how to incorporate nature into your home- indoor plants in living room

Dreaming of getting away? Research shows that by simply being in a natural environment you can notice stress relief, mental clarity, and an overall improvement in your well being. It’s time to bring the outdoors in and relax all year round. Already have natural decor in your home? Check out how to bring in color and texture with this stunning loft transformation for a personalized vibe.

Raw Materials

Neutral living room interior design
Neutral living room by Decorilla Designer, Corine M

Perhaps one of the fastest growing trends in interior design is the incorporation of raw materials. From modern to traditional raw materials can blend into any space. Wood stump tables are a great example of natural decor at it’s finest.

how to incorporate nature into your home- raw materials

Taking something so simple and familiar and turning it into a statement piece is sure to create a conversation with your guests. A tad less literal is the addition of live edge furniture. The organic lines and color variations of the wood instantly create your rooms statement piece.

how to incorporate nature into your home- raw materials in bathroom

While wood is a great example of a natural material, there are so many other options when it comes to materials that nod straight back to the outdoors. One of our favorite examples is the use of pebble tiles. Subtle accents of pebble tiles in this bathroom create a serene, spa like design that instantly calms the mind and body.

Living Walls With Nature Decor

how to incorporate nature into your home- living wall in entry

Talk about a statement piece. What better way to bring the outdoors in than creating a wall feature that is both unique and practical. Research has shown that the presence of plants in interiors can help purify the air. A work of art that has health benefits? Sign me up!

how to incorporate nature into your home- living wall in bathroom

While a living wall is sure to wow your guests, don’t forget about the spaces in your home that are just for you. Transport yourself from your bathroom in the suburbs to a tropical paradise. Plants that strive in humid environments work great in bathroom designs.

how to incorporate nature into your home- living wall in living room

Want a more subtle way to incorporate a living wall? Create a vertical herb garden in the kitchen. Practical and beautiful!

Natural & Nature Artwork Decor

how to incorporate nature into your home-black and white art

Artwork is one of the easiest natural decor elements that can be blended into any design style. With all the varying media styles in art the possibilities are endless. For a more subtle nod to nature a black and white print gets the point across without being too literal. A common misconception with natural decor is that it is always represented with green. Think about all the colors seen in nature. Take a photo of your favorite landscape and draw your color inspiration from that. You’ll always be reminded where your color scheme inspiration came from.

how to incorporate nature into your home- log art

On the contrary, literal art is always good too! Over sized but not overwhelming the log print becomes a conversation piece in what is a very neutral space. Pulling accent colors from artwork is always a good rule of thumb to ensure your natural decor flows seamlessly.

how to incorporate nature into your home- nature gallery wall

Have a favorite plant or flower? Create a gallery wall to remind yourself of the beauty of nature.

Natural & Nature Inspired Wallpaper Decor

how to incorporate nature into your home- Eleni tree wallpaper
Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Eleni P.

Nature has a beautiful way of calming the mind. What better way to create a peaceful environment than floor to ceiling wallpaper of a breathtaking landscape. It’s so easy to stare into this natural decor feature and get lost in thought. Feeling bold? Try peel and stick wallpaper and change your walls based on the seasons!

how to incorporate nature into your home-abstract wallpaper

This wallpaper by one of Decorilla’s favorite wallpaper vendors, Phillip Jeffries is a great example of a subtle nod to nature. The abstract and organic lines draw the eye from one edge of the room to the other while making our minds think we’re looking at a distant mountain landscape.

Indoor Plant Decor

how to incorporate nature into your home- indoor floor plants

Of course, what easier way to bring the outdoors in than by actual plants! Perhaps one of the easiest design tips to create a full, comfortable, inviting space is to incorporate greenery. In this case the color green becomes a new neutral. Weather its one large floor plant in the corner of the room or a centerpiece on the dining table, this natural decor brings an element of softness into the space. No green thumb? Don’t worry, there are so many great faux plants that look just like the real thing, with no maintenance! Succulents are also a great way to bring in a trendy, hard to kill (ask me how I know) natural element into your home design.

how to incorporate nature into your home- built in planter

Still Need Help With Natural Decor Ideas?

Fret not! Even though summer is coming to a close you can happily welcome fall with open arms now that you have all the tools to incorporate nature into your home. Inspired to give your home a fresh look for the changing seasons? Schedule A Free Interior Design Consultation with a Decorilla interior designer today to get started!

Written by Decorilla designer, Brittany S.

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