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Before & After: Industrial Open Concept Office Design

Industrial office design - Source Coi

The days of dull and dreary office spaces are long gone. Today, commercial interiors need to be practical as well as attractive. In fact, by prioritizing functionality and style, employees can become happier and more productive. A recent Decorilla client sought out help to create such a corporate office. Read on to see her industrial… Read more »

10 Must-Have Home Office Essentials for Productivity

Home office essentials by decorilla designer Lori D

If you’re like many people as of recently, you often work from home. While this arrangement holds many benefits, it’s important to have an ergonomic, adequately designed, well-organized home office to ensure maximum productivity. Which is why we are bringing to you our list of well-curated home office essentials. Read on to learn how to… Read more »

10 Modern Office Design Ideas for an Inspiring Workplace

Modern chich office interior - Wallpaper

A workplace can be a wonderful and uplifting space – especially through excellent design. When it’s both functional and comfortable, your employees are set for success. After all – happy workers are more productive and perform better too. Read on for amazing modern office design inspo to spruce up your place of business!

5 Best Online Office Design Services & Planners

online office design - Ibrahim H

Online office design services are helping create stunning work environments for corporates and remote workers alike. And since employers are now realizing how critical a good office space is, they’re keen to set up an efficient office interior quickly. Fortunately, the online office design services and planners available today are easy to use and extremely… Read more »

Before & After: Online Scandinavian Office Design

Scandinavian office design - Office Snapshots

Beautiful workspaces not only make humans happy, but they can also invigorate our senses and even improve productivity. With this and a tight deadline as motivation, one business owner turned to Decorilla for help with a Scandinavian office design. Read on to see the result that is on-brand, good for employees, and memorable.

6 Best Office Interior Design Service Tips

Google, Facebook, Pixar and Etsy all have it. The incredible office layout and the fun work interior design. With the explosion of new businesses, office interior design is becoming a more serious considered element of business success. Wondering how to create a great office interior design? Here are our 6 best office interior designer tips to… Read more »

5 Startup Office Design Tools That Will Save You Money

  Startup office design has come a long way since garage space beginnings and the token ping pong table. Collaborative zones, comfortable furniture, and motivating decor accents are becoming standards for thriving working environments as seen in the popular companies we know and love. But, what if you don’t have the budgets of Google, Facebook, or… Read more »