix interior designer, Linde P.

WHAT WE LOVE: Bold colors and bountiful textures make an undeniable statement. And with Linde’s suave designs, homes become a blend of sophistication and playfulness. 

Julia Otero


Julia Otero is one of the best Phoenix interior designers near you who loves curating thoughtful and soulful spaces for her clients. According to her, any apartment becomes a home when designed with care. She has an innate interest in her clients’ preferences and sculpts them into masterpieces with her artistic abilities. To create her bespoke designs, Julia likes to use modern materials, vegan alternatives, and timeless furniture pieces. Consequently, every completed project is energizing and inviting.

julia otero is among the top phoenix interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Her attention to detail is truly mesmerizing! From statement pieces to the smallest décor items, each element fits the room flawlessly. 

Judith Mahlin Carter 

top-interior-decorators-phoenix-judith-carter (1)

Judith Carter started her career as a visual artist who transformed spaces using her one-of-a-kind art objects. Soon she realized her design abilities can grow beyond one or two objects. Through this venture, she wanted to help people come one step closer to living in their dream homes. Her aim is not only to create beautiful homes, but also to give people a haven where they can feel like they belong.


WHAT WE LOVE: Her transitional design inclination and the creative process behind the unique and chic interiors.

Ellinor Ellefson


Ellinor Ellefson grew up in Stockholm and, once she was old enough, traveled throughout Europe to study art and history. These experiences and learning gave her a different perspective on design as well as a comprehensive understanding of art. As a result, the combination formed a strong foundation for her career. Now, she is one of the best Phoenix interior designers winning hearts with her inviting style. In addition she’s also one of the top rated Houzz interior designers Phoenix as a 6x best of Houzz recipient.


WHAT WE LOVE: Ellinor understands the power of beauty and aesthetics – and it shows! All her designs are an expertly crafted mix of functional and aesthetic.

Ernesto Garcia 


Ernesto Garcia is an award-winning designer and it’s easy to see why. After all, his exquisite eye for interiors and a degree in architecture give him an edge over other Phoenix interior designers. As a decade-long member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Ernesto has proven his skill in curating beautiful homes. So much so, that his designs have won over 15 awards, including first place in Residential and Furniture Design. Furthermore, his portfolio showcases a wide array of styles from chic contemporary to timeless traditional design.


WHAT WE LOVE: His interiors are lush, comforting, and sophisticated. In fact, his inviting interiors show just how to balance luxury with casual coziness. 

Anita Lang

Anita Lang is one of the best interior designers in Phoenix because her designs breathe luxury and creativity. Due to her vast experience, Anita can merge art and design to suit a project. And she certainly loves creating arty and livable spaces. Her designs often feature bespoke furniture to fit the room perfectly. In addition to working with private clients, she extended her base to work with real estate agents. As a result, her portfolio also includes lavish multi-million dollar houses. 

top phoenix interior designer living room design

WHAT WE LOVE: Her statement furniture pieces and exceptional decor choices. 

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