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Before & After: Sleek and Modern Apartment Design

Sleek and modern apartment designs

How do you add warmth to a sleek and modern interior? A recent Decorilla client knew that contacting an expert designer is a great way to create her dream apartment. She wanted a sophisticated modern apartment design that was far from cold. Luckily, the warm glow of a light-filled apartment gave our online design team… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Rustic Lake House Interior Design

Modern rustic interior design - Chairish

Multiple rooms and levels can be daunting to design as one project. For this reason, a recent client turned to Decorilla instead. She needed a full-scale modern rustic interior design for her new build at the edge of Lake Winnipesaukee. And what she got is a layered homey masterpiece – see the results below!

Before & After: Masculine and Feminine Home Office Designs

Masculine and feminine home office decor

When a home provides enough space for two home offices why not tailor each to its occupant? That’s exactly what recent Decorilla clients were after when they reached out for design help. They wanted one masculine and one feminine home office to fit each of their styles. Read on for the stunningly chic result perfect… Read more »

Before & After: Eclectic Music Room at Home

“Music is life itself.” This is certainly true for many musicians. But to follow their dreams, virtuosos need a space to perfect their craft. A music room at home could be just the thing they need. Getting it right, however, poses quite the challenge. That’s why a recent client turned to Decorilla for his Nashville-inspired… Read more »

Online Interior Designer Spotlight: Nikola Pavlovic

Virtual bedroom interior design - Nikola P

Crips, clean lines and balance fascinate Nikola Pavlovic. This online interior designer continually perfects client interiors with his brand of modern. Read on as we discover this adept creator’s inspiring method and motivation. 

Online Interior Designer Spotlight: Anna Yancheva

online virtual interior designer Anna Yancheva

Anna Yancheva happened upon Architecture but always held a fire for interiors. So, it took no time to dive into the exciting world of interior design when she got the chance. This online interior designer holds more than passion – she has a cutting-edge aesthetic clients adore! Read on to learn more about this sprightly… Read more »

3D Room Designer: 7 Best Virtual Room Design Apps

Decorilla virtual interior designer boho living room result

As time goes by, technology and apps area making all things more convenient. And interior design is no exception to the technology takeover. In fact, even 3D room designer apps exist, which makes planning your new interior a breeze. Read on to discover the best of these virtual room design tools making dream rooms a… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Living Room Design Online

Contemporary Living Room Design Online

Is it possible to create a warm and contemporary style in a monochromatic and industrial space? The owner of this one bedroom loft liked the warmth and layout of the space when the previous owner occupied it, but wanted less of a monochromatic palette. The white walls make a great neutral backdrop, but placing color strategically… Read more »

Before & After: High-End Black and Gold Kitchen

Black and gold kitchen - Amazing spaces

A high-end kitchen can have many looks, but for some black and gold deliver high on the feelings of luxury and opulence. And when one homeowner started the gut renovation of their dated home, they wanted just that feel to their kitchen. That’s why they turned to Decorilla. And thanks to the team’s expertise, the… Read more »