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Offices, salons, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and every other commercial space depends on alluring interior design to attract clientele. And the top commercial interior design firms are ready with hot and promising trends. From flexible furniture design to smart space planning, commercial design firms have immense hope with 2024 to bring meaningful collaborations between aesthetic and functionality. Check out these top commercial interior design firms to keep an eye on this year!

1. Gensler

gensler top commercial interior design firm

Started by the dynamic duo, Art and Drue Gensler in 1935, this commercial interior design firm is a pioneer of corporate design. Today, they have certainly dominated the design industry completely and are responsible for all kinds of projects ranging from airports to retail centers and educational facilities. In addition, Gensler is considered one of the leading firms in design innovation and they are always on top of the game with the current design trends. If you would like to learn more about contemporary, futuristic, and comprehensive design styles, you know whom to follow!

WHAT WE LOVE: Gensler’s design strategies focus on providing unique and enriched user experience. No wonder why they top our list.

2. Decorilla Commercial Interior Design Firm

Eclectic cafe by Sonia C with commercial interior design firm, Decorilla
Eclectic cafe by Sonia C with commercial interior design firm, Decorilla

Decorilla is one of the top commercial interior design firms that has changed the face of the design world forever. Decorilla continues to push the boundaries utilizing cutting edge technology in traditional, online and virtual reality interior design. From hotel room design to medical offices and chic cafes, the Decorilla team excels at designing commercial interiors.

Chic contemporary hotel room by Mladen C with top commercial interior design firm Decorilla
Chic contemporary hotel room by Mladen C with top commercial design firm Decorilla

Furthermore, Decorilla houses hundred of leading residential and commercial interior designers spanned all across the United States, thus, defying all barriers to deliver top results. In addition, these talented interior designers bring fresh concepts to commercial spaces. As a result, Decorilla has been featured in top publications like the New York Times, the Huffington Post and Architectural Digest.

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Luxury apartment building lobby by Decorilla commercial interior designer, Wanda P.
Luxury apartment building lobby by Decorilla commercial interior designer, Wanda P.

Besides hospitality and retail interiors, Decorilla designers also take a lot of pride in doing sophisticated residential spaces. The all-round design services offered by creatives certainly makes them one of the top commercial interior design firms to look out for in the upcoming year. 

global restaurant by Decorilla commercial interior designer Nathalie I.
Creative restaurant by Nathalie I at commercial interior design firm, Decorilla

WHAT WE LOVE: Decorilla’s continued emergence as a leader in interior design technology. Love their work? Get started with Decorilla today!

3. Kobi Karp

kobi karm commercial interior design firm

Kobi Karp is a renowned name as a corporate interior design firm and therefore, it’s hard to miss their designs in famous publications. Their extensive range of creative interior designers has worked on some remarkable projects for leading corporations like Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, Wyndham and so on. They have certainly mastered it all, from exotic beachside resorts to hotels with tantalizing skyline views, for example! In addition, their projects are modern, crisp and all about luxury living. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Kobi Karp’s designs are all about glamour and opulence. And we certainly cannot get over those modern architectural features. 

4. Interior Architects 

If you do not know about Interior Architects as one of the top commercial design firms, you should. As a result, their designs are chic and totally Instagram-worthy. Hence, it is easy to spot their projects while browsing through Pinterest or any other social media. Interior Architects focus on creating a strong brand visual with integrated modern technology. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Their smart and unconventional use of materials to create attention-seeking interiors with pure simplicity. 

5. Smallwood 

smallwood commercial interior design firm

Smallwood is one of the top commercial interior design companies that is famous for creating thoughtful spaces that speak to you. Their projects are sustainable, modern and creatively designed to leave a lasting impression. It is not a surprise that Smallwood has bagged various awards and recognitions in the last 40 years including the Best of the Best Award by IIDA in 2019. Therefore, it is easy to expect some mind-boggling commercial projects in the upcoming years. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Smallwood is unmistakably the most promising group of designers and we are head over heels in awe with their hospitality design projects. 

6. Nelson Worldwide 


Nelson Worldwide, headquartered in Minneapolis, is an award-winning commercial interior design firm with convergent design approaches. Moreover, they pay huge importance to human behavior before designing spaces. As a result, all their projects are built on the foundation of insights on how psychology and character impact design. Interior design today has certainly become more than just aesthetics and designers in Nelson Worldwide know how to trick people into feeling warmer inside their spaces. 

WHAT WE LOVE: We are amazed by the futuristic appeal that they provide to every project in the most subtle way. 

7. Method Architecture 

method architects commercial interior design firm

Method Architecture is a close-knit group of talented people that claim to offer ego-less designs. So, if you are a design aficionado, Method Architecture projects will certainly be appealing to you. They are clean, modern, sustainable and user-friendly. Furthermore, every project features a unique juxtaposition of material play that creates a stunning space. Method Architecture has left no stone unturned in leaving their mark when designing corporate interiors. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Breweries are a specialty for Modern Architecture and we absolutely cannot get over the designs!

8. Perkins & Will


Perkins Will is a design giant that has completely taken over the architecture and design world. Founded by Lawrence Perkins and Philip Will in 1935, today the firm is spread worldwide with 24 offices and over 2500 employees, featuring some of the top corporate interior designers. It is hard to miss any project done by these global designers. Their designs are eco-friendly, modern, and minimal. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Any and every project by Perkins and Will is a sight to savor. Needless to say, they are the minds behind most of the top firms like Google and Facebook. 

9. SOM Corporate Interior Design Firm

som commercial interior design firm

No list of top commercial interior design firms is complete without a mention of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM). They are the pioneers of architecture in the modern world and have partnered with every renowned real estate company to design airports, malls, offices, and more. As a result, their concept-based design strategies have made them achieve immense respect and accolades in the industry. 

WHAT WE LOVE: It is enthralling to see how SOM designers mix modern materials into ecological environments to bring a contemporary look. 

10. MKDA 

One of the United States’ most influential corporate interior design firms is the MKDA. Their design-rich approach to workplace design has made them bag projects from top-notch brands. Moreover, they believe in including form and function in corporate spaces to provide a comfortable and enriching environment. Therefore, this family-owned design firm makes a much-deserved appearance on our list. 

WHAT WE LOVE: MKDA designers are not scared to experiment and achieve stellar designs. Their projects are a perfect blend of modern and sustainable.


aecom commercial interior design firm

AECOM is a total bigshot! They’re comprised of 50 companies merging together in the last few years to make a historical impression. Today, they are a part of Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, it is certainly safe to say that their designs are nothing less than revolutionary. AECOM designers take their pride in building any and every space with hi-tech technology. 

WHAT WE LOVE: What’s not to love! Every project undertaken by AECOM is pure perfection. 

12. Galina Design Group

Galina Design Group, a starkly talented commercial interior design firm based in New Jersey is revolutionizing the design world one project at a time. Their designs are simple yet they make a statement. Moreover, they believe in nurturing space with a warm essence that invites people in. Galina has done several residential and commercial projects, each with a unique style. With her latest accomplishments and accolades, Galina’s Design Group is definitely one of the top upcoming firms. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Every project done by Galina is modern with a hint of traditionalism. An amalgamation of these elements brings a nostalgic feel to each space. 

13. MMoser Associates 

m moser commercial interior design

MMoser Associates are a big name among corporate interior design firms. Therefore, it is impossible to not keep track of their latest projects. Spread across the world in more than 20 offices and over 1000 employees, MMoser Associates have completely conquered the design world. Their designs are insightful and immersive. They create a striking workspace that engages the human brain and offers the most comfortable vibes. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Their designs bring a touch of eclecticism and excitement to the otherwise modern space which is something to look forward to in every project. 

14. Hirsch Bedner Associates 

HBA commercial interior design firm

HBA is a top hospitality and commercial interior design firm with over 20 offices spread all around the world. They are associated with top hoteliers like Hyatt, Hilton, and more. Therefore, HBA designs are nothing less than a sight to behold. Their style is modern, luxurious and sensuous. Most importantly, HBA designers do not fear to experiment and have fun with a space. If you don’t follow them already, you are missing out on some mesmerizing hotel designs. 

WHAT WE LOVE: HBA goes a step further in their spaces. They don’t do boring, in fact, their projects are quirky and fun in the most luxurious ways.

15. J Design Group


Started by Jennifer Corredor, J Design Group has a diverse portfolio of projects from upscale restaurants, clean business centers and chic cafes. She believes in an aesthetic and functional space that instantly grabs attention. As a result, all her designs have an inbuilt charm to them. If you are looking for some design inspiration, J Design Group will surely give major design goals.

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern, minimal and mesmerizing interior spaces that are impactful in their own sweet ways. 

16. Wirt Design Group

wirth interior design commercial spaces

Wirt Design Group holds mastery in workplace strategical planning. Their methodical approach to design makes them a true leader. Moreover, their portfolio is filled with some well-known brands like JLL, Redbull, Yahoo and more. Wirt’s designs are solely based on employee experience and usability. They are modern, chic, and full of positive ambiance, for example. Therefore, we are super excited to see how their design refinements will change in the upcoming years. 

WHAT WE LOVE: We adore the fact that Wirt designers play with colors as well as build such happy-go-lucky spaces. Working in such offices is truly a blessing.

17. Axis Mundi


Axis Mundi designs are fun, playful and bold! Very few commercial interior designers can create such outgoing looks in business spaces and Axis Mundi certainly knows how. Additionally, their designs bring a sense of eclecticism and craziness. On the other hand, they use traditional and simple materials to build a stunning character. We are desperately looking forward to seeing what Axis Mundi comes up with in the future. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Every design by Axis Mundi is certainly a masterpiece in itself. From vibrant colors in addition to a juxtaposition of unique materials. Their projects are nothing less than a piece of art. 

18. Leo A Daly

leo a daly interior design

Simplistic designs are much trickier than designing avant-garde spaces. But Leo A Daly designers ace this gameplay. These corporate interior designers hold expertise in building sophisticated and luxurious spaces using the most basic materials. From boutique hotels to corporate offices, every space certainly has its own essence and it is built with utmost precision. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Elegance flows through literally every space that they design and its certainly hard to not fall in love with such stunning interiors. 

19. Perkins Eastman 

perkins eastman commercial interior design firm

For this architectural firm, design is a multidisciplinary science involving human interaction. Perkins Eastman fosters many capacities including urban planning, landscaping, graphic designing, and many others. Moreover, their portfolio comprises top-shot hoteliers, educational institutions and everything beyond. Additionally, with over 13 offices spread all across the world, Pekins Eastman is one of the top commercial interior design firms that we cannot stop eyeing. 

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophisticated style, posh presence as well as uber-chic interior spaces that are worth drooling over. 

20. Callison RTKL

callison commcercial iknterior design firm

Playful spaces do not scare away Callison designers. As a result, they believe in experimenting and having fun when designing commercial interiors. Moveover, they have conquered the world with their design sense. Spread over 22 offices, Callison is a fast-growing commercial interior design firm that every designer should watch out for. We certainly cannot wait to see what design innovations they come up with this year.  

WHAT WE LOVE: Strong spaces and bold looks are their signature styles and we absolutely adore it!

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