Tudor living room interior design makeover

It’s easy to fall in love with a Tudor-style home, but such a character-rich space is tricky to modernize. Still, the challenge did not deter one couple. They wanted their Tudor house interior to reflect good taste. Fortunately, they turned to online interior design services to make it happen. Read on to see how this design masterpiece come to life!

The Challenge: Tudor Style House Interior

Every home needs problem-solving design and decor. Even if two structures are identical, no two houses are the same. The personalities of the owners will differ, and so will the look and feel of each home. The same applies to period architecture, like a Tudor-style house. The only difference is challenges can be as exciting as they are tough. 

For this project, it was vital to tick all the boxes of the living room design checklist. More specifically, the designers had to:

  • Create a family-friendly home without white fabrics or sharp edges 
  • Modernize and brighten the Tudor living room 
  • Ensure the space caters to the day-to-day life of a young family as well as entertaining friends
  • Update the catwalk balcony and railing to fit an updated Tudor interior design

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Tudor Home Interior Inspiration

tudor house interior makeover inspiration

Historic architecture with a contemporary design appealed to the clients most. They adore the high-quality wood beams of a Tudor house, especially when paired with a modern or slightly eclectic interior. Their inspirational images feature updated classic spaces, light walls, and colors in fabrics. Overall, these living room designs feel stately while also being inviting. 

Mood Board & Tudor Interior Design 

Tudor home interior design
Decorilla Tudor interior design

After the clients completed an initial questionnaire and set requirements, designers could get to work. Fortunately, the clients were thorough in what they liked and disliked. As a result, two designers could create preliminary proposals to match. In considering each concept, the clients loved Theresa’s Tudor living room most. Its modern lines and dramatic accents fit their style best. 

tudor style house interior mood board
Decorilla mood board with Tudor style decor

For the Tudor home interior, Theresa suggested a muted palette with a grey base and clay accent. Modern seating would balance traditional features, like patterned rugs and ironwork railing. Her concept also has an eclectic twist with contemporary prints and a mix of design styles. The resulting space would certainly be an artsy mix of eras to suit its charming setting. 

Tudor House Interior Result

Tudor house interior with decor
Tudor house interior result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Grand yet casual, classic though contemporary – this Tudor-style house interior is a blissful blend of designs. For starters, Tudor Revival comes with striking structural features inspired by 16th-century architecture. As such, the interior design needed to celebrate but also soften elements for a balanced esthetic. And modern, cozy furniture brings just what the room needs. It echoes existing structural symmetry from bookcases to frame the detailed fireplace and arches.

Scale also plays a role in complementing the architecture. For instance, luxurious puddled curtains dress tall windows, giving them a dramatic look. Yet, it is still gracefully light owing to its transparent fabric. In this way, it supports the spectacular scale of the room without making it feel heavy or overly opulent. The latter is crucial for a family with young children. In the end, the look is fresh and luxurious. 

Modern Tudor Style Decor 

Tudor style house with a balcony
Tudor living room with a balcony – Decorilla 3D rendering

Details and layers add depth to the interior. The layered rugs, for one, bring comfort underfoot but also double as a platform of intrigue. A large sisal rug grounds the elements in the room, while the top traditional rug adds color and pattern. The combination is warming as it subtly grows the dramatic atmosphere of the space. A trio of scatter pillows further enhances the layered effect. 

The Tudor living room features a lot of wood in the floor, ceiling, and trims. It could look heavy but owing to cooler hues, the final interior is refreshing. Two blue-grey sofas contrast warm tones, while mixed scatters balance the space even more. A modern white marble coffee table is a sound choice because of its strong lines and neutral look. It also lets the fireplace be the ultimate feature. 

A Balcony with Contemporary Tudor Interior Design 

Tudor style decor
Balcony with Tudor style decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The design also includes accent chairs as seating for guests or a place to read something from the nearby bookshelves. For the gallery balcony, a clay-colored wall makes a statement. It features bold contemporary prints flanking the balcony’s arched entrance.

Here Gothic-inspired railing mirrors the other medieval elements in the room to create a cohesive look. This update is also secure and practical for a family with young children.

Tudor style house interior design options
Different coffee table options for the Tudor home interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

With the last in mind, the furniture features durable, high-performance materials. Throughout the living room, lighting layers every corner to emit a vibrant, warm light. The fixtures also suit the setting with their gothic motifs.

Lastly, the client could choose between different coffee tables, one modern and the other a traditional tufted bench. In the end, the modern marble table fits the Tudor interior design best.

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Tudor style online shopping list for decor and furniture
Decorilla online shopping list for Tudor style decor and furniture

An online shopping list makes the final steps easy. Once happy with the final renderings, a client receives a detailed list and guide to put everything into place at home. And its convenience is not the only perk. Products come with exclusive trade discounts frequently amounting to the cost of the online interior design services. This makes reinventing a home not just achievable but budget-friendly too. 

Top Tudor Style Décor Picks

Each project comes with pieces sure to spruce up a home. And for a Tudor style house interior, we’ve put together our favorite décor and furniture to pull off the look. So, if you want a quick update, use these items as inspiration.

tudor interior design picks
  1. Contemporary Print 
  2. Accent Pillow 
  3. Traditional Runner 
  4. Vintage Candelabra 
  5. Coffee Table 
  6. Cane Chair 

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[images: 1, Decorilla project images]