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Some destinations, like Charleston, have it all. Apart from being one of the best US vacation spots, it’s also a great place to settle down. The port city offers, among other things, a mild climate, rich history, and superb eateries. Whether a local or looking to move there, read on to get to know the top interior decorators and designers in Charleston, SC. These individuals and firms certainly help make it such a sought-after location.

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Top interior designers in Charleston SC - Berkeley H
Glamorous space by one of Decorilla‘s best interior designers in Charleston, SC

Charleston’s architecture traces back to the sixteenth century. Many buildings have a distinct Lowcountry vibe with a Greek Revival twist. However, the properties are as diverse and accommodating as the people. In fact, there’s an ideal abode and district for everyone.

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Decorilla interior design in Charleston, SC

Kiawah Island, for example, is great for laid-back living. Downtown, on the other hand, is always buzzing with activity. Whatever the style or location, interior decorators and designers of Charleston, SC, perfect spaces. They create mesmerizing interiors – whether with classics or interior design trends.

The Best Interior Designers & Decorators in Charleston, SC

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Charleston interior design by Decorilla

The top Charleston interior designers can assist with new builds, updates, and commercial design. Their interior design ideas are fresh, stylish, and can transform any space. The best part is you can find an interior designer that meets every need and budget. Learn more about the best of the best below.

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Cortney Bishop

One of the best Charleston interior designers - Cortney Bishop

A keen eye and simple design philosophy of ‘welcome home’ make Cortney Bishop one of the best Charleston interior designers. Her firm, Cortney Bishop Design, creates inspiring, practical, and unique interiors. Best of all: they focus on commercial and residential properties. She credits her skill at blending hues and patterns to her passions for art, music, fashion, and travel.

Interior designers near me cortney bishop

WHAT WE LOVE: Cortney expresses her love of design through a custom furniture line. In the future, she plans to start producing textiles too.

Decorilla Charleston Interior Designers

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Although there are many Charleston interior design firms, none are quite like Decorilla. Unlike most traditional interior design firms, they offer affordable flat rate design packages from talented interior designers in Charleston, South Carolina. This makes professional interior design accessible to all sizes of budgets.

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Contemporary space by one of Decorilla‘s best Charleston interior designers

After a free consultation, the Decorilla team helps every client find two designers best suited to their project. Clients then pick their favorite between two concepts (created by their designers) to proceed. As a result, having a choice between designers and concepts help ensure the client receives a design they love. Every client also enjoys a photorealistic 3D model of their new space, a detailed shopping list with trade discounts, and more.

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Decorilla Charleston living room interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: How Decorilla makes interior design in Charleston, SC easy and affordable. It’s also the most accessible firm. In fact, if you want to start a project today, you can!

Jenny Keenan

Interior design in Charleston SC - Jenny Keenan

Interior design in Charleston, SC, is that much richer thanks to Jenny Keenan. Her designs reflect the lifestyles and tastes of her clients beautifully. She’s also highly respected for her ability to work with diverse styles. Furthermore, her firm, Jenny Keenan Design, is well-known for commercial and residential projects.


WHAT WE LOVE: Jenny’s talent for creating cohesive spaces. She loves using unique found pieces, authentic artwork, and creative lighting design.

Margaret Donaldson

Interior design firms Charleston SC - Margaret Donaldson

To Margaret Donaldson of Margaret Donaldson Interiors, designing spaces that allow residents to live well is more than a job – it’s a way of life. She draws inspiration from the different cultures she encounters while traveling. In fact, she’s always on the hunt for unique artwork and pieces she can bring home and use in her designs.

Houzz interior designers in Charleston SC - Margaret Donaldson

WHAT WE LOVE: During her 33 years in the industry, Margaret has become one of the most recognizable Houzz interior designers in Charleston, SC.

Lea Burton

Top interior designers in Charleston SC - Lea Burton

Curated and livable interiors are Lea Burton of Lea Honour Interiors’ specialty. She’s been sure of her career choice since childhood. Architecture, antique hunting, and design have always been dear to her heart. It’s only natural that Lea has become one of the top interior designers in Charleston, SC. She never ceases to deliver timeless interiors.

Charleston interior decorators - Lea Burton

WHAT WE LOVE: Lea makes her clients feel at ease and confident about their projects from start to finish.

Scott Anderson

Top interior designers Charleston SC - Scott Anderson

The Anderson Studio founder, Scott Anderson, is not only a talented designer but an architect as well. This makes him particularly sought-after in the Charleston interior design community. His firm also offers the best of both worlds by having the hands-on approach of a small studio and the expertise of a major enterprise.

Charleston interior designers - Anderson

WHAT WE LOVE: Scott’s work proves that architecture and design can indeed be works of art.

Melissa Ervin

Interior design Charleston SC - Melissa Erin

Among the interior design firms of Charleston, SC is Melissa Ervin Interior Design. Established in 2008, this gem of a studio gets its name from its eponymous founder, Melissa Ervin. She and her team have been creating comfy, sophisticated spaces for over a decade. Her area of expertise is residential designs, including historic renovations and new builds.

Charleston interior design - Melissa Ervin

WHAT WE LOVE: How any interior by Melissa manages to feel current yet timeless at the same time.

Cintra McGauley Sedalik

Houzz interior designers in Charleston SC - Cintra McGauley Sedalik

Several award-winning Houzz interior designers in Charleston, SC, are part of Herlong Architects. However, Cintra McGauley Sedalik stands out due to her skill at tailoring designs according to a broad range of tastes and styles. Her grandmother, a fine artist, steered Cintra towards a design career. Now, it’s something she – and her clients – are thankful for daily.

Charleston interior design firms - Cintra McGauley

WHAT WE LOVE: Cintra respects the designs of the past, present, and future, which is clear in her projects.

Angie Hranowsky

Top interior designers in Charleston SC - Angie Hranowsky

Seen as one of the top interior designers in Charleston, SC, Angie Hranowsky loves what she does. Ultimately, she wants her clients to feel that same love through the rooms she creates. As a designer, her natural curiosity, and passion for research and travel are handy. They help her deliver bespoke spaces that impress clients and other Charleston interior decorators and designers as well.

Interior designers near me - Angie Hranowsky

WHAT WE LOVE: How Angie’s appreciation for different periods, places, artwork, and qualities shine through her work.

Kelly Caron

Best Charleston interior designers and decorators - Kelly Caron

When looking for ‘interior designers near me’ in Charleston, Kelly Caron is bound to pop up as a top result. After all, she’s been setting new industry standards since the start of her career. Her modern Lowcountry design projects are especially beloved. She’s used the interior design style to incredible effect in commercial and residential spaces in Charleston, SC.

Top Charleston interior designers - Kelly Caron

WHAT WE LOVE: Kelly’s blended use of natural elements and original style results in sustainable, stunning interiors. It’s no wonder she’s considered one of the best Charleston interior designers.

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