Sleek contemporary minimalist interior design living room

Are you contemplating a redesign of your living space and looking for inspiration? Take a look at this dramatic transformation featuring a contemporary minimalist interior design style with abstract art as an added flourish. You’ll be amazed by the attention to detail, from the sleek furnishings to subtle touches that make all the difference. Read on to explore how modern minimalism can give your home décor an upscale boost—no costly remodel necessary. 

The Challenge: Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design

Upon first entering their new apartment, two things were apparent for recent Decorilla clients. Firstly, the space was wonderfully bright with a lot of potential. Secondly, the eclectic, artsy decor was not meeting their taste or lifestyle. So they asked for a professional designer with a particular flair for contemporary minimalist interior design, someone who could address their desire for a modernized space, and:

  • Assemble a new layout that would be both highly functional and visually stunning
  • Set a coherent flow between the contemporary minimalist living room and dining room
  • Focus on using clean lines and simplicity
  • Source and incorporate several unique pieces of contemporary abstract minimalist art 

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Contemporary Minimalist Living & Dining Room Inspiration

Contemporary minimalist home inspiration board

The inspirational gallery provided by the client was truly inspiring, flawlessly capturing their affection for a contemporary minimalist interior design. Clean lines, neutral tones, and carefully curated minimalist home decor demonstrated the commitment to simplicity and functionality. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect, from the lighting fixtures to cozy layouts. At the same time, each image conveyed a sense of calm and serenity that the client hoped to achieve in their own space. 

Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design Ideas & Moodboard

Contemporary minimalist interior design by Decorilla
Contemporary minimalist interior design by Decorilla

This gallery of images served as a powerful visual aid for the designers, providing a clear and focused framework for the combined living and dining room project. Moreover, through Decorilla’s interactive questionnaire, the client efficiently communicated their unique needs, habits, and preferences. With such abundant information, the Decorilla team easily identified two top-notch interior designers that could fashion personalized concepts in return. 

After receiving two equally compelling designs from Decorilla’s experts, the client faced the challenge of picking only one option. Ultimately, the contemporary minimalist interior design ideas suggested by Jessica S. ticked all boxes flawlessly.

Contemporary minimalist design moodboard by Decorilla
Contemporary minimalist design moodboard by Decorilla

The moodboard for the initial designer’s proposal exuded a remarkable sense of scale and harmony. Its neutral color palette conveyed a calming and soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Meanwhile, the minimalistic approach reflected its focus on simplicity, clean lines, and uncluttered spaces. The overall impression was seriousness and sophistication, perfect for a contemporary minimalist living room.

Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design Results

Contemporary minimalist living room design by Decorilla
Contemporary minimalist living room design by Decorilla

The contemporary minimalist approach employed in the client’s living room stems from simplicity and functionality which allow the space to be transformed into a serene oasis.

The biggest change, and perhaps the star of the show, is the floor to ceiling fireplace feature. An open flame flickers atop streamlined cabinetry that runs the length of the room. Then, wooden slats topped with an oversized marble slab reach to the very top of double-height living room, creating a refined sense of grandeur.

Although primarily black & white, the scheme is anything but dull, feeling rather dynamic and visually appealing. A Moroccan-inspired area rug sets the foundation for a large sectional sofa and two black accent chairs – ready to host guests stylishly and comfortably. At the same time, abstract art plays a crucial role in adding depth and interest to the space without overwhelming it. 

Contemporary minimalist dining room design by Decorilla
Contemporary minimalist dining room design by Decorilla

The contemporary minimalist dining room interior extends the living area into a sleek, unified open-concept space. Everything from the furniture and decor to the lighting and flooring serves to enhance the minimalist aesthetic. Accordingly, the beauty of this design lies in carefully curated pieces making a big impact. Contemporary abstract minimalist art captures all the attention, yet it perfectly blends with the white dining set, the streamlined chandelier, and the graphic rug pattern. 

Before the Transformation

The client's home before (left) and after (right) contemporary minimalist design by Decorilla
The client’s home before (left) and after (right) contemporary minimalist design by Decorilla

The original interior featured a distinctive character that didn’t resonate with the new owners. By simplifying the layout and immersing it in neutral hues, the designer conveyed a sense of simplicity and elegance. It allows the eye to focus on form and structure rather than being distracted by bold colors. In addition, strategically incorporating different patterns and textures created depth and complexity, making for a visually striking effect that leaves a lasting impression.  

Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design Shopping List

Shopping list for a contemporary minimalist design by Decorilla
Shopping list for a contemporary minimalist design by Decorilla

Decorilla’s innovative interior design process allows you to experience achieving your dream home easier than ever before. Handpicked furniture and decor options are showcased in captivating 3D visuals and accompanied by comprehensive implementation guides and expert tips. In addition, a personalized shopping list comes with substantial trade discounts, allowing you to create your dream home without breaking the bank. The white glove concierge service handles all the logistics of sourcing furniture and decor to round out the seamless and trouble-free homemaking experience.

Top Picks for Contemporary Minimalist Living & Dining

Contemporary minimalist design has taken the interior design world by storm in recent years for a good reason. If you haven’t jumped onto that trend yet, or you just want to add a new furniture piece and some contemporary abstract minimalist art, check out our top picks:

Contemporary minimalist interior top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Side Table
  3. Table Lamp
  4. Wall Art
  5. Sideboard
  6. Sectional Sofa
  7. Coffee Table

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