Top 10 San Francisco Interior Designers Near Me

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The San Francisco Bay Area has risen as a design hub for industries like fashion, film, landscape and interior design is no exception either. With a selection of interior design pros and rising stars alike, the talent in the city is expansive. And Decorilla is lucky enough to have a few of them on our team, but we also work hard to scout out the ones to watch. We try not to have favorites, but we really admire the following Golden Gate City interior designers and their fresh designs. Check out our list of the top San Francisco interior designers!

1. Grant K. Gibson

Find an interior designer San Francisco Grant Gibson

Described as having a fresh approach, Grant K. Gibson’s designs are livable and easy on the eyes. Furthermore, his philosophy is: “a home is the ultimate reflection of personality”. Clients request his San Francisco based interior design company nation-wide. The classic spaces that the firm designs are not only beautiful, but functional. In addition, his personal blog shares design inspiration as well as pieces on travel, food, and lifestyle.

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White Kitchen by top san francisco interior decorator grant k gibson

WHAT WE LOVE: unrivaled attention to detail as well as his client service.

2. Theresa Wertheim

Top San Francisco interior designer and decorator Theresa Wertheim

With over 15 years of interior design experience, Theresa Wertheim has a passion for all aspects of home design, including new construction, remodeling and styling. Her broad experience makes her one of the top San Francisco interior designers. In addition, as a former managing partner in a retail home goods store, Theresa has extensive knowledge of product sources and draws from a wide variety to create a unique design for each client.

Romantic master suite by affordable san francisco interior designer theresa w

Romantic master suite by Decorilla and San Francisco interior designer Theresa W.

Theresa masters the mix of design elements in a room to achieve a whole that is greater than its parts is. As a result, she expertly layers furnishings, textiles and accessories drawn from local craftsmen, trade sources and catalogue finds to create a curated look for each client. Furthermore, she specializes in online interior design making her services among the most affordable and accessible.

Glam office dining combo by affordable san francisco interior designer Theresa W

Glam dining and office combo by Decorilla‘s affordable San Francisco interior designer, Theresa W.

WHAT WE LOVE: Theresa’s desire to please her clients! Delivering a design that, first and foremost, meets their needs, and ultimately delights their senses is her number one goal. Get started with Theresa today!

3.  Julie Rootes

Houzz interior designer san francisco Julie Roots

Julie Rootes’ design style is heavily influenced by her background in fashion, Texas upbringing, and role as a mom of three. The designer’s boutique firm offers San Francisco interior design help that creates elegant yet highly functional spaces for both homes and businesses. Their designs stand out by mixing an aesthetic of California chic and Southern charm, putting them among the top San Francisco interior decorators.

Transitional open living dining by San Francisco interior designer Julie Roots

WHAT WE LOVE: Infusion of interiors with pops of color, bold prints, and custom details.

4. Emilie Munroe

hire an interior designer san francisco Emilie MunroeCrisp. Fresh. Lush. Pop! Emilie Munroe brings energetic words to life through playful uses of color and pattern in her interiors. By personalizing each project to suit her client’s style and needs, Emile’s spaces cater to each person’s unique lifestyle. She works with a hand-selected team of craftsmen, artists and installers to make her final product a true work of art. As a result, Emilie is one of the most unique Bay Area interior decorators.

Top San Francisco interior designers Emilie Munroe

WHAT WE LOVE: “Open communication, a collaborative spirit, and creating interiors that are the perfect backdrop for the life lived inside.” – Studio Munroe

5. Irina Gunica

local interior design help San Francisco Irina Gunica

One of the top San Francisco interior designers, Irina Gunica, boasts over 20 years of experience running both residential and commercial projects. Her clients are her main inspiration and she loves to learn about each individual person before coming up with her concept. As a result, she captures the true essence of her clients’ desires, vision, and personality. Furthermore, she translates these into uniquely creative designs that continually impress her clients.


Contemporary open living and dining room by Decorilla and San Francisco interior decorator, Irina G.

WHAT WE LOVE: Irina’s accessibility with interior design packages for every budget. Get started with Irina today!

6. Jennifer Jones 

top san francisco interior decorator jennifer jones

Sustainability is in, and Niche Interiors valued its importance years before the hype. Jennifer Jones, a California native, inspired the future of interior design toward eco-friendliness through social consciousness when she launched the company in 2007. Spotted in California Home + Design, HGTV Magazine, and most recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, her team works to create homes that are healthy for both clients and the environment. The Niche team also ranks among the top Houzz interior designers San Francisco.


WHAT WE LOVE: Linking design with community development (like re-designing a hospital treatment room for Rooms that Rock for Chemo, a local non-profit organization).

7. Kendall Wilkinson

hire an interior decorator kendall wilkinson

With 20 years of design experience, Kendall Wilkinson is a well-known name among the top San Francisco interior designers. Her residential projects range from modern to traditional, always showcasing an air of sophistication and a touch of glam. She’s been seen in leading design and lifestyle publications including ELLE DECOR, LUXE magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Kendall speaks to the social and cultural climate of her city by focusing on creating “Healthy Homes” where sustainability and green-living are prioritized.

Eclectic hideway by San Francisco interior designer kendall wilkinson

WHAT WE LOVE: Mixing authenticity and contemporary design in an artful way to speak to client’s aesthetic preferences.

8. SoYoung Mack

san francisco interior designers near me SoYoung Mack

Drawing inspiration from architecture, culture, nature and fashion, SoYoung Mack’s designs balance color, light, and style. Through her rich life experiences and vast travels, SoYoung gives her spaces an intuitive sensibility that reflects the aesthetics and functional needs of her clients. Her professional work as designer for George Lucas and as a consultant for Ethan Allen Global makes her one of the top San Francisco interior designers.

Contemporary kitchen and dining by San Francisco interior decorator and designer SoYoung Mack

WHAT WE LOVE: Offering full service interior design help including CAD construction and fine art acquisition.

9. Christine Lin

interior designers ner me San Francisco Christine Lin

As a top San Francisco interior designer and principal of Field + Form design studio, Christine Lin certainly brings a multi-disciplinary background with training in architecture, engineering, and business from a decade at top tech companies. Her well-honed eye is a result of extensive study and global travel. Above all, she uses these experiences as an opportunity to seek out new art, design, and architecture. Then she brings these elements to each project at the firm. Furthermore, as a creative at heart and with rigorous business experience, Christine is able to lead the firm through expert communication, management, and execution skills. Moreover, Christina and her team have won the Best of Houzz Interior Designers San Francisco 2018 and 2020.

Scandinavian kitchen by san francisco interior designer Christine Lin

WHAT WE LOVE: Christine’s true passion for all things design.

10. Lynn Kloythanomsup

interior designer firm San Francisco Lynn Kloythanomsup

Lynn Klothanomsup has a decade of experience working in luxury interior design. She worked for many of the top interior decorators in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her own company, Landed Interiors and Homes, launched in 2015, after her home was featured in Domino magazine. Above all, Lynn draws inspiration from a home’s architecture, using it as a foundation for unique designs. As a result, her work tells a story by linking a home’s history to its present. As a longtime member of the Bay Area design community in addition to always seeking continued education in her field, Lynn has become a requested industry expert and mentor. If you’re looking to find an interior designer, she’d certainly make a great choice.

Farmhouse modern kitchen by landed interiors

WHAT WE LOVE: her love of projects that include spirited homes for curious clients.

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