How to work with and online interior designer

Online interior designers are revolutionizing how the interior design process works. They make it easy to get the best interior design help from the comfort of your own home and with a lot more options! Decorilla is lucky enough to work with some of the best virtual interior designers across the country. We’re also always watching the industry to stay up to date with the latest best practices and trends. Read on for this helpful guide of how to work with an interior designer online and make the most of your design process!

How to Work With an Online Interior Designer: 6 Easy Steps

Contemporary living and dining by Decorilla online interior designer, Lori D.
Contemporary living and dining by Decorilla online interior designer, Lori D.

1. Choose the Right Online Interior Design Package for You

Modern boho living room results from Decorilla online interior design services, designer Marcela O.
Modern boho living room results from Decorilla online interior design services, designer Marcela O.

Each online interior design service offers several options of packages depending on your requirements. These options differ by the level of expertise of the designer, how many concepts are presented, revisions allowed, and other deliverables. Here’s an example of a common interior design package and things you should look for:

  • Concept Board From Multiple Interior Designers: These include a detailed floor plan, décor, furniture, and color palette suggestions. You choose which designer you’d like to continue designing your space.
  • 3D Renderings: Photo-realistic quality images of your new room. You can see how everything looks in the space prior to making any purchases.
  • Online Shopping List: Virtual shopping list which includes detailed information about all your designers’ suggestions. Decorilla passes along their trade discounts from 100s of popular vendors so the design fees can pay for the package many times over.
  • Detailed Furniture Layout: A furniture layout that details where each and every piece from your shopping list goes. It’s easy to see where things should be placed and how they’ll fit together.
  • Color Palette: Suggestions for paint colors to complement your new space design.
  • Tips and Implementation Guide: A step by step guide to help you through the decorating process. Your designer will pass along tips and tricks that will help you finish your room with ease.
  • Unbeatable Customer Service: Quality customer service is so important, especially with an online service. The Decorilla team takes pride in its stellar 24/7 service with someone always available to help. The handpicked team of customer service members are there for you day or night.

Need help choosing the right online interior design package for you? Then schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation for personalized assistance today!

2. Share Details About Your Space & Requirements

Work with an interior designer online results by Decorilla designer, shofy d
Work with an interior designer online results by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

To begin, you complete a fun and interactive style quiz, assessment, or schedule a free consultation so the team can get acquainted with your preferences and requirements. Sharing photos of your current space as well as a floorplan are helpful details that will certainly assist your designer(s). Other information to consider including is any existing furniture or decor items you’d like to include in the design, photos of adjoining rooms (so you get a cohesive look between spaces), and inspiration photos that you are drawn to.

3. Receive Initial Proposals from Vetted Online Interior Designers

Modern organic bedroom by Decorilla online interior design services
Modern organic bedroom by Decorilla online interior designer, Wanda P.

By using your preferences and requirements, our expert team can match you with the designer(s) most apt for your project or help you in choosing. Decorilla begins each project with custom concepts from multiple designers so that you can choose the designer that gets your style. Alternatively, other e-design services have one designer submit a few options for you. Your designers create an initial concept usually presented as a moodboard that will include a color palette, furniture selections, and a floor plan. You can also revise the concepts until you feel comfortable with one designer.

Moodboard concept by Decorilla Designer, Wanda P.
Moodboard concept by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

4. Choose Your Favorite Design Submission

Transitional kitchen by Decorilla online interior designer, Liana S.
Transitional kitchen by Decorilla online interior designer, Liana S.

Choosing which online interior designer concept you like most may be the hardest part! When presented with design options from multiple designers you’ll be able to choose the option that best resonates with you, but choosing is not always easy. The good news is that you’ll be in constant communication with your designer after you choose them. You’ll continue to work with your interior designer online, and be able to request further revisions and changes as you desire. The best part is that you’ll be able to see everything in realistic 3D before finalizing the design!

5. Receive 3D Renderings & Your Finalized Design

Contemporary living & dining by Decorilla interior designer online, Drew F.
Decorilla 3D rendering by interior designer online, Drew F.

Soon your design will be ready, and you can start finalizing things at home. You’ll receive photorealistic 3D renderings of your new room that will help you envision the new look of your space. You’ll get a step-by-step implementation guide, helpful designer tips and answers to any follow up questions that you have. You also get a color palette including paint, wallpaper, etc., a detailed floor plan, and a personalized shopping list with exclusive interior designer discounts. Now, you can see what your room will look like after following the comprehensive guide your designer created for your home.

6. Shop & Implement Your Interior Design

Work with an interior designer online for Glamorous lounge results
Living room design by Decorilla online interior designer, Tera S.

Decorilla includes a complementary white glove shopping concierge service. With this, you’ll have access to trade discounts of up to 45% off furniture and decor at more than 250 different furniture vendors. Most importantly, these discounts can more than pay for the cost of the design fee. The service also helps to complete, track, and manage all orders, including easy returns. As a result, shopping is a breeze since you don’t have to go to 10 or 20 different stores anymore. You can do everything in one place and get prioritized customer service because of our vendor relationships. 

Work with an interior designer online shopping list
Decorilla affordable interior design shopping list

In short, how to work with an online interior designer is really easy while also helping you save time and money. More specifically, the costs are 80% less than traditional interior design, while still delivering the same quality of work. And the best part is, the 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll love the look of your new space!


What is Online Interior Design?

Tranquil bedroom by decorilla affordable interior design, Courtney B
Tranquil bedroom by Decorilla affordable interior designer, Courtney B.

Online interior design, much like its traditional counterpart, consists of services that enhance the interior of a building to improve people’s lives. However, the online design process takes place on an interactive platform without the requirement of the designer coming to your home. These processes include conceptual development, collaboration, spatial planning, virtual shopping lists, and photorealistic 3D renderings. To bring the design to life, the client has to purchase and arrange furniture and décor according to the designer’s instructions. If you decide to work with an online interior designer, you’ll get exceptional service and excellent results within a few short weeks. What’s more, you can customize your design package to take care of your every interior need.

How Much is a Virtual Interior Designer?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $79 – $1849 per room for online interior design help. Luckily most of the options are one flat price for all of the work. Pricing can also vary depending on the level of interior designer you choose and the type of work you want done.

Work With an Online Interior Designer

Ready to see how online interior design can transform your home? Then, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation with our e-design experts to get started today!

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