Contemporary Mediterranean living room design by Decorilla

Creating a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and customary Mediterranean charm in interior design presents a delightful challenge. At least, that’s what our designer said after successfully merging two seemingly distinct styles into a cohesive, visually delightful whole. So, let’s delve into the project and see just how he infused some South European spirit into a trendy, contemporary Mediterranean house!

The Challenge: Contemporary Mediterranean House Interior Design

The client was embarking on a new journey, aiming to revive a contemporary Mediterranean house from scratch. They had some specific requests for Decorilla, asking to infuse the space with character while maximizing its functionality. There was also a preference for light and warm neutral tones, a fascination with boucle textures, and a desire to strike a balance between masculine and feminine elements for an overall neutral vibe. In short, the designer had to:

  • Use professional living room ideas to create a soothing Mediterranean atmosphere
  • Maximize natural light in the room, which mostly receives morning sun due to its orientation 
  • Focus on a bright, earthy color palette as a base while incorporating pops of vibrant colors 
  • Incorporate a variety of textures, such as boucle, aligning with the client’s current trend interest

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Contemporary Mediterranean Décor Inspiration

Contemporary Mediterranean decor & design inspiration board

Before diving into the specifics, the client made sure to provide some targeted visual inspiration. They gathered a gallery of contemporary Mediterranean interior design examples where timeless elegance meets modern functionality. The spaces were expectedly flowing in natural light, warm earthy tones, organic shapes, and vibrant accents. In addition, the contemporary Mediterranean décor schemes seamlessly integrated traditional elements like wrought iron with sleek lines and minimalist furnishings.

Contemporary Mediterranean House Design Ideas & Moodboard

Contemporary Mediterranean house's living room designed by Decorilla
Contemporary Mediterranean house’s living room designed by Decorilla

Besides sharing images, the client also took Decorilla’s online quiz, which was all about figuring out their style and needs. Their detailed answers to the specific design questions helped the Decorilla team narrow down the pool of interior designers who’d make a good fit. As a result, two seasoned experts came forward with their unique ideas for the client’s contemporary design project. 

Both designers delivered some pretty exciting moodboards. After a round of consultation and refinements, Ibrahim H.’s creative concept turned out to be an absolute showstopper, surpassing all expectations.

Contemporary Mediterranean house design by Decorilla
Contemporary Mediterranean house design by Decorilla

Ibrahim came up with a well-thought-out design plan to bring the client’s vision to life. His contemporary Mediterranean house interior design ideas stemmed from nature, embodied in organic shapes and earthy color palettes. Terra cotta, olive green, and sandy beige provided an ideal base for vibrant decorative accents. The layout captured the essence of the Mediterranean landscape, conveying a warm, inviting atmosphere at the same time.

Contemporary Mediterranean Living Room Interior Design

Contemporary Mediterranean house interior design by Decorilla
Contemporary Mediterranean house interior design by Decorilla

One of the distinctive characteristics of both traditional and contemporary Mediterranean house interiors is abundant natural light. For that reason, in this contemporary Mediterranean living room, large windows are embellished with simple, semi-sheer, white linen curtains. A rustic chandelier and abundant lamps are meanwhile strategically arranged to maintain the same kind of charm at night.

Hardwood floors not only enhance the visual and physical warmth but also add a touch of authenticity. Simultaneously, they complement traditional elements like wooden ceiling beams, a fireplace, and organic accents, infusing more depth and distinctive character to the space.

Contemporary Mediterranean living room decor by Decorilla
Contemporary Mediterranean living room decor by Decorilla

The cozy conversational area encourages relaxation, with an on-trend furniture selection boasting clean lines and emphasizing comfort. The green sectional sofa is the focal point of this view, flanked by two curvy armchairs and a rattan bench. A large wall mirror is tactically placed to reflect the windows and maximize the daylight throughout the space. 

However, it’s in the details that this contemporary Mediterranean living room spirit truly comes to life. Upholstered pieces are paired with vibrant throw pillows to inject an extra burst of energy into the room. Ceramic vases, sculptural lamps, and hand-painted pottery not only add color but also pay homage to exceptional craftsmanship. A potted olive tree highlights the room’s character, also bringing a touch of nature inside.

What the Designer Achieved in This Contemporary Mediterranean House Interior

Contemporary Mediterranean living room before (left) and after (right) interior design by Decorilla
Contemporary Mediterranean living room before (left) and after (right) interior design by Decorilla

This exemplary interior design successfully combines modern elegance with classic aesthetics. The color palette creates an inviting atmosphere, promoting authenticity while helping maintain a consistent flow between the living room and the rest of the contemporary Mediterranean house.

At the same time, furnishings were carefully selected to poise style, comfort, and functionality. The design also showcases elaborate attention to detail, paying homage to Mediterranean craftsmanship and adding another layer of authenticity to the space.

Contemporary Mediterranean House Design Shopping List

Shopping list for a contemporary Mediterranean house interior design by Decorilla
Shopping list for a contemporary Mediterranean house interior design by Decorilla

The process between vision and reality genuinely reflected the magic of contemporary Mediterranean design. Decorilla paid close attention to every single thing, from picking out the finest finishes to setting up the ideal lighting scheme. The designer created realistic 3D visualizations to give a sneak peek of how everything would look, also providing comprehensive advice. Meanwhile, the shopping list came with trade discounts on everything, including alternative options. A white glove concierge service concluded the process, making the client’s dream design a hassle-free reality.

Top Picks for Contemporary Mediterranean Interior Design

The soundest design results are all about capturing the right spirit and blending it into modern design principles. Explore our top picks for your own contemporary Mediterranean interior design that will check both boxes:

Contemporary Mediterranean house interior design top picks by Decoirlla

  1. Area Rug
  2. Side Table
  3. Wall Art
  4. Sofa Sectional
  5. Console Table
  6. Table Lamp
  7. Curvy Armchair
  8. Coffee Table

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