Woodland and forest themed nursery with woodland creatures nursery
Woodland forest creatures themed nursery by Decorilla

Set your little one’s first adventure right at home! Nursery themes can inspire your baby and encourage their imagination to thrive. From whimsical to calming, these designs lay the foundation for the earliest experiences. Let’s explore enchanting ideas that both you and your baby will love!

Choosing the Right Nursery Theme

woodland theme nursery with a tree wallpaper
Nursery design themes by Decorilla

Picking the right nursery theme is more than just an aesthetic choice. Through design, you can nurture your child’s development and imagination. You’ll also set the backdrop for countless bedtime stories, lullabies, and first words. Whether you’re drawn to contemporary styles or classic motifs, the ideal nursery design should be both functional and enchanting.

Here’s your nursery checklist for picking a theme:

  • Consider Mood: Your nursery’s color, motifs, and furniture will impact the room’s ambiance. So, think of the feeling you want to set for your little one. Is it inspiring, calming, energizing? Let your needs guide your pick of themes. 
  • Coordinate with Your Home’s Style: Nursery designs bring an opportunity to inject some fun into your home but let the space reflect your overall interior scheme. Whether your home is contemporary, retro, glam or boho – a nursery should echo your style for a cohesive feel. So pick a theme that’ll easily match your preferred decor style. 

Pro Tip: Pick nursery themes that match your home’s style. Not sure what that is? Then take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find your true style today!

Animal themed nursery design ideas
Nursery theme ideas by Decorilla designer, Hajara M.
  • Let Color Matter. According to interior design color psychology, colors can impact our moods and energy levels differently. So, choose your baby’s room tones according to what you’d want to encourage. Each tone has its own attributes. Yellows and reds, for instance, are motivating but can be over-energizing. Blue is calming, while pink is nurturing. Also look at your home’s palette and incorporate some hues to connect your design. 
  • Safety First: Simplify decorating a safe space by picking a theme that has what you need for a nursery. Floral, space, woodland, and dinosaur nursery themes are tried and trusted and offer many furniture and decor items for babies. You can certainly pull off unique nursery ideas, too. It will only take some more imagination and creativity to put it together. 

Inspiring Nursery Themes and Designs  

Nursery themes and designs
Jungle nursery design theme by Decorilla designer, Marya W.

Welcome the new addition to the family with one of your favorite nursery themes – they’re sure to fall in love, too! From timeless classics to trendy, here are nursery designs that set the stage for a baby’s first years.

1. Forest Friends: Woodland Forest Nursery Theme

Pink and green nursery themes and design ideas
Decorilla nursery themes

One popular nursery idea that hits the mark for both whimsy and warmth is a woodland theme nursery. This theme transports your little naturalist into a magical forest filled with friendly animals, towering trees, and soft earthy tones. Not only does it offer a serene setting that easily transitions as your child grows, but a woodland theme also sparks curiosity and a love for nature from a young age. 

Woodland animal theme nursery ideas
Woodland animal theme nursery ideas by Decorilla

If you love an organic look with pops of playful decor, a woodland creatures nursery would suit your tastes, too! It’s one of the easiest nursery theme ideas to pull off, owing to its popularity and versatility. You can go subtle with a green or neutral color scheme and a few nature-inspired art prints or mount plush forest toys, like foxes or owls. A cute feature wallpaper can also make the theme pop!  

2. Galactic Getaway: Stellar Outer Space-Themed Nursery

outer space themed nursery with blue walls and star decals
Space-themed nursery design by Decorilla

Blast off into a world of imagination and wonder with a space-themed nursery that’s truly out of this world. Celestial nursery designs blend educational elements with things that inspire, perfect for nurturing your young one’s curiosity and sense of adventure. Complete with planets, rockets, and twinkling stars, an outer space nursery offers a limitless backdrop where your child can dream big while discovering the universe one star at a time.

3. Fantasy and Magic: Cute Disney Themes for a Nursery

disney nursery themes and designs
Disney nursery themes by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Unleash your child’s imagination with the magical charm of a Disney theme nursery. Pick a story you like or one that has a beautiful design. Dumbo, for instance, has a lively theme but can have soft grays and pinks dotted with circus colors and a little elephant to complete the nursery theme. There are many stories to pick from – think princesses or animal friends going on an adventure. A storybook setting could also strike an accord with your baby, linking to their beloved characters as they age.  

4. Blooms and Boughs: Floral and Nature-Themed Nursery 

Floral wallpaper nursery designs
Floral nursery design ideas by Decorilla

Infuse your baby’s room with blossoming beauty. A floral wallpaper nursery seamlessly merges with natural items. When integrated into a nature-themed nursery, floral wallpaper becomes a lush backdrop that complements organic elements. Think wooden furniture, leafy houseplants, and natural textiles. The fusion of blooms and outdoor splendor creates a sanctuary that is not only visually stunning but also deeply relaxing. It creates an organic setting that can spark your little one’s love for the natural world from day one, too.

5. Wild Wonders: Safari Animal-Themed Nursery

Safari animal themed nursery design ideas
Safari animal-themed nursery design by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

Bring the wonders of the African savanna to your baby with a safari animal-themed nursery. It ticks two big boxes – animals that fascinate young ones and a natural setting that can be calming.

animal and elephant theme nursery
Animal nursery theme by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Think wild creatures like elephants, zebras, and lions set against a backdrop of earthy tones and textures. Whether your little one is listening to lullabies or learning their first words, a safari animal-themed nursery is playful yet serene.

6. Peaks and Pines: Soothing Mountain-Themed Nursery

woodland theme nursery with green accents and wood decor
Nature-themed nursery design by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

Incorporate the great outdoors without leaving home with a mountain-themed nursery. The theme offers a tranquil, leafy setting, while peaky alpines show the majesty of nature. It’s a serene yet adventurous backdrop for your little one’s early experiences.

7. Sky to Sea: Adventurous Travel-Themed Nurseries

outer space travel themed nursery
Travel-themed nursery design by Decorilla designer, Berkeley H.

Ignite your child’s imagination with a travel-themed nursery. Whether flying planes or steaming trains, a travel theme invites global exploration. You can include paraphernalia from past travels, like maps, postcards, and old travel documents. It’ll give your little one plenty of material to wonder at as a babe and as they grow, understanding more of what they see as they age. 

8. Gentle Giants: Roaring Dinosaur Theme Nursery

Dinosaur nurseries and ideas
Dinosaur nurseries and ideas by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

Dinosaur nurseries bring prehistoric wonder to life and fascinate little ones. These unusual creatures of the past are sure to bring awe and excitement. Add cute wall prints, stencils, or plush toys to decorate the space. Choose a deeply earthy base, like burnt mustard or mossy green, for an immersive design. 

9. Into the Wild: Lush Jungle Theme Nursery

Jungle animal theme nursery with a pink cot and a jungle wallpaper
Jungle theme nursery by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Step into an exotic world of vibrant colors and lively characters with a jungle theme nursery. Among the most captivating nursery designs, this theme invites your little explorer to embark on daily adventures surrounded by lush foliage, tropical animals, and the rich palette of nature. A jungle theme nursery not only offers a stimulating environment for sensory and cognitive development but also serves as a playful sanctuary that can easily adapt as your child grows.

10. Deep Dive: Ocean and Under-the-Sea Nursery Theme

Nursery decoration and ocean theme nursery design
Blue ocean nursery theme by Decorilla

Dive into a world of aquatic wonders with an ocean-themed nursery! Its blue and white color scheme certainly sets a calming tone – perfect for a baby. You can add mythical mermaids, colorful fish, and flowy wave motifs to the design. Also include tactile elements found near and under the sea to the nursery, like coral and beach stones. They’ll double as an exploration of textures for your baby. Just be sure to have décor out of reach and let your baby interact with these under your guidance. 

Under the sea nursery play area
Under the sea nursery design by Decorilla designer, Nishtsa S.

An ocean-themed nursery sets a tranquil yet stimulating environment where your little sailor or mermaid can sleep amid gentle ocean waves and wake up to the promise of underwater adventures.

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