Top Montecito interior designers near me

Although a small coastal community, Montecito offers something special: quality of life, refined yet casual ambiance, and stunning architecture. Speaking of which – the best Montecito interior designers and decorators create equally chic indoor spaces. Read on to discover the design talent worth hiring for your next project.

Montecito Interior Design in a Nutshell 

Montecito interior design - Leonora M
Decorilla beachy living room by one of the top Montecito interior designers

Due to proximity, Montecito boasts prime examples of typical Santa Barbara-style buildings. The look has roots in Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, with core features revealing its origins. But what of the interiors – do they have a similar vibe to the exteriors or follow a trendy Miami decorating style?

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Montecito interior designers near me - Lori D
Decorilla Montecito living room interior design

It’s a near-universal truth that property insides follow owner preferences. Whatever the case, these designers and firms are pros at customization. In fact, they take the top interior design trends of 2023 and make them suit their client’s specific needs.

Best Montecito Interior Designers & Decorators

Interior designers near you - Dina H
Decorilla lounge by one of the best Montecito interior decorators

The interior designers of Montecito, California, are among the top talent in the state, if not the country. They effortlessly bring client visions to life, no matter how complex or minor the job. Best of all, when searching for ‘interior designers near me’ in the area, you’re bound to find a result that suits your tastes and budget.

Margarita Bravo

Montecito interior design - Margarita Bravo

Enthusiasm and a keen eye make Margarita Bravo a remarkable figure in the Montecito interior design community. She’s also famed for her exceptional time management and getting the most out of each client’s budget. Moreover, her signature style is luxurious and inviting.

Best Montecito interior designers - Margarita Bravo

WHAT WE LOVE: Margarita remains involved and available from project beginning to end and beyond.

Meric Gurani Say

One of the top Montecito interior designers - Meric Gurani Say

One glance at Meric Gurani Say’s portfolio, and it’s easy to see why she’s one of the best Montecito interior designers. Her experience spans minor tasks like patio revamps and grand-scale renos like hotel design. Having worked on residential and commercial projects gives her clients added peace of mind. After all, she’s overcome many diverse challenges during her 20-year career.

One of the top Montecito interior designers - Meric S
Contemporary interior by one of Decorilla’s top Montecito interior designers, Meric S.

As an avid traveler, Meric draws inspiration from all the destinations she visits. European architecture and interiors are her favorites, which shows in her designs. Whatever space needs creating, she ensures the results have enduring appeal and a comfortable ambiance.

Living Room by one of the top Montecito interior decorators - Meric S
Chic Montecito interior design by Decorilla designer, Meric S.

WHAT WE LOVE: Meric’s signature style is a sophisticated blend of eclectic and contemporary. She loves taking on new tasks – start a project with her today!

Birgit Klein

Montecito interior designer Birgit Klein

The Montecito interior design scene is lucky to have another keen traveler, Birgit Klein. Her cultural insights and international experience certainly make her a better designer. As a result, she’s famed for her bespoke spaces that are as fabulous as they are functional.

Interior by one of the Montecito interior decorators - Birgit Klein

WHAT WE LOVE: Birgit’s ability to forge meaningful relationships with her clients. It aids her in offering highly personalized services and support.

Christine Markatos Lowe

Montecito interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe

It’s no wonder the services of Montecito interior decorators like Christine Markatos Lowe are in such high demand. In the first place, her creativity and skill at executing any style results in stunning outcomes every time. Plus she’s especially good at developing unique color, pattern, and texture combinations.

Montecito interior design by Christine Markatos

WHAT WE LOVE: Christine’s imaginative aesthetic that unites classic and contemporary influences.

Lori Dennis

One of the best Montecito interior designers Lori Dennis

If you live in Montecito, you are lucky enough to call Lori Dennis one of the top interior designers near you. The HGTV A-lister creates residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces in her classy, comfy, and clean style. She refines client visions and delivers equally timeless and memorable environments.

Montecito living room interior design by Lori Dennis
Stylish lounge by one of Decorilla’s best Montecito interior decorators, Lori D.

She encourages clients to live mindfully by practicing what she preaches. As a matter of fact, Lori has been in the business of creating sustainable luxury designs for well over 20 years. Her top interior tip while shopping for new pieces is to invest in high-quality pieces that will look good for years to come.

Montecito bedroom interior design by Lori Dennis
Bedroom by one of Decorilla’s top Montecito interior designers, Lori D.

WHAT WE LOVE: Lori also has architectural and landscaping experience, making her ideal for new build projects. Since she’s always up for a challenge, why not invite Lori to collaborate on your interior?

Jeffrey Alan Marks

One of the top Montecito interior designers - Jeffrey Alan Marks

To Jeffrey Alan Marks, another of the top Montecito interior decorators, comfort is as essential to a great space as style. He goes above and beyond to give each client the livable yet elegant space of their dreams. His creations are widely celebrated, frequently featuring in international publications like Architectural Digest.

Montecito interior design by Jeffrey Alan Marks

WHAT WE LOVE: Jeffrey’s good-natured, charming, and fresh, informal style.

Steve & Caroline Thompson

Interior designers near you - Steve and Caroline Thompson

The founders and lead designers of Cabana Home are highly regarded members of the Montecito interior design scene. Aside from Steve and Caroline Thompson’s stunning results, clients love them for their great value and quality service. Their attention to detail is also noteworthy.

Top Montecito interior designers - Steve and Caroline Thompson

WHAT WE LOVE: The Thompsons travel all over to source unique, hard-to-get materials and pieces.

Jodi Goldberg

One of the best Montecito interior decorators - Jodi Goldberg

Montecito interior design is as desirable as it is because of experts like Jodi Goldberg. She’s served the area for over 15 years and has gained a dedicated client base as a result. Design truly is her passion, and she’s never happier than when finding creative ways to overcome work challenges.

Interior designers near you - Jodi Goldberg

WHAT WE LOVE: Jodi’s designs successfully reflect her clients’ distinct personalities.

Christopher Teasley & Co

Montecito interior designers - Christopher Teasley Co

Many clients who want to work with the finest Montecito interior decorators turn to Christopher Teasley. He and his business partner, Stephen Singleton, deliver comfy yet elegant spaces with enduring appeal. They’ve got ample experience too, having worked together since 1996.

Montecito interior design by Christopher Teasly

WHAT WE LOVE: Christopher and Stephen are a joy to work with due to their creativity and warmth.

John De Bastiani

Best Montecito interior designers - John de Bastiani

Last but certainly not least of the best Montecito interior designers is John De Bastiani. His firm is well-known for creating understated and livable yet sophisticated environments. To make his services even more appealing, he offers tailored packages that suit individual needs.

Montecito interior designers near me - John de Bastiani

WHAT WE LOVE: John endears himself to design lovers by offering perfectly balanced spaces. These are places where alluring textures and casual atmospheres can co-exist in harmony.

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