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Ever feel drawn to more than just one interior design style? Lucky for us, certain styles blend perfectly with others, especially industrial style. There is something undeniably cool about industrial interiors. Open-concept design and a chic disregard for traditional coziness give these interiors an allure unlike any other. So much so, that industrial decor has spilled over into other covetable styles – read on to see the trend mixes for yourself!

Industrial Decor 101

Open concept living room with industrial decor - Wanda P
Industrial decor and design by Decorilla interior designer, Wanda P.

Before we dive into the most-loved industrial decor style combinations, let’s get to the basics of the industrial style and décor. 

Unfinished and raw: two words that go so well with industrial design. These spaces are masculine, impressive and offer the best platform for bold furniture and lighting. Contemporary pieces often feature alongside industrial living room décor. Yet, contemporary design is not the only style perfect for these bold spaces. In fact, many interior styles can sit just as beautifully in a rugged industrial shell. With a bit of inspiration and top tips on creating an industrial style, you can create a stunning home. 

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5 Features of Industrial Design

Industrial living room decor
Industrial style living room with industrial decor by Decorilla designer, Rajna S.

1. Distinct Color Palette

Although an industrial interior isn’t necessarily multi-colored and bold, the exposed structural elements are often in vivid hues, like black, greys, whites, and reds. These tones give a bold backdrop for any interior feature. 

2. Exposed Structural Elements 

An industrial home would be incomplete without exposed beams, brickwork, concrete, or steel. These spaces are reminiscent of factories and warehouses as the bare bones of the building are visible. 

3. Hardware as Industrial Decor

Just like the structural elements, hardware doubles as decoration. These can include anything from mechanics to rivets to wire. For instance, an oversized lightbulb, frequently seen in contemporary interiors, is a celebration of form as much as function as you can see all parts of the product. 

4. Contemporary Lighting

Few pieces so perfectly fit industrial design like large and impressive contemporary lights. They often double as industrial décor because their design highlights the building materials, like metal, wire, and glass. 

5. Open Concept 

Staying true to the first industrial spaces, present-day industrial home layouts are also as open as possible. To visually increase the expanse of these interiors, large windows or glass panels can replace walls. 

Industrial Boho Decor 

Industrial Boho Decor for a city loft
Industrial boho decor for a home office by Decorilla designer, Vale G.

Bohemian design is another covetable style perfect for industrial architecture. And, without a doubt, the industrial-boho combination is one of our favorites. It also often features rustic industrial décor, making the space cozy and inviting. Layers of textiles – rugs, one-of-a-kind scatters, and throws – give warmth to the cool aesthetics of a loft. Mementos and an assortment of art also add to the unique air of these spaces. With low lighting, typical of boho homes, you can soften an industrial look a bit more and make it feel cozy.  

Distinguishing Bohemian Features

Industrial chic bedroom decor - Warehouse
  • Layered textiles through scatter pillows, throws, and rugs.  
  • Pattern and color-rich decoration and upholstery. 
  • Unique accessories and artwork, like traveler’s trinkets, special ornaments, and antique furniture. 
  • Handmade products, like woven wall décor or clay pots, are often made from natural materials.  
  • Indoor plants in beautiful, character-rich pots. 

Industrial Farmhouse Decor 

Industrial farmhouse decor in a kitchen - Wanda P
Farmhouse kitchen with industrial decor by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Industrial decor suits so many styles that it’s no wonder the comfort of farmhouse design also fits the cooler aesthetics. For one thing, industrial and farmhouse styles have a feature in common: exposed building materials. Although the reason behind their use differs, it still leads to highlighting structural elements. In an industrial home, large glass windows (resembling the square-frame windows of factories), steel beams, and brick feature heavily, while wood beams and exposed stone are typical to a farmhouse style. The soothing blend of old and new design creates a pleasing, comforting, and contemporary look.           

Distinguishing Farmhouse Features

contemporary living room with industrial farmhouse decor - house of turquoise
  • Reclaimed wood from barn doors, pallets and fence posts make excellent farmhouse tables, kitchen cabinets, and doors. 
  • Shaker-style chairs, tables, and kitchens. 
  • Worn, weathered and rustic vintage furniture has a special place in a farmhouse interior. 
  • Texture-rich fabrics and soft furnishings, which often feature striped or plaid patterns. 
  • Wicker or rattan baskets are great for storage and as décor.

Rustic Industrial Decor 

Office with rustic industrial decor - Wanda P
Rustic office with industrial decor by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Not limited to one design style, but rather an all-encompassing term, rustic design is an ode to all things worn, rough, casual, and aged. Next to the coziness and natural materials of rustic interiors, industrial home decor stands out even more. In these spaces, you’ll find another set of contemporary and vintage contrast, but one thing you’re unlikely to see is plastic. As rustic design centers around the simplest of forms and materials, the extremes of manufacturing (like acrylic and cork) are out of place. With the addition of casual rustic items, you can make an industrial home feel warm and inviting. 

Distinguishing Rustic Features

Rustic industrial decor in a contemporary dining and living room
  • Natural materials, like stone, wood, burlap, and canvas, feature in every aspect of a rustic interior – from the structure to the accessories. 
  • An absence of plastics. Since the rustic aesthetic leans toward natural materials, everything ultra-modern and unnatural is out. 
  • Cozy, oversized furniture perfect for lazing. 
  • An earthy color palette, like browns, greens, gray, and warm oranges or reds. 
  • Textural fabrics like linen, hide, jute. 

Industrial Modern Decor 

Industrial modern décor for a bedroom - Tijana Z
Bedroom with industrial modern decor by Decorilla designer, Tijana Z.

Combined with mid-century design, industrial modern decor can make a home feel at the forefront of all that is new and trendy. The straight lines of modern design fit industrial interiors exceptionally well. Since the industrial style focuses on a building’s structure and materials, as opposed to ornamentation, it’s remarkably similar to modernism. Modernist designers honor the structure and function as much as the form of furniture, décor, and lighting. Often, the result is minimal and leaves elements exposed, much like industrial-style living room décor. What’s more, industrial and modern styles celebrate artwork, so the pair is bound to create breathtaking spaces. 

Distinguishing Modern Features

industrial modern decor in a small apartment - Form 8
  • Simplified form with an emphasis on straight lines and slender silhouettes. 
  • Minimal decoration and ornamentation. Furniture and décor aren’t embellished but rather a celebration of function as much as form. 
  • Open plan layouts accompanied by large windows and minimal window dressing. 
  • Focus on artwork, specifically pieces that impress and are striking, like abstract art.  
  • Retro colors, like primary yellow, red, and blue as well as mustard and olive. 

Industrial Chic Decor 

Industrial chic décor in a living room - Wanda P
Chic contemporary interior with industrial decor by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Chic interiors are opulent, textile-rich, and timeless. Being lofty and spacious, an industrial home perfectly frames the grandeur of ornate design. Although chic spaces are known for their vintage flair and distressed furniture, they are also distinctly sophisticated. With a characteristic French flair, chic design sensibilities certainly bring whimsy to an interior. And paired with statement pieces, like industrial wall decor, it is certainly captivating. 

Distinguishing Chic Features

Industrial chic decor in a small barn open concept lounge and kitchen and bedroom
  • Ornate vintage furniture, which often features intricate paintwork, curves in its structure, and nouveau elements. 
  • Mixed décor and accessories.
  • Glamorous lighting, like chandeliers or delicate glass sconces or pendants.  
  • Crisp, white linen, flowing curtainsand upholstered chairs. 
  • Florals and colorful accents in soft furnishings and upholstery.

Curate and Create Your Industrial Home – with Help!

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