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When the only thing you love about your living room is a piece of art, it’s time for a change. Recent clients faced this dilemma and wanted to update their home – pronto! So, they turned to Decorilla. In a few short weeks, they fell in love with their mid-century meets contemporary interior – and so have we! Read on to see the makeover! 

The Challenge: Mixing Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary

From one-room makeovers to gut renovations, every project is unique. As such, they also have specific challenges. And this online living room design was no different. For it to be a success, the designer had to:

  • Find a way to display or stow away knick-knacks
  • Keep a statement art piece, built-in shelves, and a bold ceiling fan 
  • Select and incorporate a comfy sectional great for lounging yet stylish
  • Lighten the dark room and use the large windows, with their flood of natural light, to maximize the space’s brightness
  • Mix mid-century modern and contemporary furniture

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Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Living Room Inspiration 

mid century contemporary furniture inspiration

The clients needed help to refine what they wanted. They preferred living room layouts that encourage conversation. Light mid-century modern furniture complements wood tones in spacious settings. Their inspirational images also have a cozy yet sophisticated cabin air. Apart from that, the clients were open to suggestions. 

Moodboard & Mid-Century Contemporary Design 

contemporary mid century modern - Nicola P
Decorilla contemporary meets mid-century modern design

The clients needed mid-century interior design tips and a designer’s eye to create their dream space. But first, they had to tell the team about their interior wish list. A quick questionnaire and designer consultation simplify the process. These also gave Decorilla insight into the clients’ requirements. From here, the team matched two designers best suited to the project, which meant the clients had to pick their favorite – a tough call! 

Mid century contemporary mood board - Nicola P
Decorilla mid-century contemporary moodboard

Mixing mid-century modern and contemporary styles is one of Nikola’s talents. For this reason, and because of his beautiful proposal, the client chose him without delay. His mid-century and contemporary furniture picks create a sophisticated yet cozy moodboard.  

Contemporary Meets Mid-Century Modern Results

mid century contemporary furniture - Nicola P
Mid-century contemporary furniture in a vintage home – Decorilla 3D rendering

At long last, a dark and dated space transformed into a contemporary mid-century modern living room. Now the lounge is bright, comfy, and oh-so-stylish! It’s full of patterns too, yet cohesive. The different motifs complement each other, making the space visually alluring and interesting. 

Mid-Century Contemporary Furniture and Décor

mixing mid century modern and contemporary - Nicola P
Mixing mid-century modern and contemporary – Decorilla 3D rendering

The open concept living room has a huge window but very dark cabinetry and floors. A fresh coat of white paint brightens the walls and reflects more natural light. Off-white furniture, on the other hand, contrasts the dark base while keeping the area airy and spacious.   

contemporary mid century modern living room - Nicola P
Contemporary mid-century modern living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although the décor is minimal, the interior feels layered and captivating. The reason lies in the many layers of visual texture. As part of its base, a light patterned wallpaper adds just enough of a design element without overpowering. Sculptural pieces dot the floating shelves, while plants bring color. And finally, shades of red underly the design and pull everything together. 

Before & After: How did the designer change the room? 

Before the contemporary mid century modern makeover
Prior to the contemporary mid-century modern makeover

Before the update, the room felt uninspired. That said, it had potential: great windows and a mid-century modern stone fireplace gave the room character and light. Yet, the dark and dated furniture made the already dark floors feel heavy. Similarly, the beige rug was ill-fitting for the great space and made the area feel small. 

Rectified the Layout

Before and after the contemporary mid century modern living room
Before (left) and after the contemporary mid-century modern living room (Decorilla right)

At first, the dark room also felt uncomfortable. This was due to an awkward layout and furniture combination. The rug was too small and the dark sofas didn’t suit the transitional style of the interior. 

After, a big L-shaped sectional, accent chair, and square coffee table suit the space perfectly. Now the contemporary mid-century modern living room enhances the architecture. It’s become an unforgettable design as a result. 

Added Visual Interest 

Before and after the contemporary mid century modern makeover
Before (left) and after the contemporary mid-century modern makeover (Decorilla right)

Blue-gray walls formed a bland backdrop for the handmade console and floating shelf. Also, decoration seemed thrown together and too dominating for the space. 

After the design, a huge rug makes a light grounding element, while white floor-to-ceiling curtains add softness to the interior. The mid-century modern wallpaper sets a stunning backdrop for the shelves as well as the thoughtful décor display. 

contemporary mid century modern - Nicola P
Final contemporary meets mid-century modern design – Decorilla 3D rendering

With a vetted interior designer’s assistance, the room could certainly exceed expectations. At long last, the clients could enjoy the space as it was meant to be enjoyed. Today, the interior is sleek enough to host friends, while also being livable and comfy – perfect for lounging and watching a film. 

Online Shopping List

mid century contemporary furniture shopping list
Decorilla furniture shopping list

One of the keys to unlocking a beautiful virtual interior design at home is an online shopping list. This list not only has shoppable links to the necessary products, but also comes with trade-exclusive discounts. Armed with all the tools they needed to complete the design, the clients could create their mid-century interior without a hitch! 

Top Mid-Century Modern Furniture Picks

If you loved the project or like mixing mid-century modern design and contemporary style, take a look at our top picks below. Let it guide or inspire your next living room update. 

Contemporary mid century modern living room top picks


  1. Faux Plants 
  2. Patterned Rug 
  3. Black Scatter 
  4. Floor Lamp 
  5. Coffee Table 
  6. Accent Chair 

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