Top 10 Tampa Interior Designers Near Me

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On the coast of Tampa Bay, the city of Tampa sits as the heart of a bustling metropolitan area. It is very fast-paced with a skyline full of high rise buildings. Seeing modern and contemporary designs is quite normal here. But Tampa’s history provides a twist. The city also has a quiet charm about it due to the beautiful historic structures all around.

The Decorilla team is lucky enough to work with interior designers in Tampa and across the US, but we also love to discover the ones to watch! These designers specialize in luxurious condominiums, grand homes, affordable interior design, and homes with appealing vintage character set the stage for the design scene. If you’re looking to hire an interior designer in Tampa, here are the Top 10 that we recommend.

Enrique Crespo

enrique c tampa interior designers

Enrique Crespo of Crespo Design Group sets a high standard among interior designers in Tampa, FL. He pays attention to every element that impacts a room’s design. Thus, he is able to develop rooms and home feel like you stepped into a high-end interior design magazine. Naturally, his work has been featured in and on HGTV, ABC New, Tampa Style, and Tampa Bay Metro. Whether optimizing the use of natural light to compliment your furniture, or choosing elements that immediately catch your eye amongst calmer elements, the Crespo team designs to set a tone and make a statement. His work is highly regarded, and has received many awards, such as several Houzz awards over many years. Most recently, he was an Aurora award recipient.

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What We Love: their personable approach. Spending time with clients to truly understand their design wants and needs helps them craft a look and feel that is true to the homeowners.

Riddhi M.

Riddhi M Hire and interior design in tampa fl

Riddhi brings an immense amount of talent to the Tampa area. Both an amazing architect and a star among Tampa interior designers, Riddhi’s specialties helps her craft beautiful homes. Simplicity is at the forefront of her design schemes. Riddhi uses clean lines and comfortable designs that are functional to turn houses into homes for her clients.

tampa interior deisgners riddhi m

Being surrounded by the Tampa Bay, Riddhi draws her inspiration from the water and colors of nature around it. Her designs above incorporate bold blues like the sky and the water, as well as golden hues seen as the sun is rising.


Bathroom Vanity by Decorilla designer Riddhi M.

What We Love: Her creative spirit keeps her open minded to any kind of project.  Riddhi is the most affordable interior designer on this list. Using her design expertise, she also form a company to create textile accessories.

K. Jillian

k jillian tampa interior designers

K. Jillian’s clients love her not just because of the spaces she creates, but because she is able to shift the energy of an entire room with her designs. Her design firm, K. Jillian Designs, motto is “where functionality meets style.” You can look at her portfolio of work and see the comfort of the spaces straightaway! With attention to the mirror details that make a space more glam, K. Jillian’s designs are not only comfortable, but they’re well-polished, too. The sophistication of her designs are calming to the sense and pleasant to view.


What We Love: her work reminds us of southern comfort. It is beautiful and modern, yet dreamy and cozy.

Debbie P.

debbie p tampa interior designers

Debbie P.’s design process at Tweak Your Space makes good, professional design available at affordable rates. Tweak Your Space was born out of a need to meet client’s needs during the 2008 recession, when Debbie realized her previous, traditional and high-end design company wouldn’t work for those who were worried about their finances more than usual. Her innovative decision to start anew with a more accessible design process, resulting more reasonable prices, has resulted in amazing designs with new clients. Debbie’s in-home consultations and strict budgeting make her design tweaks the type of interior design help that just about anyone could use!

hire an interior designer in tampa florida debbie p

What We Love: her outlook. Debbie understands the immense impact that your living environment has on all that you do. As a result of that understanding, she has been “tweaking” spaces around her since she was a little girl. Add her professional experience to that passion, and she is an unstoppable force when it comes to creating the beautifully designed habitats that her clients desire.

Michelle J.

michelle j tampa interior designers

Michelle has over 20 years of interior design experience and is a professional member of ASID. Her firm, Interiors by Studio M, has been featured in Luxe Magazine. Her design work on luxury residential properties is classic, yet lively. Growing up in the midwest exposed Michelle to historic homes. Combining her knowledge and love for the old with her ability to awaken your sense through good design sets her work apart. Michelle uses light, color, texture, and even sound to craft spaces that are comfortably livable, as well as visually intriguing.

hire an interior designer in tampa fl michlle j

What We Love: she’s sharing her dream job with us. Michelle wants to design boutique hotels. Based on her home designs, you’d probably want become a permanent resident of those hotels!

Terri W.

terri w tampa interior designers

One of the 2018 “Best of Tampa Awards” winners for Interior Decorators & Designers, Terri W. of Terri White Design is an elite and well-known designer. With nearly 30 years of experience, she provides a level of expertise and design wisdom that is unparalleled. She’s an ASID member with several awards to her name.


Whether stunningly simplistic or full of character and old world charm, her designs are rich and attractive.


What We Love: her business background. Terri’s client define her as “…highly creative, organized, efficient, budget conscious…” We can’t help but think that her background in business, as well as her years as a successful designer, contribute to this.

Priscilla C.

priscilla c tampa interior designers

Priscilla C. founded Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors in 1999 and it has been a strong design presence in the Tampa area for 20 years. They specialize in personalized design for top-tier designs for highly accomplished clients.


State Delegates, NFL stars, Executives, and celebrities all go to Priscilla for their design needs. Priscilla forms tremendous spaces and helps her busy clients by expertly managing the entire process.

tampa interior designers kitchen design priscilla c at andrea lauren interiors

What We Love: her passion for home investment. Priscilla knows that good design is an investment with high returns for clients. Thus, her work for them not only creates welcoming living spaces, it also makes homes easier to sell!

David VL.

david van ling tampa interior designers

Published in both Better Homes & Gardens: The New Decorating Book and Spectacular Homes of Florida, David VL. of van Ling Design creates interiors that you would want to replicate in your own home. He is a longtime resident of Tampa with a penchant for designing spaces that inspire homeowners.


Having studied design psychology, he understands the connection between visual surroundings and the mind. He uses color, texture, furnishings that are classical in style, and unique art pieces to accomplish this. David gets his joy from creating spaces that give his clients joy, as well.


What We Love: his boutique. Not only does David offer amazing design services, he also curates a shop of one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories.

Andy D.

andy d - dsa - tampa interior designers

The Design Styles Architecture firm has an extensive team headed by Andy D. (Principal & CEO) and Jason D. (Principal & COO). Andy has a lot of experience in management, operating, builder experience, and producing great designs on a strict timeline. Andy co-founded dsa+ in 1998, has 25+ years experience in the architecture field, and is an affiliate of AIA, NCARB, USGBC, and FGBC.

orange mid century modern fireplace tampa bay interior designers dsa

Although stationed in Tampa, Andy is licensed in several states in the south and along the east coast. Through dsa+, Andy and his team are creating truly exclusive home designs. Diversity is a major factor that keeps their designs interesting and progressive. Diverse projects, diverse clients, and a diverse team are a winning combination for dsa+.

interior designers in tampa - andy d of dsa - luxurious bedroom

What We Love: he’s a people person! Andy keeps the client first in all matters, advocating for them throughout the design process.

Lisa G.

Lisa G Tampa Interior Designers

With a flare for bold design, Lisa G. creates spaces that are vibrant and inviting. Formerly a design professional in Chicago, she returned to Florida to found her company, Lisa Gilmore Design. Together with her team of creatives, her work seamlessly blends color, patterns, and textiles into upscale spaces. Lisa’s designs bring a feel of sophistication to the often misunderstood “eclectic” design genre. In fact, she’s featured in Forbes, where she explains what really good eclectic design is made of.


What We Love: her motto! Lisa’s goal to create “Livable Glamour” results in her clients’ homes being magazine and Instagram worthy. Her designs are the designs on many Pinterest wish lists!

Choosing the right interior designer is an important task. You’re entrusting them with making your house feel like a home, and to get it right ton the first try. The Tampa interior designers here are an amazing locator tool for those in the Tampa Bay area, and sometimes beyond.

If you’re still looking for a designer that’s just right for you, wherever you may be, schedule a free consultation with a Decorilla designer today for affordable interior design help!

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[Top image: Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors]