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Lake Forest, Illinois might be in the shadow of Chicago, but that doesn’t mean it is off the radar. Its sense of community and suburban-like nature make it a great place to settle down. Other reasons for its appeal are the buildings’ diverse architecture and inviting interiors. Read on to discover the top Lake Forest interior designers and decorators who add to this city’s beauty.

Lake Forest Interior Design

Best Lake Forest interior designers - Sierra G
Colorful living room by one of Decorilla’s best Lake Forest interior designers

Locals from smaller destinations enjoy refined spaces just as much as those living in the big city. In fact, Lake Forest natives are living proof. This alcove of high-end homes brings streets lined with interesting architecture including Italianate, Italian Renaissance, and French Eclectic.

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Lake Forest interior decorators - Leonora M
Transitional interior by one of Decorilla’s top Lake Forest interior decorators

The Lake Forest interior decorators see to it that buildings with beautiful exteriors get to enjoy equally nice rooms. That goes for both residential and commercial properties. Interiors in this suburb are sure to be magazine-worthy. 

Lake Forest interior design - Katerina P
Lake Forest interior design by Decorilla

Lake Forest’s interior design talent can compete with those from larger places across the country – and even the world. They’re well-informed on classic styles and the latest trends. So, whether clients want to embrace the 2023 bedroom trends or opt for a more timeless solution, they know how to achieve the best results.

Best Lake Forest Interior Designers & Decorators

Lake Forest interior design - Amelia R
Decorilla high-end living for Lake Forest interiors

Client needs, tastes, and budgets are all considered by the best interior designers of Lake Forest, Illinois. These decorators and firms stop at nothing to turn client visions into reality. Plus, their customer service is beyond compare, which makes for a stress-free and fulfilling journey to a new space.

Marshall Erb

Lake Forest interior decorators - Marshall Erb

Not only do Lake Forest locals turn to Marshall Erb for interior design help, but so do national and international clients. His passion for stylish spaces developed during his youth and led him to open his firm in 1998. In addition, a keen eye for detail and an even temper help him take the stress out of even the most complex projects.

Lake Forest interiors - Marshall Erb

WHAT WE LOVE: Marshall produces bespoke millwork and furniture according to client needs.

Eileen Psenka

Interior designers near me - Eileen Psenka

Growing up in a family with a home furnishings company inspired Eileen Psenka to follow a similar path. Since then, she’s worked in the interior design industry for over 25 years. And she’s still as passionate about creating. Her creative spirit continues to serve her – and her clients – well to this day.

Top Lake Forest interior designers - Eileen Psenka
Living room by one of Decorilla’s top interior designers near you, Eileen P.

As one of the top Lake Forest interior designers, Eileen is well-known for helping clients discover their style and making the interior design process stress free. She brings spaces to life by infusing them with the residents’ unique personalities. All the while she keeps functionality in mind too.

Lake Forest interior design - Eileen Psenka
Home billiard room, created with interior design help from Decorilla designer, Eileen P.

WHAT WE LOVE: Eileen’s penchant for creating harmonious spaces by pairing dramatic accents, classic pieces, and color. Moreover, she adores helping homeowners overcome their design challenges. Why not invite her to collaborate on your next interior project?

Lisa Wolfe-DiGanci

Lake Forest interior decorators - Lisa Wolde-DiGanci

The Lake Forest interior design community is much more vibrant because of Lisa Wolfe-DiGanci. She has a wealth of experience since she worked for several firms before starting her own in 2004. Her intimate approach to design allows her to connect with clients on a deep level. Doing so certainly helps her uncover their true desires for their homes.

Lake Forest interior design - Lisa Wolfe-DiGanci

WHAT WE LOVE: Lisa’s colorful, bohemian twists on classic looks are as unique as can be.

Vicki Murphy

Lake Forest interiors - Vicky Murphy

With over 40 years in the industry, Vicki Murphy is among the Lake Forest interior decorators with the most experience. As creative director of Interior Design Partnership, she continues to impress. It’s certainly due to her designs’ timeless, elegant, and distinct nature.

Top Lake Forest interior designers - Vicky Murphy

WHAT WE LOVE: Vicki’s thoughtful approach which creates spaces that refine and celebrate a client’s preferences.

Katy Duewer

Best Lake Forest interior designers - Katy Duewer

Her adaptability, clear communication, and sense of style make Katy Duewer a star on the Lake Forest interior design scene. For one thing, she puts client wants and needs above her personal taste. As a result, her skill at creating functional spaces to suit individual lifestyles is without compare.

Lake Forest interior design - Katy Duewer
Transitional bar and game room by one of Decorilla’s top Lake Forest interior designers, Katy D.

Although Katy adores every aspect of design, her favorite part is building well-balanced interiors. Textures, shapes, and furnishings all work together harmoniously. She also has a knack for selecting great finishing touches, especially artwork that tells a story.

Lake Forest interior decorators - Katy Duewer
Elegant home office by one of Decorilla’s best Lake Forest interior decorators, Katy D.

WHAT WE LOVE: Katy’s signature timeless look with a dash of pizzazz sees her pop up in the ‘top interior designers near me’ search results. Her love for helping clients get their dream space is certainly tangible. Experience it for yourself and start a project with her today!

Donna Mondi

Interior design help - Donna Mondi

A true visionary, Donna Mondi is among the most sought-after Lake Forest interior decorators. After all, she travels to the farthest corners of the world for inspiration and resources. Moreover, her 20 years of experience and qualifications serve her well. Especially in conquering the toughest design challenges.

Lake Forest interiors - Donna Mondi

WHAT WE LOVE: Donna’s trademark style that blends edginess and European elegance.

Tina Dann-Fenwick

Lake Forest interior designers - Tina Dann Fenwick

As an attorney turned interior designer, Tina Dann-Fenwick offers professional service and creativity. Her Lake Forest interiors reflect her many travels and European heritage. She’s particularly adept at delivering multilayered spaces that feel unlike any other.

Lake Forest interiors - Tina Dann-Fenwick

WHAT WE LOVE: Tina’s interest in historic buildings, textiles, and art certainly allows her to create her signature refined interiors.

Britt Carter

Lake Forest interior design - Britt Carter

When searching for the best interior designers near you, Britt Carter’s name is sure to pop up. His portfolio of luxe, bold, and carefully curated spaces shows off his honed talent. What’s more, he listens closely and delivers clients’ wishes time and again.

Lake Forest interior decorator - Britt Carter

WHAT WE LOVE: Britt’s mission is to build stunning legacies for clients through luxury interior design.

Shelley Johnstone Paschke

Best Lake Forest interior designers - Shelly Johnstone Paschke

Nationally recognized for her work, Shelley Johnstone Paschke is one of the best Lake Forest interior decorators. After two decades of designing, she opened her namesake studio and showroom in 2017. Since then, she strives to deliver homes with an enduring appeal that suits her clients’ lifestyles.

Lake Forest interior decorators - Shelly Johnstone Paschke

WHAT WE LOVE: Shelley’s fresh and contemporary take on fine European interiors.

Kelley Rubin

Interior designers near me - Kelly Rubin

As a central figure in the Lake Forest interior design community, with almost 30 years of experience, Kelley Rubin is in high demand. Her spaces boast traditional and contemporary features that lead to timeless results. In addition, she has a sharp eye for proportions and detail, ensuring her interiors are well-balanced.

Interior design help - Kelley Rubin

WHAT WE LOVE: Kelley certainly delivers one-of-a-kind, personalized spaces with enduring appeal to every client.

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