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Before & After: Mid-Century Modern Dining and Living Room

Mid-century modern living room - turkel design

Mid-century modern design is as popular as ever—and it’s easy to see why. Its clean lines and simple forms can create a sense of order and calm in even the busiest spaces. Perhaps most important, however, is its high versatility, making it work in a variety of settings tailored to your needs. A recent Decorilla… Read more »

Before & After: Mid Century Contemporary Living Room

Mixing mid century modern and contemporary interior design - The Spruce

When the only thing you love about your living room is a piece of art, it’s time for a change. Recent clients faced this dilemma and wanted to update their home – pronto! So, they turned to Decorilla. In a few short weeks, they fell in love with their mid-century meets contemporary interior – and… Read more »

Before & After: Colorful Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid century modern interior - home designing

Simple yet sophisticated, functional yet fun – mid-century modern design is multifaceted. Its enduring legacy goes beyond clean lines and colorful palettes. Today, many embrace mid-century interiors because of the happy, uncomplicated vibe. One family wanted their project with Decorilla to accomplish just that for their new home. Read on to discover how this dream… Read more »