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Need a fresh take on your living space? Explore the top Dallas interior designers near you who specialize in blending Texan charm with cutting-edge style. These creative talents are ready to transform your home into a stunning masterpiece that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Interior Design Dallas

Dallas interior design solutions by Decorilla
Dallas interior design solutions by Decorilla

Interior design in Dallas is a vibrant mix of Southern charm and contemporary innovation. The city’s cultural heritage and dynamic growth are reflected in its diverse aesthetics, where each space is not only visually striking but also deeply personal and functional. Dallas designers excel at incorporating bold, statement pieces while maintaining a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Top Dallas Interior Designers

Moody rec room by Dallas interior designers from Decorilla
Moody rec room by Dallas interior designers from Decorilla

Looking to revamp your home with the best design talent Dallas has to offer? We’ve curated a list of the top Dallas interior designers who can bring your vision to life. Discover who is setting trends and redefining interiors across the city.

Traci Connell

top interior designer dallas texas traci connell

“What good is a luxurious home if you can’t actually live in it?” Traci of Traci Connell Interiors asks this question and then delivers home designs that are chic and livable. A home shouldn’t be a place full of artifacts. Traci’s in-depth knowledge of materials and furnishings allows her to fill a home with durable, yet beautiful, designs. Furthermore, Traci does more than create gorgeous and functional spaces. She and her team also make the backend of the design process easier. With a unique streamlined project management system, clients are able to see the complete timeline of their project, as well as rest assured that their budget will not be surpassed.

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contemporary kitchen interior design dallas - traci connell

WHAT WE LOVE: She co-founded and manages Dallas Design Works. This network provides clients with easy access to exclusive furniture and finishings.

Shelley Craven

_interior designers dallas - shelley craven

From an early age, Shelley Craven has been drawn to interior design with a strong desire to emulate the beauty of the world in interiors. She specializes in residential interiors, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources such as nature, travel, history, and technology. In addition, Shelley believes that beautiful design is meant for everyone, so she loves to volunteer her design skills for people in need.

glamorous living room by interior decorator dallas shelley c
Glamorous living room by Decorilla interior decorator in Dallas, Shelley C.

Since Shelley has experience in all design styles, not one is her go-to. As a result, she would rather design specifically for each client’s needs. However, she will be sure to include timeless elements so every design is able to stand the test of time. Most importantly, her main goal is to capture the personality and vision of her clients while also increasing the value of their homes.

Transitional bedroom by one of the top dallas interior designers, shelley c
Transitional bedroom by one of Decorilla‘s Dallas interior designers, Shelley C.

WHAT WE LOVE: She offers her clients stunning results, yet she’s one of the most affordable interior designers in Dallas with flat-rate design packages!

Linda Baker

houzz interior designer dallas - linda baker

If there is one word to define Linda Baker’s personality, it is passionate. Her passion for life and for the design profession is certainly one of the biggest assets to her interior design firm in Dallas, Baker Design Group Interior Design. Even as the company president, Linda is deeply committed to hands-on service for each of her clients. Furthermore, by building a friendly relationship with clients, she is certainly able to create homes that reflect their personalities and needs. In the end, her clients truly enjoy the environment she designed for them based on their own desires and needs.

Transitional living room with fireplace by one of the best dallas interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: The breathtaking beauty in every corner of her designs.

Amy Guess

hire an interior designer dallas - amy guess

Amy Guess of BGI Design has taken over the firm in the midst of the retirement of one of the best Dallas interior designers, Barbara Gilbert. Since then, she has been crafting the firm as her own while maintaining the foundations of offering a stress-free, client-centered process that delivers beautiful designs. Designs by Amy and her team deliver beautifully enriched spaces curated towards each client’s personality. As a result, BGI Design has received numerous Best of Houzz Interior Designers Dallas awards for 6 consecutive years!

piano entry way by top dallas interior designers bgi designs

WHAT WE LOVE: Amy’s passion for using her skills and experience to maintain the superior standards for design and customer service set by her predecessor, Barbara.

Holly Montilla

top interior decorator dallas - holly montilla

As a top interior decorator in Dallas, Holly Montilla offers some of the best interior design deals, with flat-rate packages that include exclusive furniture discounts. Through design, she enjoys bringing her clients’ vision and love for their homes to life. It is these connections with people that she most loves about being an interior designer.

Contemporary open living room design by Decorilla home decorator in Dallas, Holly M.
Contemporary open living room design by Decorilla home decorator in Dallas, Holly M.

Furthermore, Holly is fully aware of the constant changes in styles and fashion, which drives her passion for design as she keeps up with the latest trends. In this sense, she obtains her inspiration from her surroundings such as local boutiques, people’s attire, or even a drive through town. As a result, Holly’s designs lean towards livable contemporary and modern interiors that remain inviting.

Modern bathroom by one of the top Decorilla Dallas interior designers, Holly M.
Modern bathroom by one of the top Decorilla Dallas interior designers, Holly M.

WHAT WE LOVE: Her ability to make a comfortable and functional home design also looks like art!

Michelle Lynne

one of the top dallas interior designers - michelle lynne

Smart. Stylish. Fun. The tagline of Michelle Lynne Interiors certainly fits their designs as well as their personality. Michelle and her team believe that every home they design should imbued with personality rather than look like a stock catalog home. Consequently, it is this attention to style and detail that makes them some of the best interior designers in Dallas. Masters of all types of styles, Michelle encourages her design team to push the boundaries on creating luxuriously livable spaces curated to every client’s wants and needs.

funky transitional living room by houzz interior designers dallas

WHAT WE LOVE: The firm’s diverse group of talent makes achieving outside-the-box interiors possible.

Nicole Arnold

find an interior designer dallas texas - nicole arnold

Named a Dallas Top 10 Design Firm, Nicole Arnold Interiors is spearheaded by Nicole Arnold, a renowned residential luxury interior designer. Her design savvy leads her to “make space meaningful” for her clients. With clients that range from Fortune 500 executives to CEOs, extreme luxury is the only way to go. Nicole has multi-layered expertise. For instance, 16 years in sales and marketing means she is adept in project management, budgeting, and communicating. As a member and leader in professional design associations, her work and her firm are certainly recognized as top-tier.

dallas interior designers nicole arnolda na interiors

WHAT WE LOVE: Her “heartfelt intelligence.” Nicole designs what is communicated to her into a home where her clients love to live.

Lisa Landry

interior designer dallas tx - lisa landry

Lisa Landry owns and runs one of the leading interior design firms in Dallas, Landry Designs. Currently, the team, including Lisa, consists of eight talented designers well versed in an array of styles and skills. Furthermore, national books and magazines have published Lisa’s work an impressive 28 times. Every one of her clients can rest assured they’re getting a design unique to them, as seen in the variety of Lisa’s work. As a result, anything goes, from a living room full of fun patterns and colors, to a restful neutral bedroom.

Neutral rustic bedroom by top dallas interior designers, landry designs 2

WHAT WE LOVE: The passion and joy the entire team has for transforming people’s environments. They truly believe they have one of the most fun jobs!

Courtney Warren

interior decorator dallas tx - courtney warren

Not only is Courtney Warren one of the top Dallas interior designers, Houzz has also ranked her among their top 3% of designers in the nation. Courtney breathes life into dull and drab interiors by blending styles and also incorporating unique flea market finds. While much of her work carries the sought-after farmhouse look, she’ll also bring in pops of color and touches of glam to spruce up the space. As a result, national publications such as Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, and Good Housekeeping featured her designs.

modern glam farmhouse interior design dallas

WHAT WE LOVE: Her ability to seamlessly blend styles, giving the spaces she designs a boost of personality.

Cynthia Collins

For nearly 30 years, Collins Interiors has been a staple in the Dallas interior design community. Cynthia draws from years of experience working with some of the best architects in the business. As a result, she leads her firm to deliver meticulous interiors. Today, they are most known for their refined traditional style that exudes sophistication and elegance. To pull off the look, Cynthia and her team travel to England and France in search of unique antique decor. Therefore, no two Collins Interiors’ designs will ever be the same.

French country kitchen by dallas interior decorator cynthia collins

WHAT WE LOVE: The designer‘s twist on classic, traditional interiors with touches of contemporary pieces.

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