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The top Sarasota interior designers cater to various tastes and styles—and they love it! Meanwhile, Decorilla always has an eye on budding interior talent, ready to share and support the best in the industry. Read on to learn more about the seaside city’s finest designers and decorators for your next project.

Interior Design Sarasota

Decorilla interior design in Sarasota, Florida
Eclectic, open-plan living room by one of the best Decorilla Sarasota interior designers

No building style in the area is as iconic as Sarasota’s modern architecture, inspired by the native terrain and climate. And because of its coastal location, there are plenty of Mediterranean-style constructions, too.

The interior decorators of Sarasota can make any space shine, whether by thoughtful rental decorating ideas or those for refurbishing an entire home.

Best Interior Designers in Sarasota, Florida

Interior decorators in Sarasota florida - Lori D, Decorilla
Contemporary interior by one of Decorilla’s top interior designers in Sarasota, FL

It’s safe to say the best interior designers in Sarasota, FL, have mastered exceeding client expectations on even the most unique projects. Their assignments include everything from dark interior design ideas to large, airy escapes. What they all have in common is making a house feel like home.

Explore the most popular interior designers in Sarasota, Florida, below.

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Meg Carson

Houzz interior designers Sarasota - Meg Carson

Meg Carson, Emcy Interior Design’s founder and lead designer, is in high demand as one of the top interior decorators in Sarasota, FL. While working for a custom home builder, she realized her talent for residential design. Although, she also has experience with commercial and hospitality projects. Meg believes designers are clients’ biggest advocates during the home creation journey. For this reason, she goes above and beyond to make clients happy.

interior decorators Sarasota - Meg Carson

WHAT WE LOVE: How Meg designs cohesive, layered, and smart interiors. Each space perfectly suits the client’s lifestyle.

Theresa Gillan

Interior decorators in Sarasota - Theresa Gillan

With over two and a half decades of industry experience, Theresa Gillan is among the top Sarasota interior designers for a good reason. Her favorite style is the one that suits her clients best and will continue to for years to come. She goes above and beyond in each project, ensuring every client gets a beautiful, functional interior.

transitional living room by Houzz interior designers Sarasota - Theresa Gillan
Living room by one of Decorilla‘s top interior decorators in Sarasota, FL, Theresa Gillan

Theresa also strives to create a harmonious relationship between her clients and their environments. Ultimately, she wants her interiors to help inhabitants find happiness and lead successful lives. Her talents aren’t restricted to the Sarasota area either. She has also designed and renovated spaces across the globe.

Bedroom by one of Decorilla‘s best interior decorators in Sarasota, Theresa Gillan

WHAT WE LOVE: Theresa’s commitment to lasting client satisfaction. She continues to check in with clients about their spaces years after projects. She also happens to be one of the most accessible and affordable interior decorators in Sarasota. In fact, she can start a new project now or whenever you need a helping hand.

Holly Dennis

Interior designers near me - Holly Denis

Holly Dennis is the owner and principal designer of Holly Dennis Interiors. She has been in the industry for more than two decades and has accumulated quite a diverse portfolio. In fact, she’s worked on commercial, hospitality, and residential designs. As one of the highly-rated Houzz interior designers in Sarasota, Holly aims to create well-planned, timeless spaces every time.

interior design Sarasota - Holly Denis

WHAT WE LOVE: How Holly effortlessly designs stylish, functional, and affordable interiors.

Kelsey Clark

Houzz interior designers Sarasota - Kelsey Clark

Sawa Design Studio and interior design in Sarasota wouldn’t be the same without Kelsey Clark. Global cultures greatly influence her work. As a result, her designs have a distinct eclectic and elegant international touch. Clients are especially impressed by how she picks out durable pieces that are beautiful, as well as comfy, and functional.

Sarasota interior designers - Kelsey Clark

WHAT WE LOVE: Kelsey’s talent for identifying bold, statement pieces that round off every design.

Gericel De Los Santos

Top interior decorators Sarasota FL - Gericel de los Santos

Considered one of the top interior designers in Sarasota, FL, Gericel De Los Santos loves introducing her clients to a new design approach. Her innovative design method allows clients to find what they truly love. What’s more, her commitment to quality shows. She only presents designs to clients once she’s as obsessed with the results as she knows they’ll be.

Best Sarasota interior designers - Garicel de los Santos
Glam master bedroom by one of Decorilla‘s best Sarasota interior designers, Gericel de los Santos

Gericel looks to her clients for design inspiration. She draws from their interests and cultures to create highly personalized interiors. When working on a project, she guides uncertain clients into discovering their style. Once she’s figured out their style, she turns her client’s vision into a beautiful, enduring reality.

Interior design in Sarasota - Gericel
Luxurious interior design in Sarasota by Decorilla designer, Gericel de los Santos

WHAT WE LOVE: How Gericel always remains empathetic toward her clients’ inner aesthetics. She doesn’t stop fine-tuning her designs until she and her clients are happy. If this sounds like something you want, start a project with her today!

Kristin Pantone

Interior designers near me - Kristin Pantone

Kristin Pantone established Kristin Pantone Design Studio in 2012. She makes it her mission to provide personalized, one-on-one services to every client. A diverse background means Kristin brings artistic as well as technical skills to the table. Today, both skillsets aid her greatly in her role as one of the best Sarasota interior designers.

Top Sarasota interior designers - Kristin Pantone

WHAT WE LOVE: Kristin’s dedication to working with Sarasota’s most respected craftsmen and general contractors.

Monica Rissler

Houzz interior designers Sarasota - Monica Rissler

Ask the head of Monica Rissler Interior Design what her job is all about, and she’ll answer: details. Monica focuses on every aspect of a room with equal care to create interiors that form a cohesive whole. Ultimately, her goal is to design user-friendly yet stunning spaces that her clients are proud to call their own.

Houzz interior designers Sarasota - Monica Rissler

WHAT WE LOVE: Monica’s project management skills and knack for collaboration make her one of the best interior designers in Sarasota, FL.

Caroline von Weyher

top interior decorators in Sarasota FL - Caroline con Weyher

Homes by Willow & August Interiors oozes charm. Founder Caroline von Weyher certainly knows how to blend opulence with everyday practicality. She starts every project from scratch and specializes in boldly bringing her clients’ tastes to life. With three decades of industry experience, she’s helped shape interior design in Sarasota into what it is today.

Trasitional interior design in Sarasota - Caroline von Weyher

WHAT WE LOVE: The care Caroline puts into finding the right finishes and furnishings for every project.

Marla Oppenheimer & Marsha Ritter

interior decorators Sarasota - Mtoo

Marla Oppenheimer and Marsha Ritter are the designers behind Mtoo Designs. They’re some of the most experienced Sarasota interior designers around. Together, they’ve been in the industry for a combined 45 years. Clients love how they handle projects, especially their way of making the creative process so much fun.

Top Sarasota Interior Designers - Mtoo

WHAT WE LOVE: How Mtoo Designs consistently delivers beautiful, comfy interiors.

Audrey Arthur

Interior design in Sarasota - Audrey Arthur

Audrey Arthur is another of the highly regarded Houzz interior designers of Sarasota. She certainly stands out for consistently creating excellent interiors. Her designs draw in 5-star reviews, as well as repeat clients. She also believes that interior design should complement a building’s architecture and the client’s lifestyle.

Interior designers near you in Sarasota - Audrey Author

WHAT WE LOVE: Audrey’s designs certainly never lack interest. There’s always a hint of edginess to them.

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