contemporary mountain living room by boise interior designers

If you’re looking for a fresh and innovative perspective on Western interior design, Boise is the place to be. There’s no shortage of creative minds in this city, and you can expect to find some exceptionally talented professionals here. Whether you’re remodeling your home or designing your dream space, top Boise interior designers and decorators are ready to take your lifestyle to the next level. Check out our top picks and find the best match for you!

Interior Design Boise

Modern mountain bedroom by Decorilla Boise interior designers
Modern mountain bedroom by Decorilla Boise interior designers

As an emerging mid-tier city, Boise is an ideal location for creatives. With highly professional design hubs such as Boise Urban Design Center (UDC), young professionals and students can immerse themselves in exploring and envisioning design, architecture, planning, landscaping, and more. It is, therefore, of no wonder that this thriving cultural scene hosts some well-established names in the map of American interior design.

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Top 10 Boise Interior Designers

Contemporary log cabin living room interior design in Boise, by Decorilla
Contemporary log cabin living room interior design in Boise, by Decorilla

Check out these top-notch interior designers in Boise, ID. Whether you need someone to decorate your home or just looking for some inspiration, their portfolios are sure not to disappoint!

Lyn Williams

Boise interior designers Lyn Williams

Lyn’s early discovered love for creating beautiful spaces developed through various contributions to friends’ and family members’ projects, helping them transform their homes. Consequently, the lasting passion for creation led her to study interior design, turning it into a successful carrier. In 2000, she started her own business in Northern California before moving to become one of the top Boise interior designers.

Interior design Boise Lyn Williams

WHAT WE LOVE: Eclectic designs with modern but inherently homey vibes.

Decorilla Boise Interior Designers

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Decorilla revolutionized the search for interior designers near you. By offering high-quality, affordable custom designs through a user-friendly and online accessible platform, it allows everyone to take advantage of ultra-convenient packages regardless of the location. The packages are tailored for different budget sizes and begin with quick & easy questionnaires. The purpose of answers is to help you discover the best interior designers for your project. Even better: Decorilla connects you directly to two talented professionals, offering compatibility within any timeline requirements – starting at just $99!

Decorilla interior design Boise ID, living room by Liana S
Rustic modern living room by Decorilla interior design Boise ID

Choose from many trusted names to create your perfect room without ever leaving home. Using an exclusive service means getting a professional design solution built to your specifications. Besides initial concepts provided by two designers that you are able to choose between, other assets include photorealistic 3D visualization with specific details and a shopping list containing significant discounts. Also, you will get a helpful implementation guide, while the shopping concierge takes over the entire hassle of ordering and delivering.

Cozy bedroom by Decorilla interior decorators in Boise
Cozy bedroom by Decorilla interior decorators in Boise

WHAT WE LOVE: The unbeatable convenience, super-modern approach and stunning results.

Jordan Yankovich

Boise interior designers Jordan Yankovich

Jordan’s career path was defined by her artistic eye and curious nature. She obtained two bachelor’s degrees: from Northwest Nazarene University and the Art Institute of Colorado. Led by the design philosophy of “seek first to understand, and then create,” she then established KovichCo – a client-oriented firm that creates distinctive, customized, art-driven spaces. Their scope of work includes everything from developing custom furniture and lighting to curating artworks and antiques worldwide. 

Boise interior design Jordan Yankovich

WHAT WE LOVE: Inspired concepts that tell her clients’ unique stories.

Judith Balis

Boise interior designers Judith Balis

Judith Balis Interiors is is a successful business on the interior design Boise map. What started as a hobby turned into an obsession, and then it became a career. Moreover, it has allowed Judith the chance to showcase her work on HGTV, receiving clients from all over America as a result. Her signature style mixes styles and eras–high and low, old and new, mixed in or repurposed.

Interior design Boise ID Judith Balis

WHAT WE LOVE: Comfortable balance of sophistication with an element of surprise and whimsy.

Hailie Thomas

Boise interior designers Hailie Thomas

Hailie Thomas is not only one of the top interior decorators in Boise, ID, but also a skillful project manager. An Idaho native, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. For over two decades, Hailie has continued filling her portfolio with a dynamic array of design genres, including commercial furniture and spatial planning. Hallie’s creative experience demands putting the client at the center to ensure an open, visionary process in which she never fails to deliver on that collaboration.

Interior design Boise ID Hailie Thomas

WHAT WE LOVE: Ambitious and creative projects infused with charm.

Alysse Matthews

Boise interior designers Alysse Matthews

An award-winning member of Houzz interior designers Boise, Alysse Matthews is all about rooms that can be lived in. She focuses on residential design, believing that everyone wants to be surrounded by an environment that closely reflects their personality. Furthermore, making a house a home, for Allyse, means creating home environments that are as beautiful and warm as they are functional and comfortable.

Interior designers in Boise Idaho Alysse Matthews

WHAT WE LOVE: Efficient and cost-effective designs with a unique and engaging flair.

Lauren Smyth

Lauren left her mark in the fashion industry by graduating with honors from FIDM. After moving back home, she started a successful career, joining the top interior designers in Boise, Idaho. Lauren is established as an expert residential remodeler who can create inviting spaces for any clientele at all price points. With an eye always aiming towards fresh creative ideas, she certainly surrounds her clients with functional beauty, producing inspiring work every day.

Interior designers in Boise Idaho Lauren Smyth

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless but original designs that make the impression.

Kate Chudy

Boise interior designers Kate Chudy

Kate Chudy is today a product designer and interior decorator in Boise, Idaho. Still, her career began in Las Vegas, transitioned to Boston, and grew through traveling Europe. Spending time in Copenhagen and Malmo left a mark on her design style. After returning home, she used her knowledge and experience to support a collaborative design community, including local artisans, craftsmen, and traders. Kate’s portfolio includes concept development on high-profile commercial undertakings, as well as high-end residential projects.

Interior design Boise ID, Kate Chudy

WHAT WE LOVE: Livable contemporary interiors tailored to clients’ needs.

Gina Roberts-Wagner

Boise interior designers Gina Roberts Wagner

An award-winning expert Gina Roberts-Wagner holds a well-established position in the interior design Boise, ID scene. Her creative vision revolves around one-of-a-kind spaces, elegantly blended in the surrounding architecture. As a result, Gina’s highly-customized creations are distinguished by clean lines and classic elements with strong character. Apart from interior planning, lighting and furniture design, her scope of work also includes styling and art advisory.

Houzz interior designers Boise Gina Roberts Wagner

WHAT WE LOVE: Elaborated designs with a refined sensibility.

Camille Olson

Boise interior designers Camille Olson

Renowned among Houzz interior designers Boise, and also the founder and owner of The Design House, Camille Olson finds herself in a perfect place to fulfill client’s dream home goals. Camille’s creative passion ignited in early 2000, kept burning through her different careers, and finally brought her back to interior design. Her experience certainly reflects in her design style: not necessarily over-the-top expensive but always fashionable. 

Interior design Boise Camille Olson

WHAT WE LOVE: Camille’s way of blending neutral and colorful palettes, above all.

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