Modern Mediterranean interior design for a living room
Modern Mediterranean interior design by Decorilla

Can you picture a sunny coastal getaway without leaving your house? A Mediterranean-inspired home can unlock the holiday feeling all year round. Dive into the world of modern Mediterranean interior design tips below and make it happen!

What is Modern Mediterranean Interior Design?

Modern Mediterranean interior design for a home library
Modern Mediterranean interior design for a lounge by Decorilla

The Mediterranean aesthetic is about more than its beautiful coast. Rather, it relates to the history of its peoples and how they adapted to the life of the sea. It is a melting pot of cultures, art, and architecture of the countries dotted around its coastline. Here influences from Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, and many more merge to create a memorable style.

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Minimal modern mediterranean interior design
Minimal modern Mediterranean interior design by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

The modern touch comes from weaving in contemporary lines and trendy accents. Streamlined furniture and decor sit alongside traditional elements, like white-washed walls, rustic wood beams, and arches. The contrast of old and new certainly make the design even more covetable! 

Mediterranean Interior Design & Decor Ideas

Modern Mediterranean interior design for a luxury living room
Luxurious Mediterranean interior design by Decorilla designer, Kelli E.

The key to a successful Mediterranean interior is a seamless blend of cultural influences, textures, and colors that evoke the charm of the coastal region. So, without further ado, let’s find out what lies behind its deep connection with nature and inviting warmth!

Frame the Soul: Modern Mediterranean Style Living Room Essentials

Mediterranean style living room with organic decor
Mediterranean style living room with organic decor by Decorilla

A modern Mediterranean style living room blends the sun-kissed elegance of classic coastal design with contemporary comfort and clean lines. These spaces are made for happy living, slowing down, and enjoying every piece in the room. 

1. Pick an Earthy Base and Natural Materials

Modern Mediterranean home decor style with rustic elements
Modern Mediterranean home decor style by Decorilla designer, Jasmine

Mediterranean living room interior design showcases the mastery of nature by including texture and character through stone, wood, and weaves. These materials are often left exposed and shine through in main structures, like wood floors, beams, doors, furniture, and stone walls, arches, and pathways. Woven rugs, pendants, and baskets keep decorating simple but effective. 

These interiors also don hues inspired by the Mediterranean coast, think warm neutrals with refreshing dots of blue, green, and yellow. With a warm, color palette and a balance of rustic and modern elements, this style creates a welcoming and elevated environment.

2. Blur the Lines for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Mediterranean style living room and modern interior design
Mediterranean style living room interior design by Decorilla

Modern Mediterranean house interiors seamlessly transition from interior to exterior, bringing the outdoors indoors. Stacked glass doors are ideal for an easy connection between the home, a beautiful patio, and the landscape. Be sure to add Mediterranean outdoor décor, like oversized clay pots for plants and decorative tiles, for a laid-back and casual look.

3. Craft Laid-Back Luxury with Texture-Rich Linens

Modern mediterranean style living room
Modern Mediterranean-style living room by Decorilla designer, Selma

An oversized sofa upholstered in white linen paired with a natural wood side table, and contemporary chairs make for rustic elegance. Add neutral throw pillows as well as one or two colorful accents for a touch of liveliness. You can also create an even more texture-rich interior with Mediterranean décor, like woven rugs and handmade claywork. 

4. Frame the Fireplace with Authentic Mediterranean Decor 

Mediterranean home interior design style with wall art
Mediterranean house interior by Decorilla designer, Christine M.

A statement rustic fireplace is a staple in Mediterranean interiors. So, if you have a hearth, make it shine with authenticity! Think a unique mosaic surround or floor in Spanish tile. Decorate the mantelpiece with one or two pieces that strengthen the style, this can be a rustic framed artwork or a bespoke patterned vase. 

5. Create an Open Layout for a Family Fiesta

Mediterranean open concept interior design
Mediterranean open-concept interior design by Decorilla designer, Candis G.

A light and airy home is perfect for family gatherings. The seamless transition between in- and outside is accomplished by an open concept and giving as much care to the choice of furniture and color palette befitting both spaces.  

Serenity Captured: Modern Mediterranean-Style Bedroom Tips

Modern mediterranean interior design style bedroom with a green wall
Green accent wall in a modern Mediterranean interior design style bedroom by Decorilla

A modern Mediterranean-style bedroom is a tranquil retreat that combines the warmth and historical charm of traditional design with sleek, contemporary elements. Here’s what you need to pull it off! 

6. Embrace the Power of Neutral Colors

Mediterranean wall art and bedroom decor in a cozy interior
Mediterranean wall art and bedroom decor in a cozy interior by Decorilla designer, Christine M.

Bring in the iconic hues of Mediterranean interior design – think a chalky white, ivory, stone, ochre, and terracotta color palette. You can also add accent hues that reflect different parts of the region. Cerulean blue, sage, and seafoam green, with splashes of yellow, red, and corral are perfect in scatter pillows and feature walls.

7. Go for Comfy White Accents and a Fresh Appeal 

Mediterranean style bedroom with a white and neutral color scheme
Mediterranean style bedroom by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Classic white bedding is right at home in a Mediterranean design style. Plush, comfy linens, and layered pillows also give that boutique hotel feeling, like you’re somewhere on the Greecian coast. You can make your interior truly ooze the aesthetic with a large distressed rug, light curtains, and a wrought-iron chandelier. As a final touch, add a patterned throw to round off the look. 

8. Pick Zesty Decor to Spice Up Your Haven

Mediterranean style bedroom decor
Mediterranean style bedroom decor by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Infuse your bedroom with interesting decor! Whether it’s creative patterns, inspiring woven artwork, or modern Mediterranean lighting, these accents should uplift your design. Consider colors like saffron, turmeric, and paprika for these pieces, they’re sure to add a rich warmth to your space. So, be bold and let your personality shine! 

9. Incorporate Exotic Patterns and Moorish Tilework 

Mediterranean home decor in a bedroom
Mediterranean home decor in a bedroom by Decorilla designer, Carrie F.

From Spain to Morocco, colorful and patterned tiles bring unforgettable character to interiors. Include their iconic Moorish tiles for a splash of intrigue in your bedroom. If reflooring isn’t an option, you can include the stunning motifs in patterned or tiled bedside tables.   

Curated Charm: Modern Mediterranean Home Decor Must-Haves

Mediterranean interior design for a kitchen
Mediterranean interior design for a kitchen by Decorilla designer, Jasmine

Modern Mediterranean décor marries the timeless warmth of Southern European design with the simple lines of modern living. These accents make a space feel oh-so inviting yet chic!

10. Highlight Warm Mediterranean Minimalism

Mediterranean style decor in a bathroom with a stone wall and rustic wood accents
Mediterranean style decor in a bathroom with a stone wall by Decorilla

Mediterranean décor adapts the ‘less is more’ approach. In these typically rustic interiors, the focus falls on the architecture and the beauty of the natural materials. So, keep ornamentation and accessories to a minimum. Instead, let the natural materials shine in a few select pieces.

11. Showcase the Mediterranean’s Diverse Artistry

Modern Mediterranean interior design in a living room and dining room
Modern Mediterranean interior design living and dining rooms by Decorilla designer, Christine M.

Artwork in the Mediterranean is not defined by one style. So, mix and match! Think Mediterranean wall art, sculptures, and handmade pottery. Abstract art is also popular, especially in beautifully framed mirrors and tapestries. 

12. Craft Storytelling Spaces with Chunky Wood Slabs

Modern Mediterranean decor and design style
Floating wood shelves as modern Mediterranean decor by Decorilla designer, Irina M.

Open-faced wood slabs are ideal for a curated display of heirlooms and objects that tell a story. Be intentional with your items, as your selection and placement are key for each piece to come into its own in a Mediterranean interior design

13. Add Wrought Iron Brilliance with Modern Lighting

Mediterranean home decor in a living room interior design
Mediterranean home decor in a living room by Decorilla

Make a modern statement! A Greek-inspired wagon-wheel chandelier might be just the thing your room needs. Curled and wrought iron is the preferred material for lights and lighting fixtures in Mediterranean interiors. You have your pick of chandeliers, lanterns, pendants, wall sconces, floor lamps, and even candelabras.

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