Modern black and white living room

When it comes to home design, few projects are more rewarding than creating a beautiful and modern living room. Count that double if the space also features a dining area. Whether you want to create a serene oasis of relaxation or an elegant spot for entertaining guests, the right décor can turn any space into the luxurious haven you’ve dreamed of. So, let’s take a closer look at how our designer transformed one client’s living space using stylish modern elements. Don’t miss the exciting details that added to this amazing outcome!

The Challenge: Modern Living Room  

A recent Decorilla client was excited to build their new home in Texas. They planned out each room’s design ahead of time to ensure the project would run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That included the main bedroom design, which was also their first—and very successful—online interior design experience. Moving forward with the plans, it was time to give life and character to the living room and dining design. The designer needed to:

  • Assemble a cohesive open-concept layout from the kitchen to the sitting room 
  • Source comfortable, long-lasting modern furniture that is also pet friendly 
  • Find a convenient spot for a TV in the living room, and also incorporate a sizeable black fan stylishly 
  • Include an eye-catching chandelier above the dining table set
  • Consider a statement piece of art on the black brick wall that houses the direct vent fireplace

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Modern Interior Design Style Ideas & Decor Inspiration

Modern interior design style inspiration board

One of the best assets of modern living room decor is its versatility. It can be minimal but also allow you to play around with color and texture combinations. The client’s inspirational gallery was somewhere in-between: it boasted vibrancy despite the simple, sleek modern furnishings. The key was in the curated accessories and statement pieces with unique forms showing off bold and creative expression. 

Modern Living Room Design & Moodboard

Modern living room by Decorilla
Modern living and dining room design by Decorilla

Decorilla made finding the best-suited interior designers covetable and simple with their meticulous design questionnaire. After initiating the contact, clients typically complete an online quiz to specify personal tastes and requirements, followed by further consultation with the team. However, in this case, the clients were so pleased with the specific designer’s work on their other projects that they requested to work with the same person again. Hence, the concept by Drew F. was the one the clients couldn’t wait to see.

Modern living room design moodboard by Decorilla
Decorilla moldboard for a modern living room design

Drew’s first draft of the dining and living room design revolved around keeping the space light and fresh. The color palette was neutral, filled prevalently with softened shades of black and white. Meanwhile, gold and black accents linked the interior to the home’s architecture and the previously designed principal bedroom.

Modern Living Room Design Result

Modern living room by Decorilla
Modern living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern interior design style of the online living room includes a spacious, bright sofa in a performance fabric. While the initial concept involved caramel leather accent chairs, after consultation with the client, those were replaced with sleek, black armchairs. In addition, opting for the abundance of slender metal lines ensured a lightweight, breezy feel to the entire arrangement.

Modern living room decor ideas by Decorilla
Modern living room decor ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

The area rug’s intricate texture adds a level of controlled energy to the structured form of this modern living room. Similarly, the gallery wall leads the eye upward without compromising the established layout geometry. Its elegant and clever design also provides a sophisticated solution for hiding the TV behind an art frame. The choice of details, such as subdued decor pieces and a tall faux plant, further elevates the room’s style.

Final Modern Dining Room

Modern living and dining room design by Decorilla
Modern dining room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Similarly to the modern living room arrangement, the dining room design focuses heavily on sleek lines, contemporary furnishings, subtle shades, and bold accents. The modern dining room set is a prominent part of the design.

Modern dining room design by Decorilla
Modern dining room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Nevertheless, it seamlessly blends with the adjoined conversational area, cultivating an inviting environment to relax and entertain. It’s topped up with an elegant lighting solution in a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Modern living room furniture arrangement by Decorilla
Modern living room furniture arrangement – Decorilla 3D rendering

The irregular shape of the space allowed for the creation of another independent functional zone. It is now an intimate conversational area comprising four curved armchairs and a coffee table. In the background, a black brick wall hosts a fireplace and statement art piece. The sculptural cabinet also adds to the unique flair with its stunning aesthetic, producing an immediate “wow factor.” Every aspect works together effortlessly to convey an unforgettable atmosphere full of contemporary style and comfort.

Modern Living Room Furniture Shopping List

Modern living room decor shoping list by Decorilla
Modern living room decor shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla takes the stress out of home makeovers with services that quickly transform any space, from classic to transitional to modern. In addition to professional interior design ideas and helpful 3D visualizations, each client receives instructions and guidance every step of the way. Meanwhile, curated shopping lists provide a streamlined solution for timely and hassle-free sourcing featured elements. And then, those exclusive trade discounts make your dream space more affordable than ever!

Modern Interior Design Style Top Picks

Looking to give your home an upgrade? Then check out some of our favorite pieces that could leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Modern interior design style top picks by Decorilla
  1. Accent Chair
  2. U-shaped Sectional
  3. Framed Art
  4. Brass Chandelier
  5. Media Console
  6. Coffee Table
  7. Area Rug

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[images: Decorilla project images]