Top 10 Milwaukee Interior Designers Near Me


Milwaukee interior designers are becoming know for creating some of the most beautiful spaces in the Midwest. Their style ranges from modern city homes to traditional suburban comfort. And Decorilla takes pride in working with a few of these amazing designers but we also like to keep a track of other leaders among the local design community. So, read on to check out the top Milwaukee interior designers and decorators whose work you’ll be sure to love!

Jerrica Zaric

Minimal living room by one of the top Milwaukee interior designers, Jerrica Zaric

Highly focused on creating bespoke interior spaces, Jerrica is one of the top Milwaukee interior designers. Her design style is an imaginative blend of modern spaces and classical charms. Above all, her background in sculpture and printmaking helps her in providing an edge to her designs. In addition, she likes to blend her artistic influence with the needs of clients to create a perfect livable space.

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Beautiful bedroom by one of the top interior decorators in Milwaukee

WHAT WE LOVE: The finesse and fine details are present in all her projects!

Decorilla Milwaukee Interior Designers 

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Do you want to give your home a much-needed update but aren’t familiar with some of the most affordable interior decorators in Milwaukee? The online interior design services from Decorilla make it possible for you to hire an interior designer at great prices and at your own convenience. This team of top Milwaukee interior designers works through flat-rate interior design packages, as well as custom solutions.  

traditional sitting area by top milwaukee interior designers, decorilla

Traditional sitting area by top Milwaukee interior designers – Decorilla

Moreover, not one but two very talented interior designers work on the design brief to pitch their creative ideas. The clients then have the liberty to pick the one they like the best and continue to complete the design with them. The chosen designer completes photorealistic 3D visualizations to bring the concept to life, making it easy to envision the design in your home. Furthermore, a shopping list complete with exclusive discounts and a helpful instruction guide are also provided. So, if you are looking for top interior decorators in Milwaukee, you know whom to reach out to!

Bohemian bedroom by Decorilla's Milwaukee, WI interior designers

Bohemian bedroom by Decorilla‘s Milwaukee, WI interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Professional and affordable interior design services made available to all sizes of budgets!

Jessica Forston

Luxury living room by one of the top interior design firms in Milwaukee, Fringe Interior Design

Fringe Interior Design is Jessica Forston’s, creative baby. According to her, luxury is in the details. Therefore, she likes to pay attention to the slightest of the details in order to curate opulent spaces. In addition, her designs are rich in textures and have a bold personality. To achieve such stunning designs, she plays around with all the elements of interiors. From custom window treatment to carefully sourced home décor pieces, Jessica does it all. Therefore, she is one of the top interior decorators in Milwaukee and we cannot wait to see her upcoming projects!

Chic home decor by one of the top interior designers in Milwaukee

WHAT WE LOVE: Diversity in finishes, colors and textures in all the home décor accents.

Andrea Farr

Eclectic living room by one of the top Houzz interior designers, Andrea Farr

Andrea, owner of Farr Interiors is a truly gifted designer. Her designs have a charm and poise that cannot be missed. In other words, her designs speak to the viewer as soon as you look at them. Andrea loves playing with saturated colors and unique textures. In addition, she includes the eclectic pieces in the most unimaginable ways. Her dynamic designs and playful interiors have made her one of the top Houzz interior designers in Milwaukee.

Modern kitchen by one of the top Milwaukee interior designers, Andrea Farr

WHAT WE LOVE: Thoughtful and tasteful use of furnishings in every corner!

Ashley Evans

Modern living room by one of the top interior decorators Milwaukee

To best describe Ashley’s style, it is all about comfort, comfort and comfort. Having worked in high-end luxury stores, Ashley developed a unique ability to enhance interior spaces. Moreover, with her love for casual spaces, she likes to curate a welcoming environment for the clients. Being a social person, Ashley loves meeting clients so she can translate their desires in a fresh way. She is truly one of the most talented Milwaukee interior designers.

Colorful living room decor by leading interior design firms Milwaukee

WHAT WE LOVE: Chic and sophisticated style with a refreshing feel to it.

Nicholas Carl

Chic living room by one of the most talented Milwaukee interior designers

Nicholas has a knack for creating interior spaces that are dynamic. As a result, he is one of the top Houzz Interior Designers in Milwaukee. Nicholas likes to work closely with clients in order to design homes that are a reflection of their personalities. In addition, he loves to incorporate rich textures and accent pieces in the interiors. Moreover, he pushes himself in every project to design well-suited spaces for the homeowners.

Bold living room design by one the leading interior design firms milwaukee

WHAT WE LOVE: His ability to design bold as well as engaging interiors.

Megan Brakefield 

Modern bedroom by one of the top interior decorators Milwaukee

Megan loves combining modern elements with traditional pieces to create timeless living spaces. She has a unique capability to transform bland areas into bright, cheery sanctuaries for homeowners. Megan likes to play with colors and patterns in the interior to achieve stylish interiors. As a result, all her designs are aesthetically pleasing and alluring. Together with her team, she has worked on some beautiful residential projects and has helped clients in turning their dreams into a reality. 

Contemporary fireplace decor by one of the top interior designers Milwaukee, Megan Brakefield

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern spaces with a pinch of glamour and personality!

Marianne Kohlmann

Minimal kitchen design by one of the top Milwaukee interior designers, Marianne Kohlmann

Marianne has a designer’s eye and artist’s soul that helps her in creating astounding interiors. As a result, Blue Hot Design is one of the top interior design firms in Milwaukee. Along with her team, Marianne manages to oversee every inch of the design process. From customizing furniture to material selection, she thoroughly enjoys the process of interior design. Therefore, all her designs are daring and dreamy!

Rich dining room decor by one of the top interior design firms Milwaukee

WHAT WE LOVE: The unexpected use of bold home décor and furniture pieces.

Kelly Marie Brainerd

Contemporary lobby design by one of the top Milwaukee interior designers, Kelly Brainerd

Before launching KMB Design Consulting, Kelly worked with top interior design firms in Milwaukee to get her hands dirty. In addition, her landscaping background helped her in giving a broader perspective to design. As a result, Kelly developed an unparalleled ability to curate spaces. Her designs focus on luxurious elements and high-end finishes. Today, she has designed all sorts of spaces from warehouse lofts to workstations. The common theme in all her designs is the attention to detail. With careful considerations, Kelly designs some of the most spectacular homes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Luxury decor by one of the top Milwaukee interior designers, Kelly Brainerd

WHAT WE LOVE: Strong and bold designs that instantly take your breath away!

Leslie Dohr

Modern, cheerful living room by one of the top interior decorators Milwaukee, Leslie Dohr

Leslie loves to create thoughtful and artful homes for her clients. Moreover, her versatility when it comes to design styles is second to none! From modern bedrooms to traditional kitchens, Leslie can pull off any style in any space. She tries to characterize the interior so the homeowners feel warm and welcoming. As a result, Leslie is one of the most renowned Milwaukee, Wisconsin interior designers.

Modern and traditional kitchen decor by one of the top Milwaukee interior designers, Leslie Dohr

WHAT WE LOVE: Captivating interiors made with custom finishes and statement accent décor.

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