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Wall coverings have a distinct history, dating as far back as the 1400s with tapestries and panelling evolving into current designer and textured wallpaper.

While it was once considered background rather than foreground decor (with some notable exceptions such as Chinese papers and the early 19th-century French scenic decorations), wallpaper has always played a big role in enhancing interior design. 

With today’s tremendous options, the choice of  designer wallpaper and the way it’s used influences the overall decorative scheme in a big way. Below are the top ways wallpaper enhances any room design.

1. Dictates stylewallpaper design ideas background shelving

While wall color encourages mood, designer wallpaper design does this and a bit more. Visually, it offers a direction towards a particular style. A damask print perfectly denotes a traditional bedroom just as a honeycomb one does for a contemporary dining room or an ikat one for a global style living room.

By Decorilla Designer Eleni P.

 This forest mural in a small New York studio design  is a great way where a wall covering expands space in a beautiful way.

country homes wallpaper design

wallpaper style and mood

Whether bold or subtle, wallpaper is sure to make a style statement.

2. Adds drama

marbelized wallpaper bedroom design

Without having to invest in expensive art or lighting,  designer wallpaper is a great way to enhance a room design with a bit of dramatic “wow!”. Whether a marbleized pattern with shimmering gold splashes or a whimsical forest motif, wallpaper can really wake up a space through color and art.

wallpaper-tree dining room design

nursery-dramatic wallpaper

3. Covers doors creatively

closet door wallpaper design

Let’s not over look doors as surfaces with covering potential. Get creative by using wallpaper on door panels for a varied look. And those outdated sliding mirrored closet doors? Cover them with removable adhesive wallpaper like this orbit small metallic one as a modern alternative.

4. Brings in nature

floral nature wall paper design
botanical wallpaper

Adding an element of nature is not limited to placing a lovely fig leaf tree in the corner. Floral prints can evoke a colorful spring garden in the living room while a verdant fern pattern gives the home office a sense of calm. A favorite designer wallpaper, Seascape by Abigail Edwards, offers movement to any space.

5. Invites accent walls 

By Decorilla designer Christine M.
accent wallpaper room decor

Accent walls play a key role in enhancing a room design. Offer another layer of color and pattern wallpaper on a prominent wall, a niche, or chimney wall for added interest. Textured wallpaper goes above and beyond with another design element added.


wallpaper on ceiling dining room decor

ceiling wallpaper room design

Feeling bold? Wallpapering the 5th wall, the ceiling, can be just the thing to completely change the feel of a space. 

6. Acts as art 

traditional-living-room wallpaper design


Designer wallpaper itself can act as a work of art. Whether covering an entire wall or framed in pieces, this is a way to infuse a room design with decorative beauty. Customize your wall in both color and paper with paintable  textured wallpaper like this one from Graham & Brown. Its bark-like texture will help bring a room design to life.


For more ways to add wall design, check out this post on how to create the perfect gallery wall.

Written by Creative Design Expert, Christine M.

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