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Hooked or flying solo, we all have a reason to indulge in a little romantic décor. Whether you’re adding red décor or hotel-like luxury, an interior boost can revive passion in any home. We’ve put together 7 Valentine’s Day design ideas that bring romance the whole year round. Read on to find out how to add a bit of love to your home this February!

1) A Nook for Two

Valentine's Day décor cozy nook for two
Design by Decorilla interior designer, Narathas P.

Create a cozy nook that takes Valentine’s Day design ideas to a permanent level. Romance may come and go, but great interior design creates homes that last. A breakfast nook or simply a reading space for two can make you and your partner feel special on any given day.

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valentine's day design ideas nook

Choose a place in your home, or even in your garden should the weather allow, that is slightly secluded from the rest of the house. Use two chairs and a table to set up a cocktail corner with a bar cart or create a one-room hideaway. Remember to make the most of the view!

2) Imitate Hotel Luxury

valentine's day design ideas stella p
Luxury and romantic Valentine’s Day decor for the bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Stella P.

Nothing screams “romance” quite as loudly as a luxurious weekend getaway. So, copy the look from your favorite hotel. Crisp white linen with a fluffy duvet inner is perfect as plush bedding. You can even take your Valentine’s Day decor up a notch with a canopy bed. Add whimsy by draping the canopy frame with light or sheer fabric.

3) Flowers & Florals Valentine’s Day Design Ideas

valentine's day design ideas floral

Flowers make everyone happy, even if those flowers are in print. Incorporate Valentine’s Day design ideas into your home with floral wallpaper or floral print scatter cushions. Go for passionate red, soft and delicate blush or innocent white scatters.

Valentine's Day décor with flowers
Floral accents as a Valentine’s Day design idea by Decorilla interior designer, Emily W.

Even if you don’t care for Valentine’s Day, add fresh flowers to a room. It’ll liven up your home and lift your spirits.

4) Spell it Out

Valentine's Day design ideas spell it out
“LOVE” Valentine’s Day decor by Decorilla interior designer, Christine M.

Sometimes it’s better to be clear than mysterious, especially when it comes to the heart. So, spell it out. Use letter blocks or wall art to add a message to your interior. The words can also work as your daily positive affirmation like “I love life!”.

Create a classy Valentine’s atmosphere and romance your gallery wall by swapping a few pieces with text art. Not into text art? Get some clever décor ideas online and create a Valentine’s vignette on an accent table or shelf.

5) Mood Lighting

Valentine decoration ideas low light
Mood lighting as Valentine’s Day decor by Decorilla interior designer, Renata P.

A quick Pinterest search will show that dimmed lights are a big part of Valentine’s Day décor. And getting the lighting right is rather easy when you know how. Install dimmer lights where you can but if you can’t, choose low-light sconces and pendants.

valentine's day design ideas tera s
Fireplace feature as a Valentine’s Day design idea by Decorilla interior designer, Tera S.

In addition, fire gives excellent mood lighting and adds heat on a cold February evening, so, utilize your fireplace! It’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up to someone. Finally, add small decor pieces, candles, and bubbly.

6) Textile Treats Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine's Day design ideas with fluffy textures
Lush textiles for living room Valentine’s Day decor by Decorilla interior designer, Andrea T.

Treat the senses to different textures. Silk, linen or lace curtains are perfect as a replacement for a drab window dressing. Add throw pillows with tassels, a prominent weave, or velvet scatters for a quick and fun update.  Faux blankets are a must for cooler nights and can also double as an indoor picnic blanket!

7) The Spa Treatment

Valentine's Day Design Ideas for the bathroom
Spa-like Valentine’s Day Design Ideas for the bathroom by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

Everyone loves a pamper session, that’s why a spa-like retreat in your home is perfect! Start with the tub: a free-standing bathtub is quite an investment, but well worth it. You can save with DIY décor later.

valentine's day design ideas heart

If you have loads of space, let the tub take center stage. Place an accent table close to the edge of the tub, which will help keep the Champagne near. Finish the look with a plush rug, greenery, and fluffy towels. Now, you can treat yourself to a relaxing Valentine’s Day soak every day! The heart tile detail makes it feel like Valentine’s Day all year long!

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Written by Decorilla designer, Germarie B.

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