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Dreamy accommodation can make a beautiful trip even more remarkable. That said, a lackluster space can detract from someone’s holiday. That’s why one rental owner turned to Decorilla – they wanted their rental to attract more holidaymakers and be a space for them to enjoy as well. Read on for their comfy yet luxe vacation rental interior design reveal! There’s something undeniably eye-catching about this mountain modern retreat.

The Challenge: Short-Term Rental Interior Design

Whether it’s a case of modern vs contemporary interior design style or something else – every project comes with unique challenges. After all, a space should be appealing and practical to its intended audience. And for this vacation home interior design, the designer needed to:

  • Source durable furniture and décor that can handle the wear and tear caused by many children
  • Get creative with the designs to stand out among other holiday rentals in the area
  • Give the vacation house interior design a mountain modern atmosphere by using natural materials like stone and wood
  • Incorporate an existing full-height wine fridge into a wine wall by the pantry area

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Vacation Home Interior Design: Mountain Modern Inspiration

inspiration for a vacation rental interior design

From the client’s inspirational images, it was clear they already had a look in mind. Natural accents like marble and wood feature throughout their Airbnb interior design ideas. Shades of black and white, along with simplified lines, are also notable across the examples. Together, these elements can create a sleek and sophisticated yet still warm mountain modern interior. Their warm neutral palettes ensure coziness in the sleekest of designs. 

Vacation House Interior Design & Moodboard

Kitchen in a vacation home interior design - Shasta P
Decorilla vacation rental interior design

Because the client had a good idea of what they wanted, completing the first steps of the process was easy. They started by taking a virtual interior design style quiz, which was then followed up by creating their design brief. Next, it was time for an online meeting with Decorilla’s team. Afterward, Decorilla used all details to identify two designers best suited for the task.

mood board for a vacation house interior design
Decorilla vacation home interior design mood board

These designers created personalized moodboards to capture the client’s vision. Although picking a favorite was difficult, the client ultimately chose Shasta P.’s chic creation. Her short-term rental interior design concept includes everything the client loves and more. Contrast and natural textures bring out the best in the minimalistic look. In fact, it promises to give depth to the clean style. Overall, the moodboard is a testament to the mountain modern style done well.

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Mountain Modern Retreat Result

Vacation home interior design - Shasta
Mountain modern short-term rental interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

All in all, the final vacation rental interior design is breathtaking. Additionally, the new retreat is as elegant as it is functional. It’s due to the attention to detail, thoughtful furnishing selection, and passion for the project. As a result, the organic-inspired yet chic interior complements the home’s mountainous setting.

Airy Foyer & Stairwell

Short term rental interior design - Shasta
Vacation house foyer and stairwell interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Stepping into the foyer of this vacation home interior design is like taking a breath of fresh air. It’s open, bright, and undeniably inviting. For these reasons, a sleek black door and brushed metal accents stand out and bring contrast to the space. Furthermore, the crisp white walls and glass barrier by the stairs amplify the natural light streaming in.

The wooden floor, entryway console, and stairs maximize textural and visual appeal. In the same way décor, like the woven area rug, picture frames, and vase of foliage, make the space come alive. But once you climb the stairs, a minimalist chandelier steals the show. Together with the black wooden accent wall, they accentuate the best of modern design – even more so next to the off-center window.

Elegant Mountain Escape Kitchen

Vacation home interior design - Shasta P
Stylish short-term rental kitchen interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The minimalistic kitchen is another well-balanced space because of its timeless monochrome hues. A contemporary white marble island and accent wall brighten up an area dominated by dark cabinetry. Although contrasting, the black granite countertops and backsplash tie in with the marble. And it’s the light wood shelves and the island’s extension that soften the cool stone surfaces with their warming hue.

Kitchen in a vacation house interior design - Shasta P
Sleek vacation home kitchen interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Potted plants bring pops of color to the otherwise neutral short-term rental interior design. Additionally, the sliding glass doors and windows in the kitchen let in lots of natural light. However, wall sconces, a linear chandelier, and several downlights provide artificial lighting too.

Comfy Yet Chic Combined Living & Dining Area

Living room of a vacation house interior interior design - Shasta P
Living room vacation rental interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The living area has an especially welcoming air. Here, a soft, woven area rug anchors the furniture by the fireplace. Both the white sectional and leather swivel chair are fine additions to the vacation rental interior design. Apart from being comfy and attractive, they also offer ample seating for large groups. The cement top coffee table matches the fireplace’s surrounds beautifully, while a nearby log rack adds style and function.

Short term rental dining room interior design
Dining room vacation house interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the dining area, a black wood table, surrounded by six elegant white chairs, creates a stunning mealtime setting. The zone also includes plenty of striking elements, like the wooden artwork and modern chandelier. That said, the standout feature is the built-in wine display and cocktail station. It gives off big city vibes even while installed in a scenic rental, miles from the nearest metro.

Vacation Home Interior Design Online Shopping List

Shopping list for a short term rental interior design
Decorilla online shopping list

Working with Decorilla on a project – from short-term rental to multi-level interior design – means more than a stunning space. Clients also enjoy perks like online shopping lists with exclusive trade discounts. These make sourcing the right pieces to create the final interior easy as can be. But it doesn’t stop there since clients also get detailed layout instructions, photorealistic 3D renderings, and more.

Top Picks for a Short-Term Rental Interior Design

Recreating a look like this vacation home interior design only requires a few core elements. Thoughtful pieces can completely change the appearance and ambiance of a space. Consider our top pick below for a similar mountain modern rental effect.

Vacation house interior design top picks
  1. Teak Artwork
  2. Brass Bowl
  3. Handmade Rug 
  4. Round Chandelier 
  5. Dunewood Table
  6. Sutter Chair

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