Neoclassical interior design

When designed well, a neoclassic interior can be a tastefully timeless space. Yet, the opposite can feel completely tacky. That’s why a discerning homeowner sought out professional help. He wanted to celebrate neoclassical design, and he could with Decorilla! Finally, the interior of his grand abode matched the exterior. Read on to discover the breathtaking modern neoclassical interior design!

The Challenge: Modern Neoclassical Interior Design

After a complete gut renovation, the interior of the client’s home was a blank canvas. Fortunately, Decorilla’s designers were up to the task and ready to turn the respective rooms into one cohesive masterpiece. And to find their perfect fit, the clients set a brief with project must-haves. More specifically, the designer needed to:

  • Design an updated neoclassical interior that complements the home’s architecture
  • Ensure the combined online dining and living room design makes good use of the shared space by maximizing the usability of both areas 
  • Stick to incorporating neoclassical elements that will enhance the architecture throughout the home 

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Modern Neoclassical House Interior Inspiration

Neoclassical living room inspiration

The client had a clear vision of what he wanted. This was especially helpful to designers as they could see his admiration of mixing vintage and contemporary details. The client also wanted designers to steer clear of orange tones in favor of neutral shades and blues. He wanted a neoclassical interior more on the modern side than the traditional interior design side. Each space needed to be balanced yet equally timeless and elegant. Furthermore, the client wanted furniture that made an impact.

Neoclassical Interior Design & Mood Board

Neoclassical living room
Decorilla modern neoclassical interior design

Once the client decided on online interior design services, he completed a quick and easy questionnaire and a complimentary consultation. From here, he set the brief alongside the professional design team. He also attached images of the rooms he wanted to have redesigned, together with inspiration images. With this information in hand, the Decorilla team could match him to the finest interior designers. Shortly after, he received neoclassical interior mood boards from two talented designers. And it was the classy yet relevant concept by Laura A. he fell in love with. 

Neoclassical interior design style mood board
Decorilla mood board with a neoclassical decorating style

Laura was sure to stick to the desired neutral and blue color palette throughout the multi-room home design. She also suggested moody colors to beautifully contrast lighter ones – in paint, flooring, and furnishings. Additionally, metallic accents added a glamorous finish. She aimed to create interiors that contained interesting and original furnishings. With this in mind, Laura also ensured these spaces kept to modern neoclassical decorating style principles. Overall, the results were calming, soft, and timeless interiors throughout the home.

Neoclassical Interior Reveal

Lounge with a piano and a neo classical interior design
Neoclassical house interior result – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final design boasts a multi-room neoclassical house interior. Luxury and refinement flow in every room, from the combined neoclassic living and dining room to the dressing room. Each room is certainly a satisfying study of neoclassical elegance.

Combined Neoclassical Living & Dining Room

Neoclassical living room
Combined neoclassical living and dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The neoclassical interior design style of the combined living and dining room is stunning. Lightwood flooring, off-white walls, and a white ceiling, together with plenty of natural light, makes for a bright and airy space. In addition, contrasting deep blue and dark wooden furniture make individual pieces pop.

Neoclassical decorating style for a dining room
Neoclassical dining room interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Additionally, the plush living room furniture, along with the curvier dining room furniture balance the room out well. It also clearly distinguishes the two different entertainment areas of this shared space. Yet the room remains united thanks to the use of two tasteful rugs – a blue one for the dining room and an off-white one for the neoclassical living room.

Neoclassical living room interior decorating style
Neoclassical living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Plentiful lighting options are tactfully spread out across the room in the form of table lamps, wall sconces, and even a grand chandelier. But when it comes to the show-stopper, the original neoclassic interior design style fireplace takes center stage. When lit, it emits a warm glow that only adds to the space’s social nature.

Billiards Room in a Neoclassical Interior Decorating Style

Lounge with a piano and a neo classical interior design
Neoclassical game’s room interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The game room is an ode to a romantic era, celebrating leisure and entertainment to the utmost. Here, a golden-hued design complements the cool color scheme of the neoclassical house interior. Blues still feature in the upright sofa and statement accent chair, while warm gold and creams illuminate the space. What’s more, the rectangular seating balances the intricate curved elements. But the accent tables and chandelier still shine beautifully. 

Neo classical house interior
Neoclassical decorating style – Decorilla 3D rendering

While the seating area acts as a midway between two entertainment areas, it also provides a practical lounge area in front of the fireplace. Moreover, here guests have a good view of the billiard table as well as a front-row seat to a piano serenade. 

Library with a Neoclassical Interior Design Style

Library with a neo classical decorating style
Library with a neoclassical interior design style – Decorilla 3D rendering

A classic yet cozy air fills the home library. Here, two luxurious navy armchairs and a matching ottoman stand atop a faded rug, right in the middle of the room and facing another fireplace. The strategic placement of a soft golden-framed mirror above the fireplace makes the small space seem far roomier than it is. 

Neoclassical library interior
Neoclassical interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Another key feature of the library is the delicate floral-patterned wallpaper. It undoubtedly contributes to the chicness of the space. The flowy motifs also echo the rug’s pattern, tying the whole room together. 

Neoclassic Meets Contemporary in the Bedrooms

Contemporary meets Neoclassical in a house interior
Modern neoclassical bedroom interior design style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Two bedrooms show just how diverse modern neoclassical interior design can be. On the one hand, the master suite has an opulent and magnificent aesthetic. And on the other, the second bedroom celebrates monochromatic mastery. 

Elegant Master Suite with a Neoclassical Decorating Style

Neoclassical bedroom interior
Neoclassical master bedroom interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The master bedroom embodies tranquility. Gold accents bring out the brightness in this soft-toned room as its luxurious bedding and seating add a distinct dreaminess. It’s the perfect escape from a busy world.

Neoclassical dressing room interior
Neoclassical dressing room interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The dressing room, right off the master suite, veers on the modern side of neoclassical interior design. Cupboards line two opposite walls, while a built-in vanity creates the ideal beauty booth. This spacious all-white interior is dotted with golden accents. The resulting luxurious atmosphere is only further enhanced by a striking chandelier.

Neoclassical bathroom interior design style
Glam bathroom with a neoclassical decorating style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Tasteful and glamorous, the master bathroom is another bright space with plenty of glittering accents. The neoclassical interior highlights undoubtedly are the golden clawfoot bathtub and gorgeous chandelier. 

Classic Contemporary Bedroom 

Monochromatic Neoclassical house interior
Modern neoclassical bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although smaller than the master suite, the second bedroom still feels spacious. Although the furniture is generous, elements ensure the room is light and airy. Ample natural and synthetic light sources, as well as a black and white color scheme, help to achieve spaciousness.

Neoclassical meets contemporary in the guest bathroom interior
Contemporary bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A second bathroom is modest yet as well-decorated as the master bath. Much like the second bedroom, this bathroom is black and white. The space is a contemporary showcase of geometric elegance. Although it deviates from the neoclassical interior design of the rest of the home, it stands out for its stylish tiles and finishes.

Online Shopping List

Shopping list for a neoclassical decorating style
Decorilla online shopping list

As part of Decorilla’s online service package, all clients receive a convenient interior design shopping list. Not only does it make completing a project at home easy, but as a bonus, it also contains exclusive trade discounts. This allows clients to reap as many benefits as possible.

Our Favorite Items for a Neoclassical Decorating Style

By carefully selecting a few key pieces, it’s possible to entirely transform a whole room. If the neoclassical style above has left you feeling inspired, be sure to take a look at our top picks for recreating the look.

Neoclassic interior design top picks
  1. Patterned Pillow 
  2. Statement Chandelier
  3. Framed Prints
  4. Maggie Chair
  5. Antique Table
  6. Blue Rug

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